A photoshoot goes very well
My name is John, I'm 27, and I'm a professional photographer. I have brown hair and eyes, and I'm 5'10. I usually take pictures of beautiful women, the kind you'd see in the Victoria's Secret catalog. I have a variety of ladies I take pictures of when they are just in their bras and panties or some lingerie. Most of the women I take the pictures of are in their early to mid twenties.

One Saturday night, I had another photo shoot happening, and it was with my two favorite lovely ladies to work with: Rita and Anna. They were both stunning, and they kept me up at night too. I got a nice digital camera that I loved to use for my photo shoots, so I could always get some great shots. They were always more than ready to please the camera, and me. They both came in the room in the sexiest bras and panties I think I'd ever seen in my life.

"Oh my, I swear you two become more ravishing and revealing every single day," I said with my camera in my hand.

"Well, we aim to please, John," Anna replied slowly.

They both got into their positions on the couch, and I began taking some pictures. First, they were separated, just making some very sexy poses. I swear every time I saw them, I got a massive hard on. This time, I thought I was going to faint. They had their eyes on each other, or just generally not towards the camera. Although, eventually, both pairs of eyes looked over at me.

"Oh my, John. We didn't know you were bringing a gun to the shoot. You look like you are locked and loaded," Rita said.

Anna couldn't help but to look, and see it for herself. Judging by the look on her face, she was impressed.

"Damn, you are packing, John," Anna said.

I never slept with any of the women I photographed, I guess it was an ethical thing. Also, I loved working with them, and I thought that might screw up the great business relationship I had with them. As with every other photo shoot, after I took about fifty pictures of them separated, they got close to each other. That was always my favorite part of it. First, they just put their hips together, and as the minutes went by, more skin would be touching.

"Oh yes, ladies. The camera loves you," I said.

They both just giggled a little bit, and then they did something extra sexy. They both stood up, and pressed their boobs together.

"Now, that's sexy. I mean damn, you two are goddesses," I said.

They both giggled again, but said nothing. They began to titty fight slightly, and I came just a little bit. It was almost as if they were teasing me. For about ten minutes straight, they stayed literally only inches away. Then as Anna was right behind Rita, she undid her bra, and it fell off.

"Ladies, we only need shots of you two in the sexy bras and panties," I said as I looked away.

"I think we have enough business pictures, John. I think you need some for your personal collection," Anna said as Rita took off her bra too.

I wasn't sure what to say to that, it seemed we were getting into dangerous territory.

"I think I have plenty of personal pictures, ladies," I said.

"Don't worry about it, we know you are a good guy. You wouldn't try and have sex with us. Just enjoy the sights," Rita replied.

As they were both half naked, I thought I was dreaming. It was hot, and it was about to get hotter. Rita gently pushed Anna onto the couch, and then she took off her panties too. I had no idea what was going on with them, but I loved it. There were two beautiful and naked women really close together, and they seemed to get off on me being right there. In the first couple minutes, they noticed they didn't hear camera going off.

"Come on, John. We all know you want a little more than a mental note," Anna said.

So then I began taking pictures of them completely naked. They got really close together, and eventually, a perfect fantasy took a giant step into reality.

"Have you ever actually seen a woman eat out another?" Anna asked.

I'd never felt my cock harder before in my life. I saw Anna's face buried right in Rita's pussy. She spread out Rita's soaked pussy lips, and made sure I got a good shot of that.

"Zoom in here, John. You'll wanna remember this forever," Rita said.

I did just that as Anna stuck in her tongue as deep as she could into Rita's pussy. I couldn't close my mouth to save my life, it was wide open. I'd never actually seen two women have sex before and when I did, let's just say the real thing was a hell of a lot better than porn. Rita put her hands onto Anna's head, and her tongue went in just a bit further. Rita had no choice but to moan. Of course Anna knew what she was doing down there. Her face was drenched, and in no time at all Rita was moaning really loudly.

"Here's another photo finish, John, make sure you get my good side," Rita said.

I made sure to get all I could of that photo finish. It was definitely something I would remember, with or without a camera. I still made sure to get the photographic evidence though. Rita came all over Anna's face, and it was a spectacle. I came a bit myself, and it was great. I still had no idea why they did that, other than just for my pleasure.

"Did you like that, John?" They both asked.

I just nodded slightly. They both just smiled really widely for a minute, then got up and walked towards me. They both took one of my arms, and kissed my neck.

"Why don't you take a break from the pictures, and have some fun with us?" Rita asked.

Was I actually going to get to have sex with them? Well, I wasn't about to just jump in head first.

"You know, that I wouldn't try and have sex with you two," I said.

"Yeah, but no one said we wouldn't try to have sex with you though," Anna replied

I was just grinning as widely as I could, and then Rita leaned over to kiss me once. Anna did the same, and then took the camera. She put it over on a table as Rita put her hand onto my cock. She felt it getting very hard through my pants, and then Anna came back. She got down onto her knees and undid my pants. She pulled them down all the way to my feet and my cock popped out through my boxers.

"Oh my, John. Have you popped a blue pill, or are you just very happy?" Anna asked.

Rita took off my shirt as Anna began stroking my cock. Her hands were much softer than I imagined, so I had to take a very deep breath. Rita got down on her knees with Anna, and I knew I was in for a treat. Anna took her hand off my cock, but then they both put their tongues on there. They both began licking the sides of my cock, and it tickled quite a bit.

"Oh shit, ladies," I said.

They both just giggled a bit and began licking the sides of my cock again. It had only been going on for about a minute, but I was already in absolute paradise.

"Oh," I said softly.

