Across The Miles
He's laying in bed, relaxing, just waiting for sleep to claim him. His mind is on the woman he loves. Her sweet, sexy voice and warm, loving nature, he treasures. She's the last thing he thinks about each night, and the first thing he thinks about each morning. He wishes she wasn't so far away, but for now that's the way it has to be. He's just about asleep when he feels it. The lightest caress against his limp cock, a mere whisper of sensation. Startled, he jerks, wide awake now. What the fuck was that?! He lays still to see if it'll happen again, not even a minute later he feels it again. He pulls the covers back and looks down, nothing except his body with his now hardening cock. He pulls the blankets up and lays back down.

Soft lips kiss up his chest, up the side of his neck, across his cheek, then they settle on his mouth, kissing him. A soft tongue runs across the seam, seeking entrance, his lips part, and it slides in to caress hotly but sweetly against his. The kiss turns more passionate now, his lips possessed by this unseen person. He can't contain the rumbling moan that escapes his lips. This is the strangest thing that's ever happened to me he thinks, but how erotic to only be able to feel and not see anything. So he lays there, eager to see what will happen next.

She's dreaming of him again. Her last thoughts as she drifts off to sleep, as usual of him, as will be her first thoughts in the morning. She wishes so badly she could be with him, but right now it just isn't possible. But she can, and almost nightly is with him in her dreams. It's there that he holds her, there that his body is hers, and hers his, until the day that they can make those dreams a reality.

Sometimes he goes to her, but tonight she visits him. He's laying on his back, looking so peaceful, his handsome face illuminated by the light of the moon shining in his window. She loves to look at him, especially when he isn't aware that she is doing it, and she couldn't resist running her hand lightly up his limp cock, she knew it wouldn't stay that way for long. She kisses up his chest and over to his mouth, loving the feel of his lips on hers, his mustache and beard lightly brushing against her skin. The kiss turns hotter, and she feels his tongue answering the wildness of her own, as they twist, turn, rub over and around in each others mouths. He moans deeply, the rumble going through his body, and it thrills her.

She moves back down his body, leaving trails of fiery kisses along her way, until she reaches his cock. It was still only partially hard, a soft on, as she refers to it in her mind. But that is actually how she prefers it to start, it excites her to feel him grow and harden in her mouth, which even though he didn't know it, was were he was going to be. She loved to feel the proof of his desire, a response that couldn't be denied.

She took his cock fully in her mouth, his soft, shaved skin against her nose, his dick was spongy against her tongue as she holds him in her mouth, just sucking and running her tongue all over and around his shaft, she hasn't started moving yet. She feels him getting stiffer, loves feeling the change as he gets harder and harder, until he is like granite in her mouth.

She lets him out from between her lips, but not for long. She grasps the base of his cock and runs her tongue around the ridge just under his head over and over, her saliva coating it as she licks. Wanting to feel him in her mouth, she softly kisses the tip, then closes her lips over it and sucks his cap in until her lips surround it. His sharp intake of breath and groan that he can't contain, spur her on. She sucks his head and swirls her tongue around it over and over, like it is the tastiest lollipop, and to her it is. But she wants and needs so much more.

So she loosens her lips and lets them slide down his hard shaft, his shaved skin at the base against her nose, as she fully engulfs him into her hot mouth. Fiercely desiring to give him as much pleasure as she is able, she sucks him slow and hard, her tongue tracing the veins that have popped up, her mouth sliding up and down his shaft over and over. But as always happens, her excitement overtakes her and she sucks faster and faster, her tongue never still, moves over and around him, as her lips slide up and down. He starts to thrust up into her mouth, moaning and breathing heavy. She feels him swell, signalling he is close to his release. So she stops, releasing him from the hot, wet depths of her mouth. She doesn't want him to cum yet, she wants and needs so much more tonight.

Unseen lips kiss down his body, a hot, wet mouth engulfs him, a tongue runs up and down his shaft, as this invisible force sucks strongly on his cock. It's been so long since he's been in a woman's mouth, he almost forgot how good it feels. But his dick hadn't. It grew and hardened into a long, thick chunk of granite, veins popping out just under his velvety skin.

Oh no! This can't be it, he thinks in disappointment, as he no longer feels the mouth around him. He realizes he needn't have worried a minute later, as he feels a hand wrap around the base of his cock, a tongue circling around and around the ridge under the head of his dick, then a mouth sliding down over it, sucking hard on his large, pronounced, mushroom shaped helmet. His sharp intake of breath, then his groan was all he could hear in the otherwise silent room. Shouldn't he hear sucking, slurping noises as this ravenous mouth almost sucks the head right off of the rest of his cock?

