Here is the last part of the series. Hope you like it.

My back hit the wall hard enough to push the air out of me, but he was already doing that with every thrust of his cock into me. It had me feeling like a fire burning from the inside out seeking more kindling to burn.

I had climbed his body as soon as he had opened the door, wearing only sweat pants and fresh out of the shower. Hunger for him had pushed down my boundaries. Now it was about satisfying a need in me that was out of my control. I was all about a good soul-stirring fuck. We were like battering rams of passion with each other. Gripping his hips and digging my nails into him I pushed my hips meet his thrust. I could feel the rise of the fire-fanning out to every cell of my body, only to have him pull out as he let my body slide down the wall.
Putting my feet on the floor to catch myself, now angry, frustrated ready to scream I started to swing at him only to hit nothing. Pushing me back up against the wall and lifting my right leg on and over his shoulder, he buried his face in my pussy and began to feast. Licking and sucking he had me screaming for more and the fires were rising. I could hear and feel the orgasm coming. Again he stopped letting my leg go. I almost hit the floor with my butt before he grabbed and threw me over his shoulder. Before I could say anything, he threw me onto the bed spread my legs wide and shoved his cock deep into my pussy without stopping. Slamming his body into mine, grinding my clit again as he did so and it had me screaming his name, reaching for anything to hold on to as he drove me out of fucking mind. The roar of my orgasm echoed through every nerve in my body. I was almost there and felt my eyes close as I welcome the cumming. Damn him! Again he stops but this time he walks away! His cock a glistening iron rod of flesh, dripping with my juice leaving my body had me screaming like addict craving another fix.

On wobbly legs I went stalking behind him, we were not through. He was going to give my fucking orgasm! No more of taking me to the edge and leaving me hanging!

I heard his laughter, deep, seductively teasing, as I followed him into the bathroom. Not once did he look to see if I was following, he knew he had me hooked. I reached the bathroom to the sound of the shower and him closed in its glass interior. Shrouded in steam and raining downfall of the water he stood there, all things male to me and desirable almost beyond all reason. I stood there in a trance watching in rubbing his hands down his chest to his waist and points beyond. I followed with my eyes his hands wishing that they were mine. Using the bathroom wall for support, I stood there never taking my eyes off his hands even as they caressed his cock, still hard and thick. It made my mouth water as I imagine what I could do with that, if only he would let me. The thought sent my pussy into a spasm setting my thighs to quivering the rest of my body soon followed. I move toward the shower door only to be stopped by a look from him. I stood there watching him massage and caress his cock and balls offering them to me but not to touch... or taste. I wanted to scream at him, jump on his body and ride him into the ground. But I back up to the wall and slide down onto the floor spreading my legs wide, exposing my pussy to him. With a wicked smile growing on my face, I started to mimic his actions, caressing my breasts, squeezing the luscious mounds and teasing my large nipples into play. He had stopped and was watching me watching him, as I gave into my slutty side. Letting it take center stages as I fingered myself into a serious fucking in the way of voyeur masturbation. Spreading my legs as wide as I could to give him a view and my fingers access to the rest of mine, teasing my clit and sliding fingers into me. Arching my back, I forgot about him and lost myself in my touch. I was soo deep in the waves of my orgasm that as I came, I didn't feel a thing but that. Then I was up in the air suddenly against the bathroom wall and his cock sliding into me. His mouth, capturing mine, he started to suck and fuck my mouth with his tongue as his cock fucked my pussy. His hands were everywhere then holding me up. Fucking up against the wall as our moans, guttural cries and the slamming of skin to skin echoed off the bathroom walls. Wrapping myself tightly around him, I held on as my orgasm came and finally claimed me. My body, the vessel of my orgasm, seemed to break apart as I came, pussy spasming, nails seeking purchase as I screamed my release into the air, as another orgasmic wave to hit me again.

Unknowingly, we slid down to the tile floor, uncaring of the coolness of the tile or the hardness against our skin. Somehow I find my way to his cock still hard and thick with a thick river of cum. I quickly sucked it into my mouth, tasting the sweet saltiness of his cum and the still throbbing member. It was like it was still in my pussy and I treated as such. My body weak and little under my control, I held with my hands, arms and my mouth. Sucking at him like his cum was food, and I was ravenousness. He grabbed my head sinking demanding fingers into my hair and holding me in place in one deep, demanding thrust shoved his cock down my throat releasing the last of his essence into me. He let me go and fell back to lie on the cool tiled floor still swallowing his cum as my body writhed and jerked still cumming.

The water from the shower rained down on me cooling my hot skin as he held me to him. Lazily his with one hand he stroked my back whispering words against my wet hair that my mind would understand later. At that moment I knew that he was my crack, heroin, cocaine, drug of choice, I was addicted, and I didn't care.

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