A walk to remember
I've been hiking at hurricane creek for years now the creeks overlooks and wildlife you see on any given trip are enough to make a seasoned hiker look twice. On this day I'd taken the most difficult and therefore least traveled path, at the peak I step off the path to take a break on my favorite rock where I've sat many times enjoying the natural beauty around me. while sitting here lost in my thoughts I hear voices coming up the trail, as they top the final rise and come into view I see its a young couple laughing and flirting with every step they take.

He was tall and lean tan with dark hair and her my god she was beautiful golden hair pulled back into a tight ponytail that bounced with every step she took. a tight purple shirt covering a pair of very large perky breaks tucked into a pair of tight white short shorts showing off tan and firm legs. This was one lucky guy for sure. At the peak they stopped looking off across the country his arms around her with her head resting on his shoulder. Playfully he grabs her ass and she jumps back hitting him but laughing saying stop that somebody will see. "Aw come on." He says "Nobody is around for miles." and pulls her to him he kisses her deeply. His tongue brushing her lips and softly dancing with hers as his hands pull the tight purple shirt over her golden hair where he hangs it in a tree branch before pulling her close again. He has a handful of her beautiful hair and pushes her to her knees and tells her to suck him good. She unzips his shorts pulling his already hard cock out before running her tongue up his shaft and taking him into her mouth swirling her tongue over his head, bobbing up and down sucking hard and fast then slowing down taking him really deep as his head rolls back his hands pulling that golden hair, forcing her up and down his shaft

This is so amazing I'd never dreamed I'd watch a beautiful girl like this really blowing guy. I felt so dirty but it was so hot he pulls her to her feet ripping her shorts down as he turns her around pushing her against a tree for support. He drops to his knees kissing down her back and starts licking her pussy she's moaning through clenched teeth. Kissing her back he slaps her ass and enters her from behind slow and deep his hands wrapped around her hips as she thrusts back onto his hard cock.

He pulls out as she turns around bracing herself against the tree she wraps her leg around his waist kissing him deeply as he slides in and out of her tight pussy. I hear her moans through the trees as she bites his neck to keep from screaming. His hands cradling her firm ass as he pounds her faster and faster. When he pulls out she drops to her knees taking him into her mouth, tasting herself on his dick as he explodes coating her tongue with jet after jet his knees getting weak he pulls her up to him holding her close they quickly get dressed and head back down the trail. I heard her giggle she couldn't believe that just happened standing there I couldn't help but think that makes two of us girl.
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