Adam & Eve Paradise Resort
Note: This is truly a fantasy. I have never been to a place like this but would love to go. It seems so unreal with everybody showing everything. Really turns me on to think about it.

Every year it is always the same thing, vacation planning. My husband and I still argued about where to go. I was tired of the cruises, which seem to be the same except on different boats. Laying out in the sun on the many Caribbean beaches had become boring. My husband finally said, "How would you like to go to a resort?"

"What is so great about that?" I said. It sounded like the same thing all over again.

"It is a resort where nobody wears clothes."

"" You mean a nudist colony?"

"Much more than that, a nudist colony spends a lot of time outdoors, this place is all indoors."

"Tell me more."

"You eat in the nude, dance at their bar in the nude. Everything is done in the nude."

"That would be pretty tempting having a lot of nude people around."

"I think that is the idea."

"How would you feel if a nude man asked me to dance? Would you mind his cock touching me?"

"I think I could handle that."

"Are you OK with the idea that another man might want to do me?"

"As long as your OK with another woman and me."

"Almost like swapping."

"Actually, better, choose who turns you on the most."

"Where did you find out about this place?"

"I am not supposed to reveal that, but Carlos and Rita went there, and he told me about it."

"You mean uppity Rita agreed to go there."

"Carlos said he really got turned on watching her and some guy going at it."

Well, good old Rita, who would not say shit with a mouthful."

"He did mention he saw her with a mouthful too."

"Why that uppity whore. Who would have suspected."

"You willing for me to make a booking?"

"As long as you don't tell Carlos or anybody else for that matter."

My husband made the booking. I was anxious to go. I didn't have to pack any clothes except to get there and return. I did pack my essentials, makeup, perfume, and assorted other items for a woman to tempt a man.

My husband booked us for a week with an option for another. Putting on my sundress made me so aware that I would be nude in front of a lot of people. I wondered about the help. I asked, "What about the help? Clothes?

"No baby, all nude, and they are willing to participate in any activity you desire."

"You mean, I could ask the maid to go down on me, and she would?"

"If that is what you desire."

"Well, you damn well know how much I like that."

"I think it will be so interesting to see you uninhibited with desire satisfaction at your disposal."

"Would you mind if a woman went down on me."

"Absolutely not, we all like to experiment when we can."

"Does that mean you might try something dangling in front of your face?"

"I might."

"I can't believe we're are talking like this."

"It does open up our fantasies for experimentation."

"You are a hot bastard, and I will always want to fuck you."

"I will finish that thought for you with, but something strange would be hot."

I was surprised when he said we could drive there. I expected someplace in the Caribbean, but it was in Pennsylvania. We got there walked in the door, and it reminded me like a prison you see on TV. After we registered, we were led to a side room to take off our clothes and then were allowed inside this closed society. A young man who was totally nude took our bags, and said, "Follow me." I liked the way he took a quick peek of my cunt as he picked up our bags. I was hoping he would get a little hard seeing me nude, but it didn't happen.

We did have to sign an agreement that any pregnancy or disease was not the responsibility of the resort. The young man picked up the contract, and I made sure he saw my ass in full view. I didn't think I looked that plain but immediately understood as he was staring at my husband's cock. It got a little rise out of hubby. He left, and I asked my husband, "Would you like to fuck?"

"Let's save ourselves for others."

From then on, I understood my husband had plans for strangers. In fact, the whole time we were there, we never once fucked each other. That, to me, was something I never dreamed would happen. I was taking a shower when I heard the maid talking to him. I listened, and sure enough, he got his first piece of ass at the resort. It was time for me to go on the prowl.

I walked out of the bathroom and found my dear husband with his face buried between the maid's legs. He was eating his own cum like he always did on me after he fucked me. I just love that horny man, but it was time for me to get some strange cock. I went to the closet and got my heels. I had packed and a small clutch. I can't go anywhere without them. I headed out to the bar.

The bar was somewhat empty, so I made my way to the bar and grabbed a stool. The bartender was nude, and when he walked to the other end, I got to see his lovely package. What a hunk he was. I looked in the mirror behind the bar and saw my reflection, a pretty face, and I nicely exposed rack. I did cross my legs on the stool. That was just a habit, as nothing was being hidden in this outfit. It took me a while to get used to the idea that everybody was naked, including me. It definitely was sexy.

Looking into the bar mirror, I could see a blonde gentlemen walk into the bar. He looked around and walked straight to where I was sitting.

"Hi, I am Chuck. You alone?"

"Hey, Chuck. My husband is upstairs, but I think he is busy if you know what I mean."

