A room with a view
It was a hot summer morning and both Tracy and I had been drinking the night before with some friends. I had woke early because of the heat and lay on the bed feeling hung over. I pulled the covers from me to cool off and lay naked desperately praying for a cool draft to circulate around my body and cool me down. After a little while with no success in cooling down I decided to open a window slightly. I stood up from the bed and walked across to the window at the end of the bed.

I opened the blinds and opened the window slightly. Immediately I felt a very nice cool breeze enter the room and slightly chill my nipples making them hard. This made me shudder and my hard nipples made me think of Tracy's beautiful hard nipples. I love it when her nipples get hard as they are quite big a stand out from her beautiful big breasts as if teasingly saying to you "suck me". I lay back on the bed and opened my legs to allow the cool breeze to flow around my overheating cock. Just as I was laying there and starting to think about having a wank I heard a noise outside in the yard. I listened again and there it was again. This time I recognized the noise.

It was the sound of our window cleaner putting his ladder up against the back of our house. I quickly pulled the covers over me in a panic that at anytime he would pop his head up and because now I had opened the blinds he would see straight in. Then in an instant that thought of him seeing me laying naked on the bed changed to the thought of him seeing Tracy naked on the bed. I huge surge of excitement rushed through me and an instant erection. I knew then I wanted to expose my beautiful girlfriend to him. I lay next to Tracy and slowly pulled the covers from her beautiful tits. Like I said she has incredibly beautiful tits which are big and very soft to touch and kiss.

I lay next to her for what seemed an age waiting to see the window cleaners head pop up his ladder and for his eyes to catch a glimpse of my sexy woman laying half naked with her gorgeous big tits on show. Just as I was about to give up there he was. I lay still with my eyes closed but just about peering through my eye lids. He reached up to the top of the window and as his arm came down the window so did his gaze. Then POW! He got that full on view of Tracy laying in front of him. His face immediately lit up and a big smile appeared on his face. I was trying so hard not to show any emotion on my face and keep up the impression of me being asleep. Just as I was looking at his face he looked at me.

He stared intently at me and I thought he must have realized I was awake but just then he smoked again but this time it was a naughty smile and I knew what that smile meant. I watched as he climbed up his ladder a little more to ensure he got a better view of Tracy. Under the cover my cock was rock hard and throbbing and I was so enjoying the look on this guys face as he was enjoying looking at Tracy. He stood up close to the window for a few minutes just staring at Tracy. Then through the little gap in the window I heard him say to himself I'd love to fuck her. Then he continued with his desires saying I wish I could see her pussy too.

I couldn't help myself I was totally overcome with excitement and I started to entry pull down the covers. It was a bit awkward at first because I was pretending to be asleep but clearly he could see the covers moving. He climbed down the ladder a little just so his head was visible in the window. I was so turned on by him seeing Tracy that I didn't want him to leave so I opened my eyes and looked at him. He tried to look as if it was an accident and gestured in an apologetic way. I waved to him and then gestured to him to climb up his ladder again. He did so and as he did I continued to slowly pull the covers down.

By the time he was back stood in clear view of the window I had the covers down to Tracy's knees and had fully exposed her pussy to him. The look on his face was amazing! He pointed at Tracy and gestured his appreciation of her body by putting his fingers to his lips and blowing a kiss at her. As he did I noticed that he truly was enjoying my girlfriend as he had a big bulge showing in his pants. I wanted him to see all of my beautiful girlfriend so I started to rub my hands along her thighs and gently pulling them apart. Tracy was showing signs of enjoying my hand between her legs even though she was still asleep. I pulled gently on her thigh which gave the window cleaner the faintest of glimpses at her pussy. He could just make out her pussy lips through her trimmed pubic hair.

As I pulled gently on Tracy's thigh I felt her back arch and her arse cheeks tense. This is a sure sign my baby was enjoying the feeling. Then as she relaxed your arse cheeks she opened her lags wide as if inviting me in. I didn't waste any time and slid my finger in between her pussy lips. Delicately I rubbed her lips and exposing them to the guy looking through the window. I was scared and excited all at the same time because I didn't want to wake Tracy but I was totally turned on knowing I was giving this guy a beautiful show of my girlfriend. I looked at the guy and he now had one of his hands down his pants stroking his cock. I couldn't help myself but I smiled at him while he was fixated on Tracy's pussy. I gently opened my fingers whilst they were in her pussy lips so the guy could see the beautiful pink inner lips of Tracy's pussy.

