A weekend
Adele and Jon arrived at the hotel in Edinburgh, he was going to the rugby match and she was going shopping. They checked in and left to get some food before going their separate ways.
They met at the hotel later Adele had a powernap while he showered and dressed, then while she got ready he went to the bar to meet a couple of guys he had been talking to at the rugby. It was almost an hour before she arrived, he was chatting at the bar when his friend said "Wow" look at her, he turned unable to believe how sexy she looked dressed in a black silk shirt, pencil skirt, heels and stockings.
He grinned and winked at the guys before walking to take her hand and they left for the restaurant.
They walked back to the hotel hand in hand as they passed a quiet doorway she stopped and pulled him to her kissing him deeply, she took his hand and pulled it to her breast and moaned when she felt him squeeze a little, she giggled pulling away from him and out into the street again. Walking through reception into a lift with another couple Adele stood in front of Tony then reached back to squeeze him through his trousers making him jump, she smiled feeling him stiffen a little.
As they walked to the room she kept teasing him and as the door slid open he pushed her inside and against the wall making her gasp as he kicked the door shut.
"Right you little tease" he growled, his hand pulling at her shirt, the buttons pulling apart exposing her 36c breasts in the black lace half cup bra, cupping them he squeezed her nipples
Adele gasped tugging his shirt open then reaching for his belt, undoing his pants, she felt his hard cock press against her hand, she squeezed him firmly making him gasp as she ran her fingers up & down he wriggled suddenly she reached down cupping his balls firmly he moaned .
She felt his hands tug up the tight pencil skirt over her thighs, his hands cupped her pussy, he took a firm hold of the flimsy silk and pulled snapping the side, he reached for her pussy but she squirmed free grinning at him as he almost tripped over his pants around his ankles.
"Go change in the bathroom" she grinned at him, "we don't want you to break your neck"

When he came out he looked around , she was sitting on a chair in front of the long mirror that covered the door of a wardrobe her shirt wide open and her skirt pulled up so he could see her shaved pussy, he stood transfixed.
"Come over here" she smiled
He walked toward her his hard cock bouncing just a little. He stopped in front of her looking down as he felt her hand close round the shaft and squeeze then slowly stroke him, he glanced at the mirror and watched amazed as she stroked him her breasts exposed and legs slightly apart the lips of her pussy ever so slightly shiny, he bent to touch her and was slapped to stop him.
"But I need" he said
"you need to stand still" she said smiling at him in the mirror.
He stared as she stroked him taking precum from the tip rubbing it down over the shaft, stroking faster making him groan, his hips slowly pushing, he could feel her fingers roll his balls.
"Look in the mirror" she said
He started in the mirror as she bent her head slowly, her tongue flicked over the sensitive tip of his cock making him shiver, he cried out as he felt her lips close over the head, her teeth grazing the tip shiny with precum, his hips jerked forward the temptation to grab her head hard to resist. She sucked faster and deeper her hand squeezing and stroking the base of his cock making him gasp, unable to stop his hips pumping slowly but gathering pace.
Tony cried out loudly as she sucked and stroked him faster and deeper, panting and gasping for breath, he could feel the cum welling up and ready to explode, looking down he saw her staring at him, unable to control himself he tipped his head back the muscles in his legs tense he felt his cock swell .
Lara felt his cock grow a little in her mouth she heard him gasp "God"
She felt the first jet of cum spray into her mouth, she slid back freeing his cock and watched as jet after jet of cum erupted from him, hitting her face, bra, skirt and stockings as he cried out his knees buckling a little. Looking down at the shiny, creamy cum on her black lingerie and lightly tanned skin.
His eyes were closed and he gasped as she leaned forward to lick and suck his softening cock clean looking up at him she smiled before heading towards the shower.
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