This question quickly dismissed as unimportant as his dick is fully engulfed into the hot, wet, depths of her mouth. What an incredible reintroduction to the pleasures of oral sex he thinks as the unseen mouth sucks deeply and fiercely on his cock. This hungry visitor inhales his pole as if it were the last time it'll ever partake of this treat again.

His hips move, a mind of their own now, thrusting into this greedy, wanting guest's mouth. The strokes grow even faster, suction even stronger, which he didn't think was possible. The lightning fast movements up and down, her mouth pulls him closer to the brink, the pleasure and tension rise in his body. He feels the cum churning, boiling in his balls, begging to be released, feels as it starts to travel up his cock, and quickly pulls the covers off his body. He feels his cock swell, knows he is about to blow his load,and wants it all over his stomach and chest as opposed to into the covers. Oh no! He groans as the mouth leaves his dick, his impending orgasm stolen, the cum trapped in his cock.

She loves him so completely, wants him so badly, every cell in her body cries out for him. She knows she can never put how much she feels for him into words, so hopes her body can speak what her lips can't. Her legs straddle his lap, her hot core mere inches from his rock hard dick. Her pussy drips it's warm honey onto him, like gentle drops of rain. She is still leaking from pleasuring him with her mouth, it excites her so much, her reaction impossible to hide.

She grips his cock in her hand, rubbing the swollen purple head up and down her dripping slit, coating him in her silky juices. Moaning deeply, she rubs him through her soft lips, they part, then enfold his hard shaft, as if in a lovers embrace. She moves up to her clit, then focuses the stroking against it, circling his blood engorged cap over and over against her hard button, her breathing quickens to a pant as she gets closer to her release.

Waves of pleasure course through her body as her orgasm hits, she adjusts her position, and with her pussy muscles still rippling, sinks down very slowly onto his cock. Feeling his steel rod stretching her wider than she's ever been, deeper than she's ever felt, filling her so completely, only prolongs and intensifies her orgasm, as she stills, enjoying the blissful sensation of him inside of her.

He feels his unseen lovers legs straddling his lap, heat radiates off her body, warming his cock, droplets of her warmed nectar fall onto his heat seeking missile that jumps with each drip that hits it. He wants to be inside that heat, wants it badly! He feels her hand as it grips the base of his dick firmly but gently, rubbing it up and down her soaked slit, her silky juices coat him.

He feels intense heat on the underside of his cock as it rubs against her wet, velvet tissue. Her thick, soft, delicate lips close around the top of him. Her heat surrounds him and he isn't even inside her body yet! Feeling his dick sliding over her wet folds was intensely pleasurable, even more so when her hard clit rubs against his engorged head again and again. He feels her pussy throbbing with every beat of her heart against his hard shaft.

Her orgasm starts, he feels her muscles moving against him and wishes he were inside her body, feeling them tighten around him. No sooner had that thought crossed his mind, when he feels her incredibly hot, wet, still rippling pussy sliding ever so slowly down his cock. Extreme pressure surrounds him as his large dick parts her slick spasming walls, her body so tight around him it is like slipping on a glove that is almost too small, her walls conforming to every ridge and vein he has. He moans as her body expands and contracts around him, squeezing him even tighter, the pleasure he feels, intense, buried so deep inside.

Once her contractions pass, she braces her hands on his chest, her body sliding up and down his shaft slowly and sensually, rubbing her ass against his balls every time they meet. She had forgotten how good this position could feel, she hadn't done this in a little over twenty years, her first husband's incredibly cruel words ringing through her ears every time she tried, robbed the pleasure and enjoyment from it for her. But she knows how her man loves it and wants it, and knows that she will see only love in his eyes, and she always desires to give him anything he wants, it's a strong drive in her to please him. So she thought the enjoyment may not be there so much for her, she realizes how wrong her fears were very quickly.

She rides him, letting every ounce of love and desire she feels for him pour out of her body into his. Her clit rubbing up and down his shaft feels so incredible, it's throbbing, making her crazy. Her tempo increases as the pleasure does, her love button and pussy pulsates with every heartbeat. She knows she can't last much longer like this, so close to ultimate bliss, but just hanging on that precipice, her body wanting to jump off that cliff, but clinging to the edge.

He feels her hands on his chest, her nails press against his muscles, her hot, wet tunnel sliding up and down his hard cock. The slow, sensual pace, then grinding of her ass sexily against his cum filled balls, almost drives him insane. It's been so long since he's been with a woman, and this is better then he even remembers, her pussy gripping him tighter than he's ever been before. He wants it to last a long time, hell, all night if he can! But it's been so long and feels so good he knows he can't last that long, but he's determined to hold off his impending orgasm as long as he can.

