Affection 3
It's been six months since Sam lost Kaori. He lost his job. He isolated himself from all those that cared about him. And started to drink heavily and dream of dying so that he could be with her. Day and night he would stay in bed and wrap himself up with a hand made blanket she made for him and hold onto a book-shaped wooden box that he kept all his little treasures of her in. within the box were memento's of his beloved Kaori; a wine cork, a stuffed animal laced with her perfume, a box that contained a pendant that she gave him that he wears with love, and various other things that mean nothing to others, but the world to him and him alone. But most of all, the box contained love letters from her to him. One letter always made him breakdown and made him feel like he was dying from the inside; the letter she wrote to him before she passed away. It seamed Kaori knew that it was her time to go and that she wanted him to not be sad for very long.

"Why?," he asked himself with his eyes full of tears, "Why did you leave me sweetheart?"

He kept thinking about the life they were supposed to have, the children they were going to raise and the way they were to grow old together and pass as old farts. In one split second, his life was shattered. Over the time he tried to meet other women, but his timing was always bad. However, he vowed to stay alive for her and move on. But night after night grew longer and colder. Talking to support groups didn't help; they only made the pain worse. Tonight was no better, alone in his bedroom again. After finishing a bottle of tequila, he grabbed a kitchen knife and retrieved a second bottle of Patron and went back into the room. He sat on his side of the bed, turning his head, staring at the side where his other half should have been sleeping. He could still smell her on the bed, but it only made Sam more saddened, more depressed, and more eager to die. After opening the bottle and drinking the tequila, Sam lay down on his side of the bed, and stared at the kitchen knife that was in his hand. He watched as the knifepoint moved across his other wrist, but felt nothing. He used more pressure on the knife, still felling nothing. After the fifth time he started to feel a little pain, but he had now cut open his wrist and was bleeding. He tried to make a fist with his injured hand, but his cutting had severed his tendon and was now losing more blood. He felt like he was under water. Everything around him was getting fuzzy and turning black. He could hear faint sounds, but they were fading fast. The last vision he saw before passing out, were three figures busting through his door screaming. But he heard nothing. He felt nothing. He was numb. He made a slight smile after feeling numb. He didn't feel pain anymore.

Muffled sounds. Faint voices. Delicate sensations. Sam could hear his own moans. Slowly he opened his eyes. He smelled disinfectant. It took him to the moment where Kaori died. He knew exactly where he was. And he knew what was around his wrists. He was in a hospital; and his wrists were bound by restraints. Sam knew it would be useless to try and get free so he didn't try. He opened his eyes and saw a blinding light, and then voices became clearer. It was his parents talking to him. His mother and father in tears. He knew what was going on. He could hear them talking to him and crying, but he didn't care. He didn't want to hear them. Or hear the doctor telling him he lost nearly 4 pints of blood and thankfully his best man busted the door in and found him just in time. He'd have preferred death then to live without Kaori. Finally, he knew he was going to have to stay in a psychiatric hospital. He didn't care. As far as Samuel Williams was concerned, he was already dead, and couldn't care less. He had given up.

He had lost all motivation. Sammy would wake up, get out of his bed, wait for the orderly to unlock his room, and take the medicine and walk around the yard. A week past. Some patients left the grounds; some came in, most kicking and screaming. When it came time to do group therapy with the rest of the patients, he would never say a word; always silent and never looked at anyone. Dr. Girard, who held the meeting, introduced a new patient into the group session.

"Everyone," Dr. Girard said, "this is Sara. She is going to be participating in our sessions for a while. Please make sure that she feels welcome."

Sammy picked up his head and looked at the new patient. 5"8'. Slender body. Petite, yet sultry. Curly blonde hair, creamy white skin and dark brown eyes. And a face like a well-sculpted porcelain doll, but with working facial muscles. Well-rounded hips, supple breasts, and a well-rounded bottom that seemed to be perfect on this woman. It was the only time Sammy was aroused by another woman. He looked at her with a longing gaze, and when Sara saw Sammy, she saw him the same way. For the rest of the session, Sara and Sammy would look elsewhere, but always come back to looking at each other. The session finally ends and everyone stands up to walk away. As Sammy stands, he looks at Sara again and notices she doesn't get up. But rather than talk with her, he looks away and heads back to the gardens to try and clear his mind.