The guy have me a thumbs up at this and began stroking himself more vigorously. He then stuck out his tongue and mouthed wish I could lick her. I was in shock because I hadn't thought of this happening. I was so turned on by watching this guy getting hard looking at my girlfriend now the thought of my girlfriend having her pussy licked while I watched was driving me wild. I looked at the guy and mouthed back ok you can. I knew he wasn't going to be able to do this unless Tracy was involved. So I decided to rub Tracy slightly harder so ghat she would wake. It didn't take long as Tracy was already horny whilst asleep and my rubbing harder soon tipped her into wanting sex. As she turned towards me and opened her eyes slowly she smiled at me and said morning you dirty man.

I smoked at her and said you don't know the half of it. She looked bemused and I gestured towards the window. Tracy turned in the bed to look at the window and immediately saw the guy stood there looking in. She quickly pulled up the covers and asked what the fuck? What's going on? I told her that I had decided to give the window cleaner a show. She said what do you mean? And I explained that while she was asleep I had pulled the covers down to let him see. She was gob smacked but I could also see the little look of devilment in her eyes which she gives me sometimes when she's really horny. She looked at me and said ok then what now. I told her that he had enjoyed very much looking and that he'd said he'd love to lick you. To my surprise she replied ok then come on.

I beckoned the guy to go down his ladder and I went down stairs to let him in. As I opens the door he shuck my hand and thanked me for showing him my girlfriend. He told me his name was Ian and that her was a little nervous. I told him back that he wasn't the only one. As we entered the room Tracy was laying on the bed with the covers just under her tits. I could see her legs were open from the shape of the cover. I too could see that see was enjoying a little rub of her clit. She looked at me as if to say you know what I'm doing don't you. I introduced Ian to Tracy and told him to get undressed. I climbed under the covers next to Tracy and we both watched Ian standing at the end of the bed removing his clothes.

Ian was topless now and was removing his shoes just then Tracy grabbed my hand and put it on her pussy. She was soaking wet! She put her hand on top of my and as Ian undone his pants she pushed my hand against her pussy. We lay there watching him pulling down his pants revealing his plain black boxer shorts. He was clearly enjoying himself and was clearly not small in the cock department. As he slide his fingers into the top of his boxers Tracy let out a little gasp of excitement. She pushed my middle finger into her wet pussy lips and moaned gently. Ian knew what we were doing and as Tracy smiled at him he said can I have a feel now. He stood at the end of our bed with his big hard cock standing to attention. Tracy through back the covers and said of course you can because your the one that's made me so wet. She looked at me a said move over then and let this nice guy in. I moved to the edge of the bed and watched as Ian knelt on the end of the bed and slowly made his way up towards Tracy.

He leaned over her and kissed her cheek. Then he gently squeezed one of her big tits. Tracy's lives having her tits squeezed and her hard nipples sucked. She watched him playing with her tit and said "suck my nipple." Ian did so and again I felt Tracy arching her back and her arse tensing. I watched as Ian sucked her tits and squeezed them together. I was rock hard myself under the covers. Tracy held his face tight against her tits as he sucked hard. I could hear his mouth sucking on her tits and making a noise as he pulled his mouth away from her tits. I could see her nipples all wet from his tongue and mouth. I leant forward to rubbed his saliva on her nipple. Tracy looked at me and asked "do you like that?" I replied "yes babe I love it" Ian was kneeling between Tracy's thighs and as I rubbed her wet tits and squeezed them Tracy said to Ian "while Neil's playing with my wet tits why don't you play with my wet pussy seen as though you got it that way!"

