A wonderful surprise
A wonderful surprise.

Tanya and her mom Sally were living in England for the last ten years and then when Tanya graduated high school they moved back to the United States because Sally had gotten a great job offer. As luck would have it Sally's best friend Rita lived within thirty minutes of where Sally would be working and she said Tanya and her could stay with her as long as they wanted. She said she would love having company since it had just her for the last two years since her husband died.

Rita had plenty of room for Tanya and Sally to stay with her. She and her husband had bought a four-bedroom, two bath, and two-car garage right after they got married, and by the time they had been married three years, they'd filled the three rooms with children. Rita and Greg had only been married three months when they found out they were having twins.

Two years after the twins were born they had another girl. So Rita and Greg had a set of identical twin girls and then another girl. Now they were all out of the house with families of their own and lived in different states and didn't get home to visit much, the last time Rita saw them was at Greg's funeral. Rita was glad to have another young person around.

Right after the two ladies moved in Sally told Rita she probably wouldn't see much of her because the law firm she would be working for would have to bring her up to speed on everything and she would be working long hours but Tanya would be there because she was taking a year off. She wouldn't be working or going to school, she needed to find herself.

Rita said it was OK. It would give her a chance to get to know Tanya better. Rita then smiled at Tanya and Tanya said that sounded like a great idea.

That first night Sally went to bed early. She said she was tired from jetlag. She wasn't used to flying. Tanya gave her mom time to get to sleep then she snuck into Rita's room. Rita wasn't in her room but Tanya could hear her shower running. She also heard music coming from the bathroom. Tanya slowly opened the bathroom door and she could hear Rita singing to the music. She eased back the shower curtain and took a peek. Rita had her back to the curtain and was washing her hair. Tanya could see she had her eyes shut tight so soap didn't get in them.

Tanya quickly undressed and eased back the shower curtain. Rita had the music volume up and since she was singing too didn't notice or hear Tanya step in behind her. Rita didn't know she was there until Tanya placed her hands on hers and helped her wash her hair. She whispered in Rita's ear,

"Here, let me do that."

Tanya was surprised when Rita didn't resist. She just moaned and said,

"I was hoping you would join me."

Then she leaned back into Tanya. Rita then said,

"Now that you and Tanya are going to be staying with me it can be like old times. Tanya is of age, isn't she?"

Tanya couldn't believe it! Rita thought she was her mom! Rita told her to let her rinse the soap from her eyes so she could see her. When Rita didn't recognize her voice when she whispered in her ear before, she whispered again,

"Not just yet."

Tanya then took the soap on a rope from the showerhead and used it to tie Rita's hands behind her. Rita didn't resist and said,

"Mmm, I love it when you take charge and you are just as rough as ever."

Tanya then turned the shower water off and Rita said,

"Hey! How am I supposed to rinse my hair!"

Tanya gave Rita a hard slap on the ass with her hand and whispered for her to shut up. Rita answered,

"Yes, Miss."

Tanya then shoved the soap from the rope up Rita's ass, she wasn't expecting that and her ass was tight and the soap was a new bar and she gasped but didn't complain. Once that was done Tanya turned Rita around to face her and started sucking and licking her big tits and nipples. Rita just moaned, it had been over two years since she'd had someone else touch her like this.

As Tanya pleasured Rita with her mouth she slowly slid a finger into Rita's pussy and she moaned even more. After a few minutes of this, it was time for Rita to return the favor and she placed her hands on Rita's shoulders and had her go to her knees. Tanya then put a hand on the back of Rita's head and pulled her face to her pussy.

When Rita felt Tanya's bush on her pussy she mumbled,

"Mmm, I missed this so much!"

Tanya whispered,

"Just shut and eat me bitch!"

Rita did as she was told and Tanya was soon cuming all over Rita's face. As soon as she finished cuming Tanya untied Rita's hands, got out of the shower and picked up her clothes, and ran to her room. Rita stood up and turned the water back on and quickly finished her shower, got out and dried off, and slipped her bathrobe on.

She made her way to Sally's room and opened the door and heard her snoring. Sally was always a sound sleeper so she didn't say anything and shut the door. As she walked by Tanya's room Rita could see the light was on so she knocked on the door. Tanya told her to come in and Rita opened the door and Tanya was just in a pair of panties and a tank top that looked about a size too small and her nipples looked as hard as diamonds straining against her top.

Rita said with a big smile,

"I see your mom still snores."

Tanya said,

"Yeah, especially when she is really tired. And jetlag really takes it out of her. She was probably snoring before her head hit the pillow."

Rita said good night and she would see her in the morning.

Rita was laying in her bed just about to doze off when she realized that if Sally was as tired as Tanya said and she went to bed before she got in the shower then it couldn't have been her in the shower with her like she thought. It had to have been Tanya.

Rita smiled and thought,

"Oh yes, I am really going to love having a young person around again."
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