A wank
I wanted a wank, I was desperate for release. I didn't care where or when I just had to scratch this itch that was driving me crazy.

I wanted a wank, I didn't care who or what got me there. Just to feel the blood lust running through my veins.

I wanted a wank, no matter what people call it these days the simple act remains the same. I wanted a wank.

I needed a wank and so did she.

She needed to kill the fire in her belly that burnt all day.
She needed to get off.

I couldn't last much longer.

Neither could she.

We watched each other's hands move so fast, hers so tender then so rough.
She loved looking at my meat.
I loved looking at her flower.

Her juices flowing everywhere, she must cum soon.
The precum on top of my slit giving away how close I was as well.
I wanted this wank.
She did as well

The heat coming from my hand onto my cock was at the very least just bearable.
But I didn't care.

Her hands were covered with juices from her wet, very wet pussy. She didn't care
We didn't care.

We didn't touch

The tension and lust that rising from us both but we didn't touch.

She could see the pain on my face and wanted to take it away and relieve my tension. She watched.

I could see that her lip was quivering and a very determined look come across her face.
She was going to finish and that was it.

As was I. The time had arrived, no more pressure to bare.the pace at which my hand was moving even surprised me for a second but I had other things on my mind.

The edge of going back had passed and now the only thing I could do was to let the tension go. And go it did.

My eyes shut and the tension just left me with such force that I had shot all over her and i mean ALL over her. So when my eyes did open all I could see was this woman sitting with cum from head to toe mixing with her own juices.

It was hard to tell what she was thinking as her fingers rubbed and stretched her clit which was quite sizeable on it's on by now and I knew she had come at least four times by her body language and the fact she was still going.

She was rubbing my cum and her juice all over her body. Inviting me to partake of her flesh for the first time.

I was spent but still had some tricks up my sleeve that didn't require a large cock, so i took advantage of her invitation.

And this is were things got heated.

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