Then Anna backed away a little bit, and Rita took my cock into her mouth. I had masturbated thinking about both of them blowing me hundreds of times before, and just like I thought, the real thing was a lot better. Rita went back as far as she could on my eight inch cock, and it felt wonderful. I began inhaling and exhaling very sharply, and Rita let Anna have a turn. Anna immediately went as far as she could without beginning to deep throat me. I put one hand Anna's head, and then Rita got right next to Anna's face. I put my other hand on Rita's head, and she began licking my balls a little bit. That really tickled me so as you could imagine, I had a huge smile on my face.

"Ladies, I had no idea that you felt this way about me," I said.

They didn't answer me, they both just had the time of their lives, as they were taking turns blowing me. As Anna was taking a small break, she took off my pants and socks completely, leaving me completely nude. Rita was going back and fourth on my cock really quickly, and it felt better with each passing second. It felt so good, that I fell onto the couch. That didn't stop them from sucking on my cock. I was in the middle of the couch, and I had a beautiful woman on each side of me. I had to lean my head back a bit, so I could just try to take the pleasure. It was just getting very difficult to keep my load down, as they were alternating turns.

I leaned over towards Anna's butt, and I began rubbing her soft butt cheeks. She seemed to like it, but her lips weren't talking though. I stuck a couple fingers up into her pussy, and that made her moan a little bit. Rita was watching Anna suck on my cock as if there was no tomorrow, so she got a little idea. She got up, as she was still completely naked. She walked over to the table, and grabbed my camera.

"Put that away," I said.

"You don't want any more photographic evidence?" Rita asked.

I didn't answer, because it was more than obvious. She took some pictures of Anna sucking the life out of my cock. I was moaning really loudly as I heard the camera going off.

"Oh yes, John. The camera loves you too, the camera wants you to rip down its panties and fuck it hard," Rita said.

I smiled at that, and then Anna got down on the floor. She could really get a grip down there, and she certainly did. Rita made sure to get Anna's good side, and then about five minutes later, she put the camera down. She came over to the couch, and got into her purse on the end table. She got into it, and grabbed a condom.

"Hey, Anna, I think it's time to take John for a ride," Rita said.

Anna lifted up her head, and came over to Rita's face. They began making out passionately for a couple minutes. I couldn't help but to feel them both up a little bit. Before long, Rita took the condom out of the package. She grabbed my hand and I got onto my knees with her, on the floor. Anna leaned back and Rita leaned in towards her wet pussy. I couldn't believe it was happening, yet I was getting ready to stick my cock into Rita's pussy. I slowly inserted my cock into her pussy, and she was more than thrilled about the feeling.

"Fuck!!" Rita screamed.

I saw Rita eating Anna's pussy, and I was in my own personal heaven. She only used her mouth, so she didn't use her fingers. She had her tongue in there deep and she was moving it around quite quickly. I swear I came a bit right then, but I was not about to stop there. I began pounding Rita's pussy like a drum as I put my hands onto her butt. She had quite a smooth butt too. Rita reached up towards Anna's big tits, and she squeezed them. It was just a hot sex tornado and it was getting hotter by the minute. Anna reached over and grabbed my camera. She was going to take a picture of the best view there was. She got many pictures of me pounding Rita as hard as I could as Rita ate her out. I was sure that was going to be my favorite view to check out.

"I gotta put those up on my wall," I said.

They both giggled a little bit and then Rita went in for more. I took a small break and leaned down onto Rita's back. I wrapped my arms around her and held her tightly. I just felt a lot of sexual chemistry with them. I got really close to Rita's ear and whispered something to her.

"Have I ever told you how hot both of you are?" I asked.

"No, actually. You've just told us that we were beautiful, but never how hot we were though," Rita replied.

I laughed, and then I brought her up with me. So her back was to my chest. Anna leaned up too, and laid kisses on us both. Then all three of us got up for a minute.

"You have no idea how long we've been wanting to fuck your brains out," Anna said.

I loved the sound of that.

"You are such a good guy, but no guy can resist two chicks fucking each other," Rita said.

They both got really close to me, and both of them put a hand onto my cock.

"It's so hard, Anna," Rita said.

"I know, it's as hard as a rock," Anna replied.

They both got close to each other, and began kissing each other. I had no idea if they had ever done it before that day, but if they hadn't, they put on a great show. I just watched them for a minute, before I decided to grab my camera.

"Now this is a photo moment," I said.

I took about twenty different shots of them making out, and then I got close to them. I dropped the camera on the couch and I wrapped my arms around them. Eventually, they stopped kissing each other, and Anna jumped into my arms. I grabbed onto my cock and lined it up with her pussy. It slowly went in, and then she laid her lips on mine.

We both made out for about five minutes and then I just lost my balance. I fell onto my butt, but our lips never left each other. We both held each other tightly, and then Rita got onto the couch with us. We put a small space between us and Rita helped herself to Anna's nipples. I knew Anna wanted to belt out a few moans, but she couldn't detach her lips from mine. As Rita was down there, she also couldn't resist but to rub Anna's pussy. That was when I had to detach my lips from Anna's lips.

"Shit, you two are driving me crazy," I said as I moaned.

I arrived at my limit, I had to eject my load.

"Shit, hot ladies," I yelled.

Anna got off me, and Rita grabbed the camera. Anna ripped off the condom and Rita took pictures of me shooting my load all over Anna's face.

"In the camera world, I believe that's called a photo finish," Rita said.

That was our first sexual photo shoot. We had many more after that, it seemed that all three of us just loved working together. We have the photographic evidence of that. Now, we always take a look at all the pictures we took during the sex session.
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