A shower to remember.
The water temperature finally reach temperite. The appearance of the shower stall was like a car wash with water cascading and spraying from everywhere. From "pan" showerheads, spray jets, and adjustable hand held water devices satisfied nearly every desired fantasy anticpated.

Even the heating elements under the floor tile warmed the room from the floor up and the lamp system warmed from the ceiling down. This "bathroom suite" makes the hot tub area so extra comfortable and relaxing. The endless supply of hot water just made the bathroom into one of the greatest dreams "come" true.

I close my eyes and feel the water cascade down my face. You enter and caress and hold me tight. We kiss and we tongue each other. We just hold each other as the warm water flowed over and between us. Our arms embracing each other.

You reach for the scented liquid soap and step back from the water. You take my hands and pour a quanity of soap into my palms and then fill your hand.

I start to massage your shoulders and neck. You begin a message on my chest. You tweak my nipples and adding more soap rubbing my chest so eroticly. I see you watching my previous deflated penis begin to come to life. Watching it intently, you see the girth and length pulsating as it grows. You realize the power and effect you have.

I turn you so your facing the shower and begin massaging from your shoulders down. The arms, the fingers and then to the spine and then your sides. I grab some more soap and reach around to your breasts, grab gently the twins. The nipples are hard and extended. They feel so good I pull you closer as your nipples squeeze through between my fingers. I lower my hands to your belly button and slowly rub your triangle. Reaching around I drop to my knees.

With more soap, my fingers sliver thru the crevice of your ass and begin massaging your butt cheeks and inner thighs. Continuing my touch down towards your engorging lips. You lean against the tile and prop your butt in the air and expose a bit more of your beautiful vaginal area. As the water flows away the soap, I begin kissing your back side, my tongue feeling and sensing the taste of your nectar juices that missed the wash away shower flow. Gently, I separate the folds in the lips with my fingers enjoying the entrance of the passageway opening. The clit extends out of its hood to meet the juice.

I begin to lube the clit. Then begin milking it for a bit of time and then changing direction by pushing back the hood. At the same time my tongue is thrusting at the tip of your clit. You moan and squell lightly as the rush of orgasm rips through your body with your gyrating hips.

From the toy bag you pull a mask and place it on me and tell me to lean on the wall. You say I want your senses heighten especially touch and feel.

You wrap your arms around me. Then your hand lowers it self to my hard shaft. I feel you grinding your pelvis into my ass. I begin to moan and you know now that your in control. Has my hips move to meet yours, moans turn into groans. I feel a warm scented lube being rubbed onto my dick. So hot and horney, my head rests on the ceramic tile. I then heard a short delighted moan from you. I feel your body returning to its closeness touching me. Then I hear you whisper "baby I want you to feel the awesom wonderfullness". Slowly and firmly you take my shaft and begin pulling your hands from the dick's crown to the my body. Now placing one of your hands and squeezing my nipple, your head at my shoulder and then begin rocking gently with me. I feel your efforts starting to bring me to the brink.

The motion radiates within me with this new expierence. I feel you grinding right into me, massaging my nipple and milking me toward a beautiful end. I feel connected with you. I feel your kisses on my neck. I feel you holding on my chest. I hear your breathing. I know you are begining to cum. I whisper back, "I'm it baby. You grab my dick firmer and start pumping me.

You quickly turn me around with my back against the wall. You grab me and place my pulsating dick into your mouth. As I cum, I hear your squell of release and I shoot a huge recoil of cum and then another into your mouth. Feeling my cum pulsing thru your grip increased the power of the cumming so hard that I could almost hear it slap against the back of your throat.

Weak in the legs....both of us stumble over to the hot tub which was at only a warm temperture to recover. As we kiss again, we discussed a new discovery we both enjoyed, but privately and only between us. A special connection.

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