"I definitely know what you mean. My girlfriend is in our room with some hot chick she met. They should be getting along fabulously by now."

"Well, why don't you join me."

He was really looking me over. He did check my breasts out, but most of his attention was on my cunt. While he was staring at my cunt, I was drooling over his beautiful cock. A size that was perfect for me, as I definitely would like to see it hard.

"I would like to be blunt and tell you that I would rather be joined with you."

With that, he started playing handsies. Talking and making emphasis with his hands, mostly touching my body. I did the same touching his cock with my hand, after acclaiming his girlfriend was a lucky young lady.

"Nope, not a young lady, but a lady who could be my mother."

"Chuck, you are a bad boy."

"When they clear out, would you like to join me there for a drink."

"For a drink? Honey, we are drinking right now."

"I was thinking more of a drink from me."

"God, you are a sexy one."

"You do swallow, I presume."

"Chuck, you put anything in my mouth I swallow it."

"Now who is the sexy one."

"Chuck, I will blow you, but I want you to eat me before you fuck me."

"Sounds like a deal. Let me make a call and see if the ladies are done."

He made his call. His cock was at half-mast, and I was making the bar stool wet.

"Were good to go, but they do have a request. The ladies would like to watch us."

At first, I wasn't for that, but here I was walking around in a bar nude. So I just said, "Whatever turns them on." As we made our way to the elevator, he walked behind me. I do have a cute ass that sways when I walk. When we got into the elevator, he had a beautiful hard-on. He started kissing me, and I loved it. There is nothing like the first sexual touch from a stranger. It is all so new and sexy. I felt his hard cock against my pussy, and I couldn't wait to get to his room. The doors opened on the elevator, and waiting for the elevator was my husband.

I winked at him and said, "I hoped you enjoyed the maid." He said nothing but let us pass. The young bellhop came from nowhere and followed him into the elevator. I imagined within two floors, he would have my husband's cock in his mouth. My husband smiled at me as the doors closed.

We walked into Chuck's room and were met by two hot women. One had gray hair but a body that still had all the sexiness of somebody twenty years younger. The other a blonde who had to be no more than twenty-five or less. I was introduced to the older who was Norma, and the younger who was Ginger. We were all nude, but I loved the way the two of them looked me over. It must have been the heels, I laughed to myself.

They were going to watch, but I suspected they had more in mind. Chuck kissed me and started pawing me. He fondled my tits, making my nipples hard as diamonds. His hand between my legs as he kissed them. Parting my pussy lips, he knew where the right spot was. When I looked at the two ladies, they were caressing each other. Ginger was fingering Norma, but what happened after then, I did not care as I was sucking the cock I had so long admired in the bar. He did cum and immediately went down on me. The two ladies were intent on my reaction. They must have been pleased because they started kissing each other.

I came with a jolt of pleasure, and Chuck was in me in a matter of seconds, pinning my legs with his arms. The ladies saw their chance, and as Chuck fucked me, they lay on each side of me and started sucking my tits. My pleasure was coming from everywhere. I felt I was in paradise. It wasn't the first time I felt a desire from a woman because my college roommate eventually made me when I came home drunk after a fraternity party. Norma started kissing me as well as caressing my nipples. Ginger got behind Chuck. I would assume to lick his ass because his rhythm changed fucking me. I wasn't quite sure what to expect next from any of them.

I really didn't care what happened because my second cum was better than the first. Chuck dumped his load in me and pulled out to be replaced by Norma, She ate his cum out of my pussy. Her lips were fabulous, and I came again, all the while Ginger was sucking my toes. Chuck and Norma left. I was left with Ginger in their room.

"I don't know your name, but I would love to go down on you."

"It's Carol, Ginger, and do with me what you desire."

"Carol, you are so fucking hot. The minute you walked through that door in those heels with a clutch purse, I wanted to eat you."

"Ginger, honey, do your thing. Don't let me stop you."

Ginger was excellent, far better than my roommate or my husband. Her tongue danced over my cunt, parting pussy lips to suck on my clit. With Ginger's finger up my ass and her lips on were it counted, I came once again. I told her to keep going because I was sure I could cum again. She did, and I did. The little blonde bitch was hot. I finally told her I had to get back to my room, she gave me her room number in case I was interested again.

"Carol, I can call my husband if you want to be fucked."