I watched as Ian lowered his head towards Tracy's pussy and as Tracy felt his hot breath on her clit she shouted out" oh yes and squeezed my hand on her tit. She looked at me and said this is the sexiest thing I've ever felt you dirty man and I love you for it. Ian pressed his face deep into Tracy's pussy lips and began to tease her clit with his tongue. I could see his mouth was all shiny from Tracy's beautiful sweet pussy juices. I watched his tongue glide up and down her wet lips only to hover now and again on her clit. Tracy was moaning every time his tongue reached her clit. I realized that she was building up to an orgasm and in order to prolong our fun I said to Tracy that it was only fair that she sucked Ian now. Tracy smiled that devious smile again and agreed. She told him to come and kneel by her head.

Once Ian was in position she slipped his cock into her mouth. Again I watched as she slowly let the head of his cock slip over her lips and into her mouth. She was just sucking the head at first and licking around it. Then she looked at Ian and said "your enjoying that aren't you? I can felt you getting harder and throbbing in my mouth" then she slowly slid Ian's cock bit by bit into her mouth. I could see it filling her mouth as it went in. I knew how good it felt because I had felt it many a time. Tracy was now sucking him deep into her mouth and gently rolling his balls around with her fingers.

Ian suddenly grabbed Tracy's head and held it. He shouted "oh fuck!" Then pulled his cock out of her mouth. He laughed and said "fuck me you just nearly made me cum and I'm not finished yet" Tracy looked at me and said come on you your turn. She pulled the covers off me and exposed my rock hard cock. Tracy looked at me and said "come on give him a break give me your cock for awhile." I knelt on the other side of her head and she gave me the same treatment as she had Ian. I had received this beautiful feeling before from Tracy but this time it was more intense. It was only after a while that I realized Tracy was still stroking Ian's cock while sidling mine. Seeing this brought another rush of excitement through me.

Tracy seen my delight on my face and pulled on Ian's cock. She pulled him towards her mouth again then she opened her mouth and let my cock slip onto her lips where it met Ian's cock balancing on her lips. Tracy then let both our cocks slide into her mouth and the feeling I got of another mans hard cock pressed against mine inside Tracy's tight mouth was both wrong and yet so horny. She held both our cocks from the base and continued to let us fill her mouth full of cock. I could feel her saliva dripping from my cock onto my balls and it felt like her pussy juices do when she's totally soaked. Tracy stopped sucking our cocks and give them both a little lick then she said "right you two now it my turn" " I want Ian to fuck me from behind while you Neil suck my tits underneath me" I smiled and watched as Tracy got into position by offering up her gorgeous round arse to Ian at the end of the bed.

I watched as he put his hand on her hips and his other holding his hard cock teased Tracy's wet pussy lips. I lay underneath Tracy's body with my head between her legs. I could see clearly her pussy lips being spread by the head of Ian's hard cock. He kept running it up and down her wet slit. Then as I watched he pulled back briefly then pushed the head of his cock into Tracy's pussy. I couldn't believe how beautiful it looked seeing his cock disappear into her. I gently rubbed her clit as his cock entered her deeper. I could see her juices all shiny along the shaft of his cock. I watched as he finally entered right up to his balls and now I could see the full shaft of his cock covered in cum.

I rubbed Tracy's clit as his cock slid in and out. I could feel the shaft of his cock with my finger tips as it passed on its way into Tracy's pussy. Tracy was by now moaning and cuming lots. She said to Ian to fuck her harder and I watched as his cock slammed into her pussy. Tracy's was soaking wet and her pussy was wide open. I could see drops of cum dripping off her pussy lips so I caught them with my tongue. She tasted so sweet and sexy. Ian was fucking her hard and she was loving it. Then Ian said I can't anymore or ill cum in you and he stopped thrusting and just relaxed awhile with his cock inside Tracy. I don't know what made me do it but I started to massage his balls aswell as Tracy's clit.

I heard the two of them say"mmmm" so I carried on. After a little while Ian began fucking Tracy again and so I moved to suck her tits like she requested at the beginning. I lay beneath her big tits as they swung from the motion of Ian fucking her. I squeezed them both together and sucked her hard nipples. Tracy's looked down her cleavage at me and smiled. She then said " thank you babe" I continued to suck her tits as I listened to her getting ever more turned on by Ian's cock thrusting deep into her pussy. I knew from her moans that she was on the verge of a big cum. Then as I expected Tracy shouted out to Ian" mmmm yeah! Oh fuck yes! Don't stop please don't stop. I'm going to cum! Oh fuck flick fuck yeah oh fuckkkkk!" And with that Tracy let out a massive cum.

