A real fantasy
This is not a fantasy. It happened about 3 years ago, but it was so surreal that it feels like a fantasy and I think about it often when I daydream.

Jeff had gone all out that night. There were the candles, the soft music, he cooked for me. Shortly after we finished eating he peeled me out of my little black number, and admittedly I did not wear much under, just a lacy black thong.

We are on his big white bed. Both of us kneeling, naked, facing each other. His hands running down my body, shoulder, over my tits, my abs, circling down to my hips and back up. Gentle, teasing, but promising touches that at times took my breath away.

My hand is on his chiseled chest, working his nipple with my thumb, the other wrapped around his growing cock, stroking it into shape, running my hand further down to cup his balls and pull on them while he squeezed my nipples tight. We kiss and moaned as we get each other higher and higher.

He tells me to lay down. I do. I stretch and feel my tits all tight waiting for his touch. He lays down next to me, runs his hand over my hard nipples and begins to suck. He knows it drives me crazy. At the same time his hand wanders between my legs, no time wasted, he presses his index finger into my slit, I shudder, I want more. He moves it up just ever so slightly and finds my wanting clit. He rubs it and makes it grow and become tender to the touch.

My hand is still grabbing on to his balls and I feel his hard shaft against my wrist. The picture of his hard cock, that I know so well and love so much, in my head.

He lets my nipple snap back, leans away from me a little and with a smile says "I think you want to be tied up tonight". I just moan. Whatever. Do whatever you want to me.

He reaches under the bed, brings out our cuffs and spreadeagles me on my back. Knowing that I want him to be forceful and make me come, he teases me with the lightest touches all over my body. His fingers lightly travel over my abs and tits, my shoulders, my neck, down between my boos to my thighs, where he scratches me lightly with his fingernails. He begins to massage my pussy, lightly and nimbly. I moan loudly. I want more. I want to touch him, i want to touch myself, but I can't.

While he does so he kneels next to me, stroking his own cock. He begins to run his cock, dripping with his juices, all over my body. Rubs it against my tits, down my abs, runs it over my pussy. He is ready to fuck me. But he surprises me once again.

He reaches under the bed again and brings out my black vibrator dildo. He makes me lick it, runs it down my body as he flicks it on and places it on my clit. It's like a jolt of electricity going through my entire body. I scream in pleasure. I want to grab it and press it hard against me, inside of me. I can't.

He adjusts the setting to pulsate and I can feel the waves of faster and slower vibration as he circles my dripping cunt. He presses it harder and harder on my slit, until he slides it in. A spasm of pleasure ebbs over me, I pull on my cuffs, my arms, my entire body tensed up.

He slowly slides the vibrating rod in and out of me, as if he was fucking me. I moan with every move. I know that I will come soon. And again he surprises me.

He slides the black dildo inside of me tightly and gets up. He stands by the bed, his cock erect, watching me, wriggle under the waves of the vibrator stuck inside of me and no way to help along. He smiles and says "let's see how long it takes". I can not believe it. He sits down in the chaise by the bed, watching me, stroking his hard big cock.

The waves of the mechanical cock inside of me take over. They come and go, there is nothing I can do, my pussy wraps more tightly around the black dildo every time the waves come. The electricity goes straight from my pussy to my tits and back, creating a never-ending circle of stimulation. If I could only massage my tits, if I could only push that fucking black vibrator deep into me to make me come. Oh, I want to come so badly and I know I will, I just have no control over when. The only thing I can do is watch Jeff stroke his mighty cock as he watches me. I am helpless and suffering the most pleasurable pains.

I eventually explode in a firework of spasms, my entirely body shuddering, shaving twisting and with a piercing scream. The world around me seems surreal, I might have blacked out for a moment. When I open my eyes Jeff is kneeling next to me, his cock dripping with cum. He runs his hand over my tits and brings his fingers to my mouth, I lick of his spunk that he has sprayed all over me.

He unties my arms. I am too exhausted to move them. I just lay there. Smiling. The same smile, you might see on me when I sit in my office, because there is a good chance that I am thinking about that night.

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