He feels her swollen, hard, clit sliding against his steel shaft, the vibration of her walls around him only add to his pleasure, as her stroking pussy moves faster up and down his pole. Wait!! What is that he faintly hears? His eyes have been closed ever since the beginning, when he realized he couldn't see anything, could only feel.

Suddenly he feels a little dizzy, the atmosphere in the room changes, and he hears her sweet, urgent moans. He recognizes her cries, and for the first time since this whole crazy experience started, he opens his eyes. There hanging down over him are her beautiful, large, full breasts. These are his woman's breasts, he recognizes her tattoo!! OMG he thinks, this whole time it was my woman bringing me such pleasure!! This excites him even more, make his cock even harder.

She is bent over him, her breasts hanging down, pebbled nipples brushing against his lips. He pushes her breasts tightly together, so her nipples almost touch each other, his tongue sweeps across them, he sucks her hard nubs into his mouth, forcefully suckling her like a baby trying to feed. His teeth graze her nipples, she moans deeply, he nibbles them, she moans even deeper, he bites them, she cries out. The harder he bites, the tighter her inner muscles clench his cock as she continues to move up and down his shaft.

She's riding him hard and fast, her nipples almost escaping his teeth's grip, but he won't allow that to happen, he can tell how much pleasure she's feeling and only wants to increase it even more. He bites even harder, the sweet pain pushes her over the edge, her sharp cries filling the room as she peaks, a tidal wave of pleasure washes over her entire body as her orgasm hits. Her inner muscles tightly contract and expand around him, squeezing him rhythmically.

Almost before her orgasm ends she brings her knees up, places her feet flat on the bed and crouches over him. Grabbing the head board to aid her, she rises up until his cock is barely inside, then slams down until he's fully buried once again. He can't believe how good it feels, how hot to watch his cock disappearing into her. Her muscular arms and thighs bunch as her body devours his dick into it's tight, wet, fiery depths over and over. She periodically rocks her hips side to side, then in a circle, varying the sensations against his cock. She can feel him pulsating, swelling inside of her, and wants to be against his body as he cums. So she again switches positions.

She moves her legs so they straddle him once more, lowers her upper body, their arms wrap around each other, holding tight, she kisses and sucks the side of his neck and ear. She whispers, her voice husky, sex roughened, pleading "cum for me babe, please cum inside of me." He grabs her ass, pushing her down as he thrusts up into her, fast and deep, drilling her depths. He thrusts even deeper, swelling, then stills as he shoots his creamy seed into the depths of her pussy, his cock pulsating jets of cum over and over. Feeling his explosive release, his cum spewing against her walls, brings her to the strongest, most intense orgasm she's experienced yet, her moans and cries of pleasure mix with his as her pussy milks the last of the cum from his balls.

They laid like that heart to heart until he softens and slips from her body. She shifts, laying beside him, her head on his shoulder, hand on his chest, snuggled against him, his arm around her, as their breathing and pulses return to normal. She thinks as she drifts to sleep, how lucky she is to love such a special man that's so perfect for her in every way.

She wakes a few times during the night, just for a split second and each time is still in his arms. When she wakes in the morning though she's alone, only one head imprint on the pillow, only one side slept in, her night of love making with her man, only a dream. But what a hot dream!! Her pussy is soaked, she had obviously cum, but strangely, it's tingling, and her breasts and nipples are sore. Her body feels as if she truly had spent the night loving him. And when she looks in the mirror, on her breasts are fingertip bruises. Holy shit!! How the hell did that happen!? That's really strange she thought to herself!

When they talk on the phone that evening after he gets home from work, they both start speaking simultaneously. As always, ever the gentleman he says, "ladies first", she tells him every detail of her dream, also how her body had felt when she woke up, including the bruises on her breasts. He's quiet so long she thinks she lost the connection.

When he finally speaks, in an awe filled voice he told her what he had felt and seen the night before, how he had held her snuggled in his arms all night, and how he had woke alone with perfect little crescent shaped fingernail marks on his chest.

Both are stunned, not knowing quite what to make of it, nothing like that had ever happened to either of them before. It was amazing and neither would have believed it if they had not just experienced it.

That night before they hang up, along with the heartfelt I love you's expressed, each says "I hope I see you in my dreams tonight."

Two heart, two minds, two bodies, two souls, reaching out for each other, across the miles.
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