A naughty visit with my fiance
It was while I was dating my Native American fiancée, Jill. We have had a number of dates with heavy petting, feeling her pussy and my dick at various places like cars, at the theater, in the park, etc. This particular evening we were at her parent's singlewide mobile home. We visited a while, and shared a few slices of cake and ice cream.

Her parents went to bed early to give us some time together. Now this home has an open kitchen/living room plan, with the couch set so one could see through the kitchen area, down the short hall to the master bedroom. We were sitting on the couch kissing deeply, our hands wandering under clothing, feeling the deliciously warm flesh, as my dick swelled in excitement within Jill's hand, and my fingers inside her wet pussy feeling for the clitoris.

After a few moments, we ceased our kissing, and got down to business of stimulating our sex. Jill unfastened my belt and opened my pants to reveal my dick, oozing precum. She shifted up in her seat, allowing me to work her skirt up, exposing her bare bottom, and naked pussy, as she wasn't wearing her panties that evening. Our breathing became more labored as I fingered into her wet pussy, feeling the hardened clit, as Jill continued fondling my dick, precum oozing down its head onto her fingers.

Jill shifted several times on her hip, working her skirt off her bare butt, exposing more of her brown thighs, and opening her reddening pussy, glistening with desire. She pulled my dick closer to her pussy. I leaned, sliding forward, until my dick was resting at her pussy's lips, waiting for the initial thrust inside for the first time. Her blouse was unbuttoned a couple of times at the top, and her nipples were tenting her bra.

The door to the bedroom opened, and we jumped to straighten up our postures as to show that we weren't doing anything. Jill stood her skirt dropping into place. I seized a throw cushion nearby and propped it onto my lap, covering my bare dick.

"I'm sorry," her mother, Sue, said, noticing our reactions. "I needed to take something so I can get to sleep, as I'm having my period."

I was surprised at her unashamed reference to her menstruation, as most ladies usually doesn't mention it to just anyone at any time. I noticed she was wearing a short nightgown, quite thin that it was apparent that she was naked underneath. She carried a glass of water to the chair and sat, crossing her legs. She was not bad looking for a lady in her 50's, with almost athletic physique that belied the fact she had borne four kids and adopted fifth one, which was my fiancé.

Jill sat back down next to me, in a bit of embarrassed silence. I noticed her mother's nipples were surrounded by its areolas, becoming more pronounced. My dick was still swollen uncomfortably, trapped by the cushion, against the fly of my jeans. Sue placed the emptied glass of water on the small accent table beside the chair. "I'm sorry that I interrupted you guys."

"It's okay Mom, we weren't doing anything much." Jill answered.

Sue smiled. "I've did a lot back in my days, with boys, and with Charles." She uncrossed her legs, and I caught a glimpse of her crotch which seemed to be shaved. Sue leaned forward. "In fact, I think I was pregnant with Amy when Charles and I got married."

Jill showed her surprise at that. "Really, Mom?"

"Yes, as you know she was born 9 months into our marriage, but we had some sex the night after my bachelorette party, a few days before the wedding."

"Goodness, Mom! I didn't think you were like that! exclaimed Jill.

"Oh yes, I was pretty wild back in my 20's, and the boys just didn't leave me alone back then." Sue was tugging a bit at the hem of her nightgown, obviously becoming embarrassed as she became aware of the direction her conversation was going with me sitting there. "I always made sure they had a condom or two though. The Pill wasn't as common and widespread back then as it is now."

"I guess Daddy didn't have one that night then." said Jill, as she settled back into her seat besides me, and rested her hand atop the cushion parked on my lap. My dick was slowly settling down, sliding in the precum smeared on the cushion and my jeans.

"No," admitted her mother, as she stood. I noticed that her pubic was indeed shaved, as the lamp illuminated her crotch, shining through the thin material of her gown. "Since we were about to get married, we thought it didn't matter."

As Sue went across the kitchen, she paused and told us, "You guys are pretty mature for your age, and you know about sex. So it's okay to make out here if you want." With that, she turned and went into the bedroom.

Jill and I sat there in silence, as my dick relaxed, and I removed the cushion from it. Jill looked at my flaccid dick, its head smeared with precum, then reached for it. "So Mom is pretty much okay with us doing this." commented Jill, as she bent to lick my precum off.

I leaned back in my seat as my dick began to grow again while Jill stimulated it with her tongue. She stood before me and I hugged her body, working my hands under her skirt again, feeling for the bare pussy, still wet with her desire.