I could feel her thighs tensing as she shudderd and jolted. Her hips bucked against Ian's hard cock and with a great big sigh she flipped to the bed arms and legs wide open and face down. I lay next to her as Ian was knelt between her legs. After a few seconds Tracy rolled over to see us both still rock hard and said "oh fuck I suppose you two want to cum now" I told her that it was only fair that we all got to cum but what I wasn't expecting was tracys solution to making us both cum. She said I'm ducked and I can't do you both one after each other so you'll both have to do me together" I was amazed! Tracy quickly took charge and told Ian to lay on his back.

No sooner had he done so she was lowering her soaking wet pussy down on to his cock. She slowly ground against him and suddenly found her rhythm again. She said " oh my god I'm so fucking horny again this is insane" "his cock feels so fucking amazing inside me and I'm so wet it's unreal. I've never been this open and wet before but I suppose its lucky because now Neil I want your cock in me too." What I splutted? Tracy leant forward on Ian's chest and said " suck my tits" then she said " come on Neil get in me too" I had never done anything like this before and was again nervous and excited.

I carefully knelt between both their legs and positioned myself behind Tracy's arse. I heldy hard cock and guided it towards her pussy. As I touched the end of my cock against Tracy's pussy I could feel Ian's rubbing against me too. Tracy said " come on babe get in lets go" I gently pushed the head of my cock into her wet pussy and because Tracy was so wet and so open it felt tight in her pussy but not uncomfortable. Tracy had become inpatient with me and she pushed back hard against my cocky thrusting it deep into her. " holy fuck Tracy!" I shouted. That feeling was so immense. I felt every inch if her pussy throbbing against my cock as it slid in but also I felt every ridge of Ian's cock rub against mine. "Oh my fucking god" I shouted.

This time it was because Ian had started to fuck Tracy hard and again I could feel everything inside. Tracy's shouted out" babe this is amazing" " I fucking Iove it having to big hard cocks fucking me" Tracy looked Ativan and kissed him passionately then she said " come on gorgeous lets see his good you can fuck me" Ian accepted the challenge and immediately started to pound Tracy's pussy hard. I could feel his cock rubbing against mine and I could feel Tracy's juices flowing down my cock onto my balls. I put my hands around Tracy's waist and pulled her deep in to my cock. "Oh fuck yes! Come on then let's see what you both have" she shouted.

I could see she was digging her nails deep into Ian's chest as he squeezed her big tits and sucked her hard nipples. I dug my hands into her waist and I pushed my cock deep and hard into her pussy. Tracy started to buck her hips wildly as we both thrust our cock deep and hard in to get soaking wet pussy. I felt that feeling again as Tracy got closer to cuming. She shouted" oh fuck me yes don't you fucking dare stop now you dirty bastards! Fuck me now till I explode. My pussys throbbing like fucking mad. Oh yeah yeah yeah yes fuck yes dirty bastards! Fuck meee! " then as we both fucked her hard I felt a sudden rush of warm liquid gushing past my cock and then suddenly totally soak my balls!

Tracy had just squirted all over us both. It must have triggered something in both mine and Ian's head because both of us started to cum and I could feel our two cocks throbbing inside Tracy. I grabbed Tracy's arse tight and fucked her hard as I shot my cum deep inside her totally used pussy. I felt Ian's too shoot his cum inside her just after me. I slipped my cock out of Tracy's pussy and watched Ian do the same. Then I watched Tracy lay on the bed totally spent and motionless as both mine and Ian's cum dripped between her arse cheeks and on to the bed.

Again I don't know why but I start to rub our cum all over Tracy's pussy and I could feel the hot sticky cum all over her pussy lips. I then put my fingers to her mouth where she slipped them in and licked our cum off them. Ian then simply got dressed and thanked us on his way out of the room. We just both lay in bed feeling very happy together.
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