A womans Touch pt. 3
Today is the day I'm getting my massage at home. I finally made the call and set up a time.

It took a couple of weeks to get up the nerve. Since that day at the spa, I kept thinking about it. I have to admit, I kept replaying in my mind how amazing it was.

Just thinking about it would bring a smile to my face, remembering her touch, her scent and how she made me feel. I wanted more.

I spent the morning preparing..nice bath with scented oils, and exta care with hair and makeup. I felt like a teenager going on a first date. Trying on several outfits, I finally decided on black lacy bra, that showed off my tits nicely and low cut matching panties. Then nice tight fitting top, low cut and a pair of denim shorts that show off my ass.

I hear a car pull up and look out the window, its her. I rush down the stairs and open the door just as she reaches out to knock.

"Hi, come in " I say opening the door and allowing her inside. As she passes me I can smell her perfume, a light jasmine scent floats in the air.

She asks where are we going to do this. I tell her upstairs, as I lead the way. My heart
is racing, and I can feel myself getting wet.

We enter the bedroom and as I turn she is setting her things down and I can see her breasts as her top is low cut all I can think about is wanting to carress them and feel them in my mouth.

As I stand there lost in thought she says
"like what you see?" and smiles. "Uummm, yes" is all I can manage to say. Still smiling she walks over and says "Lets be honest about this, we both know why I'm here"

She pulls me close and kisses me softly on the lips as she embraces me. I can't believe this is happening, my tongue dancing with hers as our hands roam each other. I want to feel her hands on me, I want to explore her.

The kiss deepens and gets even more aggressive as do our hands. I feel as though I'm in a dream. I take hold of her top and pull it up and off, exposing her breasts, perfectly shaped and her hardend nipples pointing out. I reach out and carress them, so soft, yet firm. Bending I softly kiss and lick each one as I knead them with my hands.

She softly moans, letting me know shes enjoying it as much as I am. I feel my own top being removed. I reach down and undo her shorts as she does the same with mine.

She takes me by the hand and leads me to the bed. We lay next to each other kissing, carressing. I'm in heaven. I move to kiss her neck, making my way to breasts. Softly carressing as I lick and kiss them. Doing the things I like to have done to mine.

"Oh yes, that feels so good" she says. Encouraging me to continue. My own hardend nipples grazing against her soft skin.

I take her in my mouth, gently sucking her nipple while my hand makes way down between her legs. My fingers on her swollen lips, I lightly tease them. She moans and arches her back. I can feel myself getting wetter.

I love the feel of her beneath my touch. I slowly trace up and down her lips as she squirms and moans. Her juices are flowing and I want to taste her. I kiss my way down her body and get between her legs.

I am so overcome with desire, I need this, I want fantasy coming true. I can feel the heat from her womanhood, her smell is intoxicating as I bend and bring my mouth to her waiting pussy.

My tongue tentatively flicks out and tastes her...mmmmm. I run my tongue up and down her slit, licking up her juices. "Yes, that feels so good, lick my pussy" she moans out as she puts her hands on my head and presses me in closer.

I spread her lip with my fingers and plunge my tongue in deep. She pulls her legs up, feet planted flat and starts to lift her ass off the bed matching her thrusts with mine.

I probe her deeply, sucking her juice, and move up to her hard clit. I suck it into my mouth and move my head side to side as she cries out with the pleasure. Her moans and cries only encourage and arouse me more. I want her to cum I insert a finger into her velvety warmth.

I feel her contract and grip my finger as I move it in and out. Slowly fucking her. " Thats it, fuck me , make me cum" she says.

I am so turned on, all I can think is I want to make her scream out...I suck her clit even harder, pulling tugging as I insert another finger in, now I have 2 in her hot pussy. She is bucking wildly beneath me, and I am loving it.

I feel her legs stiffen and she grinds against my mouth and hand. I can tell she is close..." I'm gonna cum baby ! Oh yes as she traps me between her legs and lets loose, moaning and thrashing about. I feel the gush of warm liquid on my tongue and face. Mmmm tastes so good.

After licking her clean, I move up next to her and kiss her lips, letting her taste herself. " That was amazing" she says. "yes it was" I reply.

"Now its your turn" she says as she starts to kiss down my neck. " I want to taste you, and make you cum"

Oh yes, a fantasy cum true.....

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