Jill turned and held her skirt up as she straddled my legs, and lowered herself onto my lap, as we guided my dick into her wet pussy, until it was fully inside, and she rested on my lap. I still had my hands inside her skirt, feeling her soft butt cheeks as her pussy molded itself to my dick. The bedroom door opened again, and Jill's father walked into the kitchen, wearing his boxers. He noticed Jill sitting on my lap and nodded. Still without a word, he retrieved a bottle from the refrigerator and went back to the bedroom,

After the door closed, I slid my hands up her waist to Jill's breasts, pushing up her bra. "Unfasten it." she told me. I slid my hands around to her back and found the fasteners and slipped them apart. Jill unbuttoned the rest of her blouse and shrugged it off her shoulders. I slipped the straps of her shoulders and the cups fell off her breasts, baring her nipples with its dark areolas. I embraced her, feeing her taut nipples between my fingers, squeezing them, as my palms cupped the rest of her breasts, and noted its softness and weight.

My dick was luxuriating itself inside her deliciously warm and wet pussy, as some of my precum, mingled with her juice trickled from the folds of her pussy lips down the shaft of my dick into the hairs and skin enveloping my balls. I felt her soft butt cheeks against my lap, as she began to bounce herself lightly, making my dick to slide up and down her pussy. We did this for a few moments until I thought my dick was going to explode, and started to warn Jill that I was about to cum, when the bedroom door opened again.

Jill froze, and grabbed at my hands cupping her breasts, as to hide them. Her mother walked in and placed the emptied bottle on the counter. She noticed that Jill and I was clutching at her breasts and smiled. "Its okay." she said, as she crossed the floor from the kitchen area into the living room.

Sue settled herself on the arm of a chair, as Jill and I continued to cup Jill's bare breasts in our hands. "Charles had trouble sleeping, so he had to get a drink to relax him, then he wanted to have sex, so by the time he got his cum into me, he fell asleep!" she giggled.

My dick was growing hard again within Jill's pussy at her mother's unashamed reference to having sex, as Jill's hands relaxed a bit against mine's, still holding her breasts. "It's okay Jill; you can keep riding him, if you want." Said her mother, as she got off the chair. "In fact, I'd like to help, if you want."

"Mom....." began Jill, as her mother came over to the couch and knelt in front of us.

Sue began to untie my shoes and pulled them off my feet. As she was bent over my feet, I could see down inside her gown and noticed her naked titties, with its larger, pinker areolas, and quite prominent nipples protruding from them. After she had worked my shoes off, Sue tugged at the cuffs of my pants as I rose slightly from my seat, with Jill still on my lap, dick inside her wonderful pussy. The pants slid down my legs, and Sue dropped them on top of my shoes nearby. "There." she declared. "It should be easier, and more comfortable."

"Mom...." protested Jill again, as Sue stood before us, and began to pull up her gown. My dick was hard as it can be within Jill's pussy as I watched her mother pull off her gown, revealing her naked body. Sue's pussy was shaved, and glistening with moisture, and her breasts were well proportioned to her body. A little trail of cum was making its way down the inside of her thigh from her pussy, as she wiped at it with her fingers.

Sue knelt before us, as Jill relaxed against my chest. She unbuttoned down the front of her daughter's skirt until she had parted it completely, and pulled it off around her waist and my abdomen. Then I felt Sue's hands encircling my waist, at my butt, while she pulled herself closer to our crotches. I got Jill bouncing again on my lap, my dick sliding up and down in her wet pussy as her mother leaned forward and began to lick at the shaft of my dick, to where it went into Jill's pussy, as well as over her daughter's pussy. My dick quivered ecstatically as goose bumps ran from my head down to my butt, while Jill sighed with pleasure.

"It's been a while since I've tasted you, Jill." commented her mother.

"Yeah, we've been so busy." Jill answered.

"How long have you two been doing this?" Jill's mother asked us, as she leaned back. I could see her nipples pointing from her areolas, which has contracted from the excitement, making them smaller and pinker. Her shaved pussy was opened slightly as the position of her legs and the floor spread her nakedness.

Jill settled on my lap. "This is really the first time he was inside me."

"I see," said her mother. "And the rest of the time y'all been just feeling and masturbating?"

"Something like that." admitted Jill.

"At least that was a little better than what Charles and I did before we married." commented Sue. As she slid her fingers around my balls and the base of my dick into Jill's pussy and back. While Sue was doing this she had slipped the fingers of her other hand into her own pussy, rubbing her husband's cum around her clit, as it was still oozing a bit from the sex she had earlier. Then she leaned in and began to lick the base of my dick running her tongue up to her daughter's pussy, and over her pussy's lips creating delicious shivery sensations in our bodies.

