A tribute to Brandie
Would you like to shower with me...? My hands washing soapy water over your smooth body as my eyes feast on your nakedness. Your nipples proud and erect as I brush over them and I enjoy the feel of your full breasts sliding slippery in my fingers. Your stomach pressed against mine and your mound writhing teasingly against my straining manhood. Your eyes sparkle with expectation and your smile is one of a woman who is comfortable in her sexuality and confident in her charms.

You spin around and press against me inviting my straining manhood to rest between your round buttocks and with my hands on your breasts and my fingers teasing your proud nipples I pull you to me as we enjoy the warm water cascading over our bodies. Your hair lays wet against your skin and I cannot resist the temptation to nibble on your exposed neck as you murmur encouragement into my ear. I am carried away by the eroticism of the scene and bend you forward and I guide my throbbing manhood to the opening of your honeypot and as I watch your petals part your hips move and my lusting cock is swallowed up to the hilt into your flower. I catch my breath at the pure delight this brings me and ever so slowly withdraw until only the tip of my throbbing cock is kissing the opening of your honeypot and the beauty of the scene delights me as I thrust hard and deep into you again.

My lust and passion have taken control and I pound hard into your body slapping loudly against your buttocks as I tell you how good you feel. Your juices run freely as I continue to pound and thrust and I feel your body tremble as you reach your first climax which only spurs me on. I have one hand on your shoulder for purchase and the other teases your clit and my eyes are transfixed on your beauty, the arch of your back so as to heighten your pleasure and the tilt of your head as you enjoy our bodies and then with one last deep thrust I cum deep inside you my seed spurts hard into your honeypot triggering your orgasm and as our cum mixes and I so want more...
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