While walking through the garden, he kneels down to hold a white rose. As he holds it in his hand, a shadow comes over him and he hears a female voice.

"So what are you in for?'

Sammy looked up and it was Sara. She shifted her footing so that the sun wasn't in his eyes. "Drug addiction? Violent behavior? Sex addiction?"

" You don't want to know," said Sammy.

"So you do speak. Any chance I could hear something else from your voice" said Sara.

Those were the first words he had spoken to anyone in the hospital; he wouldn't even speak to the doctors in the hospital. He paused for a brief moment before answering. Then, finally....

" I tried to commit suicide." he responded.

"Any reason why?" she asked.

".......because my fiancée died about six months ago." he answered.

" Wow," she said. "That's can't be easy."

"What about you," he asked.

She lifted her sleeve and revealed fresh lateral cuts in her arm. " It's not really something I show new people, but I felt I could trust you at least."

"What made you think that?"

" I saw your wrist. Looks like you went in deep to the vein....and I'm hoping I found a friend who knows the same feelings I have." She slipped the sleeve back down and kneeled beside him. She extended her hand trying to hold his wrist. He quickly pulled back, but she was able to get it anyway. She pulled it closer to her and held his wrist in her hand, making sure not to twist it and aggravate his wound.

"Still fresh, but healing I see" she said.

"I've never cut myself before", he answered. "I was drunk. I didn't even feel a thing."

"Ever thought about just getting a hooker and a speedball?" she asked.

"Very close to doing it. But she was my one and only love. No other woman could compare with her. I don't want anyone else but her. I'll die alone. But I hope I can at least try to atone for my sins." he said.

"Let me guess...Catholic, right?" Sara asked.

Sam nodded his head. Sara looked at him with a slight smile. The orderlies came out to announce it was time for dinner. After eating, Sammy was had no energy to read from his books. He went back into his room and tried to read a magazine, but he wondered what good Highlights was in a hospital. Flipping through the pages he noticed a figure looking in his window. He couldn't see the face, but he noticed the blonde curls lit up by the fluorescent lighting outside his room. The door opened and slowly came Sara through the door. She looked at him with lustful eyes as she closed the door behind her and switched off the light. As she reached for the tie cord of her pajama bottoms, she moved closer to Sam slowly taking her time. With one firm tug, the cord was loose and her pajamas fell to the floor, revealing a pair of lacy black thong underwear in the shape of a butterfly. Not exactly hospital-issue. Instantly Sam grew a huge erection watching Sara strip right in front of him. She crossed her arms and lifted her top off to reveal her full, pale breasts with very tender nipples. As he gazed at her slender body, he also noticed cuts all over her chest and underneath her breasts. The cuts weren't fresh, but they did look very recent. Sam sat up on the edge of his bed and Sara was standing right in front of him.

Sam wasn't interested in a relationship that didn't involve Kaori. He decided long ago, that he would rather die alone and only masturbate, just so that he wouldn't have any other ties if he were to die suddenly. Just as Sam was about to tell this to Sara, she quickly placed her fingertips on his lips, to make sure he wouldn't speak.

"I'm not asking you to fall in love with me" Sara said, "I just want to have some fun with you. I'll do everything if you let me play with you."

Reluctantly, Sam nodded, but then his body started to move on its own. He slid his hands up the outside of her thighs and brought her in closer so that he could start kissing her torso. Sara closed her eyes and held his head in her hands, trying to keep still as Sam was teasing her. She started to get very damp between her thighs and soon after, her juices started to drip down her legs. Sam could smell her scent coming out and made him more aroused. He moved his hand from her well-shaped ass to her mound and heard her let out a gasp and then a moan. He gently rubbed her wet panties to work up Sara even more, and then little by little, applied more pressure to her crotch. She then started to stick out her ass more with each stroke of his and then placed both of her hands on his shoulders and pushed him down on his back. She got on top of him and straddled his groin, feeling how hard his cock is with her moistened pussy. She then slid her hand down his shorts and grasped his cock and started to stroke it firmly while Sara leaned in and started to kiss Sam. Their small pecks became long tongue kisses and sucklings of their lips. She then pulled Sam's hard cock out and pulled the crotch of her panties aside exposing her very wet and hot pussy lips. She guided the head of his cock to her lips and slowly moved down as far as she could to take all of his cock inside her tight slit. Sara got into position and started to ride Sam hard. He hadn't felt this good on such a long time. His brain was filled with lust and hunger he wanted to last forever. He moved his head quickly to suck on her breasts as Sara's hot pussy was holding his cock. Her moaning grew more and more with every downward thrust of her hips. Sam's right hand came around to squeeze Sara's firm ass and rolled her over on her back so now he was on top, still inside her moist sex. He stared into her eyes and then lifted her left leg over his shoulder so his hard cock can push in deeper.