"I never thought I'd get to see my daughter and future son-in-law have sex, but here we are." Sue smiled up at me. She sat back and placed her hands on Jill's hips, and encouraged her to bounce on my lap again, which she did. I had dropped my hands down to Jill's waist, leaving her breasts to bounce freely as well.

I watched Jill's mother finger her own pussy, while she was watching my dick slide within her daughter's pussy. "Uh, oh, I think I'm about to lose it." I said as I felt the orgasm surging up again through my dick. Jill stopped, and began to raise herself off me, but her mother stopped her.

"Stay on him, dear," said Sue.

Jill relaxed, her pussy settling down over my swollen dick, as it exploded. She gasped as the thick warmth flooded her pussy while my dick contracted spasmodically within. Her mother had leaned into our crotches again, and began to lick at the cum as it oozed from Jill's pussy down the base of my dick and into the hairs of my balls. Jill leaned back against my chest as she enjoyed the fading heat of my cum within her pussy, and the feel of her mother's tongue licking off the excess from her pussy.

As my dick relaxed, Jill lifted herself off my lap, and her mother leaned in and took my dick into her mouth, milking it for the last drops of cum, and tasting her daughter's juices on the shaft of my dick. I urged Jill to stand on the couch, legs apart, with her pussy before my face, as I reached for her butt with both hands and pressed her pelvis against my mouth as I sought for her pussy with my tongue.

My dick was growing again as Sue expertly sucked it, while I found Jill's cum soaked clit and began to massage it with my tongue as the remainder of my cum dribbled out into my mouth and running down my chin. I was fondling Jill's lusciously soft butt, easing my fingers into her anus, while her mother continued working over my dick. Jill began to moan in pleasure as her body neared its orgasm.

After Jill's orgasm faded, we relaxed a bit and admired each other's nakedness as the sweet musky smell of sex filled the air from our damp bodies. "Why don't you lie down on the floor, hon." requested Jill's mother. "I'd love for you to lick my pussy, if Jill doesn't mind, and she can ride you again at the same time."

I had a wonderful view of pussies standing above me, as Jill and her mother stepped into position over my prostrated body on the floor. Jill's titties were pointed out, as her mother's had a bit of gravitational down pull, yet her nipples were erect as Jill's. Jill began to squat over my dick, and I watched her pussy open in anticipation of another round with my dick as her thighs spread apart, until her pussy enveloped my dick and her buttocks settled against my lap. She leaned forward slightly, to get the maximum penetration of my dick within her pussy.

Sue then stood over my head, as I looked up to her bare pussy. She began to lower herself over my face, her pussy opening as her thighs spreaded from her squatting. I could see the little tunnel inside her pussy as it neared my mouth, and she rested on her knees, facing Jill. I reached up and gripped her butt to guide her into position, as she rested her buttocks on her heels, and I was able to tongue inside her wet pussy, tasting the sweetness of her sex.

Jill began to bounce on my dick again, while her mother smiled in anticipation, watching her daughter's titties bounce as well while feeling my tongue probing about her clit. I could not believe how tender Sue's pussy was, as age and repeated sexual activities had softened it over the years, as I sucked her little clit, feeling it's hardness from the excitement.

I let go of Sue's buttocks with my right hand and reached toward Jill, until I felt her bouncing pussy, and managed to slip a finger inside, going along with her rhythm, feeling her hard clit as well. I worked the fingers of my left hand inside Sue's pussy, which was soaked from her excitement. She began to whimper as her orgasm built deep within her pussy. I felt my own cum beginning its upward flow from the depths of my bowels as well. Jill was panting as the pressure from my fingers in her throbbing clit brought about her orgasm as well.

Each one of us exploded simultaneously. Sue groaned aloud as her pussy quivered violently on my tongue, her juice running into my mouth. Jill gave a little scream as her pussy gripped my erupting dick, shooting its hot load deep within her pussy again. I could feel her little clit jerking as the orgasm ripped through her body. We all began to relax, as our bodies trembled from its excitements. My cum was oozing downward from Jill's pussy about my dick, mingled with her juice, as her mother's juice slowed within my mouth.

"Now, I want to lick you, Jill." said her mother, raising herself off my face. Jill eased herself off my relaxing dick somewhat reluctantly, and dropped to her hands and knees. She turned about until her dripping pussy was facing her mother, and began to suck on my relaxed, cum covered dick, while Sue lay on the floor at my feet and slid herself between Jill's knees and pulled her pussy down to her mouth. I laid there as Jill cleaned my dick and watched my naked future mother in law clean my cum from her daughter's pussy.

"Man," I thought as I took in the view of my fiancee and her mother naked, enjoying the fruits of orgasms, "If this is what's its going to be like after we get married, I'm going to really enjoy it!"
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