A night to remember!
A Night to Remember!

Both he and I had been recently divorced. We'd been neighbors for 3 years and I often stopped to take note of his fine body when he was working in his yard. We were, at best, casual friends but we had started to talk more often
as the after effects of our broken marriages wore off.

He had a shape that made me stop whatever I was doing when I saw him for fear of missing a great view and I think he had begun to notice that I noticed. One day he stopped in his
Mercedes in front of my house while I was working in the yard.

As we talked I thought, "He seemed interested. Why not ask him out?" We agreed to go to a movie the next night. It had been a long time since I'd been on a "date" and I felt like a teenager. The night ended with only a kiss and agreement to go out again. Two nights later he
invited me over to his house for dinner and I eagerly accepted.

After dinner he sat next to me on the couch and before long we were kissing. He was wearing a T-shirt and short which was rare for
him - but in retrospect maybe he was as horny as I! As we kissed my hand naturally slid to his outer thigh just above his
knee. He sighed in response and I took that as a signal to go further. I started moving up his leg as we continued kissing.
I kept waiting for him to stop me but it never happened. Soon my hand was grazing his outer thighs and brushing against his short. I kissed his neck and his breathing got husky.

Once again, I upped the ante by sliding my hand to his inner thighs and waited for his reaction. There was no sign that He wanted me to slow down - in fact, if anything his actions
encouraged me to continue my exploration. He hugged me harder and kissed more frantically as I slowly moving my fingers up his thighs until I got another sign the one I had
been hoping for! He pulled his head back and looked into my eyes and then down to my hand and opened his legs a wider. There was no question that he was as hot as I.

He took a deep breath as he slid his hand up the rest of the way and cupped my pussy. I flexed my hips toward him encouraging more pressure and I could feel the hot dampness of an aroused woman through the lace. I was soaked through and he was as hard as I'd been in a long time. I groaned, "You really get me going! I don't remember the last time
I was this wet!"

He gasped as he slipped his hand down through the waistband to my panties, through my pubic hair and into the wetness beneath fingering my clit. I lay my head back against the back of the couch and spread my legs even further apart, surrendering to his desires.

He stopped to strip me and he lifted my hips to help. He couldn't help but notice the whiteness of my pubic area framed by my tan hips and thighs and the treasure that awaited him beneath my trimmed pussy hair!

I gasped as he pushed two fingers into me and started to move my hips in an involuntary fucking motion as he simulated
sex as if we were making love and his cock were inside me. I twisted in response and leaned forward so I could reach him to unzip his pant and take his cock in my hand -a pleasure I had not enjoyed for what seemed like forever. He was rock hard in anticipation of making love and feeling my wetness envelope his rigid member.

Then, unexpectedly I pushed him away. I asked if he wanted something to drink. He was confused. His mouth was dry and lacking the ability to think of what else to say He responded, "Yes". He feared the night was over and He was as frustrated as hell.
Was that it?

We went into his kitchen and had a glass of water. As I sipped from the cup I turned away for a moment. Without even thinking,He reached ahead and and He pulled me back against him. He slid his hands up underneath my blouse and cupped my breasts. He seemed to be giving
into his desires again and my nipples were like pebbles.

I didn't resist and He raised my skirt so my bareass was pulled back against his cock. He kissed the back of my neck passionately and reached around to stroke my pussy. He reached behind me and felt his rock hard cock through my panty. He turned me around so I was bent forward over the counter and pulled me back
tightly so that he could feel the sensation of my pussy. He could feel my soft hair and hot wetness as my pussy lips enveloped the tip.

We both knew we were going and knowing that took all the uncertainty out of us. He spun me around and lifting me up onto the counter.
My blue eyes stared into his and then down to
his cock with lust. I had no intent to rush things. He wanted this to be an event to remember for both of us! He knelt in front
of me and slipped his tongue between my legs. His scent made me swoon. He licked and teased me and blew gently against my lips until I couldn't take it any more. Then He
buried his tongue deeply in to me before beginning to flick the tip against my clit. He flexed frantically against me.

"No more teasing" I said as he grabbed me and pulled me up, and he spread my legs and brings hi cock closer until the tip was nestled between my wet pussy lips.He grasped me with his fingers and pulled in but I resisted so that I could savor the feel of every inch of penetration. As he buried himself in to me I
moaned. "I've never felt so full in my life!"

After savoring the initial sensation we began to move in earnest. It was the perfect height on top of the counter as he stood at the edge and I had all the leverage needed as
He slammed into me over and over and over...... As we fucked,I gazed directly into my eyes - almost as if he was in peak of excitement.
I was getting close and I could tell he was too! My head twisted back and forth and my hips started bucking up trying to take him more deeply as he pounded harder and harder to achieve release. Suddenly I pulled myself up and wrapped my arms around his back pulling him even more deeply into me.I could feel my pussy tighten as I moaned "I'm there...... -please don't stop. I'm there.......! Please don't stop! He was feeling himself exploding. He gave one final push and held me into position as I climaxed and he emptied into me as I tightened my pussy around him like a vise.

It was almost like a dream. I lost all track of everything other than the sensation of his cock shooting into me again and again! My legs nearly gave out as he finished. I fell backwards until he lay on the counter and we remained in that position until we were able to breathe again.

I had warned him not to get serious and that was fine with him. He wasn't ready for that either - but we had great sex for a few months until I sold my house and moved away.Still, at moments on a crisp fall evening, I think back to that night, and the incredible sex we had.

It's has been a few years now since I last spoke with him and we've both got re-married.
Its probably a good thing we lost contact
because if I saw him again I don't know if I could contain myself - and I'd like to think he have hard time resisting one more evening like that one as well. It was the best night of sex I've ever had and a night I'll
never forget. I wonder if he thinks of it as well!
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