He started pumping his throbbing penis inside Sara with much more ease, and going harder and deeper inside Sara's pussy. Sara's moans were now screams as she felt every inch of him penetrate her. Sam covered her mouth with his hand to try and muffle her screams, and then slipped his thumb into her mouth and she sucked on it greedily. Suddenly his movements grew faster and her breathing was harder. Sam could feel the twitching in his balls getting ready to cum. Sara knew he was ready to burst and quickly pulled out his cock and pressed it against her pelvis. With one hand she was touching her clit and with the other, she grabbed Sam's balls tight to make him cum. When he felt her hand squeezing his balls tight, he finally came, so hard that he almost passed out. As soon as he came, Sara felt the hot cum spray onto her and she came hard as well. As she cam, Sara dug her fingernails into Sam's back and scraped him, just a couple skin layers from drawing blood.
When he regained consciousness, Sam rolled off of Sara and they lay there trying to catch their breaths. Sara looked at Sam and slid her leg over him and wrapped her arm around his chest.

"Feel good baby?" she asked.

".........Very good. I haven't felt that good in a while." he answered. "That's the best anti-depressant I've had since I got here."

"Mmmmmmmhmhmhmhm." She responded.

After basking in the glow of very erotic sex, Sara got up and cleaned herself off and quickly got back into her pajamas. After turning back on the light and checking the window to make sure the orderlies weren't around, she went back to Sam and thanked him for a great time and hoped they can do it again soon. She winked at him, then blew a kiss and headed out and closed the door behind her. Sam lay back down on his bed and smiled thinking about how Sara tasted, smelled, felt and touched. Carefully moving so that his back was not irritated, he swam in a deep, peaceful sleep.

Over the next few days, Sarah and Sam became more than just patients in the same hospital. There wasn't any more sex though. They became friends who knew each other better than anyone else. There was an uneasiness between the two whenever they were close together. As if an unspoken barrier had been made by the two of them so that they wouldn't get to physical. They enjoyed each other's company, and didn't want to ruin it with feeling of love for the other. But then came Ashley, the other woman that would fall into Sam's life.

She became a new patient to join the group. She was a stunning sight to see. Medium black hair with purple highlights, athletic body, 38 C breasts and eyes that could pierce your soul. She could easily have been the definition of a seductress. Her eyes reminded Sam of Kaori's eyes; brown, sultry, and almost painful to look at her. During group, she introduced herself and said why she was in the hospital. She had become addicted to alcohol. She had her first drink at 17. Vodka, sex with women, and sleeping were her only motivations and now all of them had come to a halt with her in the hospital. As she was explaining her situation, Sam noticed Sara looking very intently at Ashley. Perhaps she thought the same as Sam did. After Ashley spoke, she looked at Sam, but he averted her gaze because again, her eyes reminded him of Kaori.

This was the first time he felt guilty. Guilty because he promised Kaori that he wouldn't be with any other woman. Guilty because he was with Sara that one and only night. He felt ashamed. Ashley could see it in his face too, but she didn't know his story. Walking through the gardens and admiring the orchids, Ashley was coming right towards Sam. She wanted to talk to him and explain the scar on his arm. She spoke first, but still couldn't look at her directly.

"Suicidal?" she said.

"What?" he responded.

"Your scar...that looks a little too gruesome to be just a paper cut."

"I was drunk...but it was something I wasn't willing to stop myself from doing"

"Well, let me take a crack at it. You look like your in your mid wont look into my eyes because I remind you of someone...and that cut was to end your breathing...I got it. Fiancée leave you for some better looking guy that could fuck her stupid?"

