Act 2
A few weeks later Adele & Pete were invited to a friends party as it was going to be a casual paty so Adele wore tight jeans, boots and a shirt with 3 buttons undone so anyone could see her cleavage and the top of her black bra. Pete agreed not to get too drunk and spend all night with his mates. She was getting food and some more wine when a voice said "Hi" turning her stomach flipped as she saw her neighbour making her blush.
"Hi" she replied stunned, the other week I was so drunk she said blushing.
"I wish I could use that excuse I am John" he replied
They chatted Pete really drunk," I better get him home" she said.
"Need a hand" he offered
"I will mange" she replied
She struggled getting on his feet and John came to help eventually getting him home they dragged Pete to the spare room and dumped him on the bed he curled up and started to snore.
In the living room she thanked John and offered him a drink, they sat on the sofa drinking , as she looked at him she couldn't help but glance at his cock, and couldn't decide if he was semi erect,
"Hey stop that" he grinned "Although you have seen it before"
Adele blushed her nipples were swelling and she couldn't help biting her lip as she remembered that night, " I guess that was a strange evening" she smiled.
"Yeah but it was so erotic he grinned maybe we should do it again sometime"
Adele blushed as he moved closer, stroking her cheek. She kissed him pulling him closer, their tongues flicking at each other. Adele gasped as he cupped her breast giving it a firm squeeze, she felt her button undo and his hand slid inside rubbing his thumb over the silky fabric her nipple aching, pulled the cup under her breast and his fingers pinched her nipple making her moan softly, her hand dropped to his crotch and she squeezed him through his pants.
"Stand up " she said, as he did she unzipped him, unbuttoning him she pulled his pants and boxers down, she gasped as his hard cock appeared bobbing in front of her face, the smell of him filling her nostrils, she wrapped her fingers round it squeezing the hard warm flesh. Leaning forward she kissed the tip of his cock moaning at the slightly musky, salty taste. He was panting yes as she looked up at him, her lips closing round his cock, he could feel her tongue flicking all around him as he slid his fingers through her long blonde hair pulling her onto him, her hand stroked the base of his cock as he started to pump her mouth, her fingers rolling his balls. Adele could taste his precum making her suck faster, he pushed his hand into her shirt pinching her nipple, this only seemed to increase the passion in her sucking. She looked up at him as he pumped faster and she knew he was close, he panted and moaned, his fingers entwined in her hair, suddenly he cries out and pushed hard as his cock swelled even more then erupted into her mouth making her gag and pull away. As she pulled back his cum sprayed across her cheek, he threw his head back and grabbed his cock stroking fast, cumming on her shirt and into her cleavage as she stared up at him, as his spasms subsided she rubbed the tip of his cock against her cheek before licking and sucking him until all of his cum was gone.
Lying back she looked at the damp creamy patches on her shirt, looking up at him smiling.

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