"Oh, why not,"

She made a call and a knock on the door, and she let in an older man. Not a stud but plenty of meat hanging in front of him. She obviously had a thing for older citizens. Ginger stayed until Ralph put it in me, and then she walked out the door. He did fuck me the best he could, but I had cum too many times for him to be successful. He thanked me, and I kissed his dick. I left headed back to my room. I met another hunk in the hallway, and he said to me, "At your service anytime. Beautiful." I was tempted, but I had to get back to my room to clean up. I gave him my room number.

After my shower, I realized that I had enough sex for the day. Not really, but I wanted to explore the wonders of this establishment. I went exploring. I had been to one bar, and everybody there was nude, but I went to another that had dancing. One couple swaying back and forth. He was hard, and she looked like she was enjoying it pushed against her.
They had an indoor pool and even a screened-in veranda. The temperature seemed controlled there too. All the rooms in this place were decorated to encourage sex. Vibrating beds, water beds, and even hanging straps for a different approach to fucking. I knew there was a rule against public fucking. The exception was a room with a platform in the middle. A couple of any sex could show off their techniques as others watched. That worked up a few, and I saw one couple leave with another guy. Just fifteen minutes in that room got people in the mood to experiment. I finally went back to my room and found Ralph propped against the wall.

"Carol, I was embarrassed. I didn't get you off, and I would like to make it up to you."

"Honey, I understand, but I just had got off too many times before that."

"Please let me eat you?"

I opened the door, and he pushed me on the bed. He picked up my hips high in the air. Without him bending over, he ate my cunt so vigorously. It was wild. Me with my hips in the air and my legs dangling in space. I was still in heels, which made it sexier for both of us. He kept at it, and the more he did it that way, the more I liked it. I glorious came in an unusual position. But Ralph wasn't done; he was hard and penetrated my pussy. This older man went wild, fucking me. He was right, and he did make me cum three times. I planned to have him again.

"Carol, you are a hot piece of ass, and don't let anybody tell you differently."

I held his cock as I kissed him. I said, "Ralph, you can fuck me anytime you want." I gave him my home phone number. He left both of us very happy. I showered again, and when I came out of the bath area, my husband was lying on the bed.

"You want to fuck, Carol?"

"No, baby, I need a little rest before dinner."

Dinner was a new experience, as well. My husband and I have eaten dinner in the nude, but that was to get us going for sensational aftermath. We were seated with another couple. She was kind of chubby with big tits, and he had quite a load in his lap. They were friendly, but it is challenging to eat being nude and chatting with another naked couple. Ashley was more interested in my husband than me, and her husband was also looking at my husband. The subject of a threesome came up during dinner, and I knew where this was headed. I was more interested in the young waiter anyway.

I did walk to the ladies' room to give him a chance to see my ass sway being emphasized with the heels I was wearing. I did glance back at him, and yes, he was watching. I wrote a note in the ladies' room. It was simple, 'love you to visit room 322'. When I gave it to him, I knew he read it when he came back to the table to tell us that he was off duty at 10 PM.

He certainly was not that big, but I always like the young one's stamina. That slim body of his suggested he worked out a lot and was quite muscular. He was a young man. You would love to blow and get all the rewards for doing so.

With hubby off to do his threesome, the knock at the door about a little after ten. My excitement had grown. I opened the door to find three young gentlemen. I guess I could best describe them by the size of their cocks. There was Little, The Waiter, and Jumbo. Jumbo was Jamaican, best described as big feet and a cock to match.

"I hope you don't mind, but when I described to them about you, they begged to come with me if only to watch us."

"Well, honey, Carol likes all to participate when she parties."

That won them over, and I spent the next few hours with a cock in every hole I had. The first time in my life, every hole I had was filled up at the same time. Let me make one thing clear, I was definitely going to have the Jumbo back for a more extended session. I could hardly get him into my mouth when he wanted to be sucked. I definitely wanted that thing in every hole I have. The young men satisfied they were on their way, and I was most appreciative.

When hubby finally came to the room, and I was in bed, I thought he might like a cozy little sucking, but he said he was sore. I guess Ashley and her hubby did a number on my true love. I went off into dreamland, and it didn't surprise me I was dreaming of Jamaica. Three Jamaican crowded my brain, and in the dream, many other places. I knew if I ever vacationed alone, it would be in Jamaica. My friend Susan did just that, and she said she hated to leave with all the attention the native boys paid her, especially on the beaches.

I guess I could go on, but with all the nude men and women around you always, you probably know what is going to happen. We did use our option for another week. If you would like a score, I guess I am willing to tell you. I had relations with 17 men and 6 women. And per usual the women ate me the best. I always did wonder about the name of this place, but I think I now know. Adam and Eve Paradise Resort. My, oh my, Two nude people in paradise, fucking anybody or everybody.

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