Sam looked up into her eyes and was filled with rage.

"What did you say?" Sam demanded.

Ashley had crossed the one line Sam would not take; insulting his dead beloved.
With the full intention of ripping her heart out from her chest, he looked deep into Ashley's eyes and by just staring at her, had felt his demons come back in full force.

"You fucking cunt," he said in a low and enraged voice. "If you ever say anything about my Kaori like that again, I will gladly bury you alive."

"Easy, man," she quickly replied. "I'm sorry. Didn't mean to step on your heart. I don't think when I talk sometimes. One of many flaws that got me here."

Sam got back on his feet and began to walk away from her, but she soon followed behind him. Ashley spoke again.

"Hey, hey, hey, hey. C'mon, let me make it up to you. Is there anything I can do?"

Sam then saw Sara walking toward him, and suddenly felt relieved.

"...Don't worry about it. You apologized. Lets just move on."

Ashley saw him motion Sara to walk with him away from her. But as they were walking away, Sara Turned her head and looked back at Ashley, looking up her body, then giving her a small, sultry smile. Ashley caught her look at smiled back with the same gaze.

Later on as Sam and Sara were eating dinner, he noticed something different about her demeanor. She was starting to get a little anxious and started to breathe heavily. She slid her hand across the table and used her pinky finger to rub up against his. For some strange reason, Sam suddenly remembered how male tarantulas lure a female out of a burrow; they gently tap against the entryway of the females burrow with their front legs and carefully make the right sounds to court or else the female will kill the male. And if the female is still pleased, she will lift up her body so her abdomen is exposed, giving the male the signal to gently tap her abdomen, letting him know she's ready to mate.

The more Sara rubbed, the more Sam knew what was going to happen later on that night. He knew it was dangerous because he didn't want to ruin the one emotional connection with Sara, but he also knew he wanted her again like last time. And after all, like spiders, we all will venture through danger when it comes to the opposite sex. We are still animals; primal, territorial, and carnal.

After all the patients were checked in for the last count of the night, Sam grabbed his book and started reading the newest James Patterson novel. He never liked mysteries, but Kaori loved them, and decided to pick up on reading some.

He heard the door click open and saw Sara come through and close the door behind her. He looked up and saw her standing close to the window and quickly turned the lights off. There was still some light so the room wasn't completely dark. She turned around to look at him.

"I hope you got my message at dinner" Sara said with a slight grin on her lips.

"I did" Sam answered as he closed his book. "You look lovely as ever."

"Don't compliment me yet. There's someone who wants to join in."

Sara opened the door and peeked outside, then opened it more and grabbed someone by the hand and brought her in. Sam's eyes widened at who it was.

It was Ashley.

"Why the hell is she here?" Sam said.

Ashley and Sara moved closer to Sam and they sat on his bed moving closer to him. They each grabbed an arm of his and placed it around their bodies.

"Ashley and I have been having a little fun for a while, Sam. Believe it or not, she gives great head." Sara spoke.

"But even though I like women more then men, I have to admit I've been really craving a real cock inside me." Ashley said. " And Sara told me that you know how to fuck a woman nice."

"It's been a while" Sam responded. "Just don't get your hopes up."

Sara and Ashley smiled when he spoke and then leaned in to kiss him. Sara got the deep kiss first and Ashley started to lick his neck. While they kissed, Sam could feel their hands rub over his chest and their palms push against his nipples, then feeling their hands move lower to his torso, and then rubbed his hardening cock through his pajama bottoms. Ashley then grasped Sam's chin and turned him towards her lips and kissed. Sam was tasting her tongue as she was rolling hers on his lips. She kissed differently, she was teasing him, and he liked it.

Sara and Ashley started to move lower down his body, lifting up his shirt and finally stopped at his crotch. They could see how hard he was and pulled the tie cord from his bottoms and pulled them down, revealing his fully erect cock.

"I told you it was a 9 incher," Sara told Ashley with a smile, as Ashley smiled back.

Sara started to lick the head of Sam's cock while Ashley watched as she played with Sam's balls. He leaned his head back with his eyes closed, feeling the sensations of two rough moist tongues on his shaft and scrotum. They would alternate from teasing his cock to his balls. Sam started to slowly buck his hips up and down while Sara and Ashley would keep up the pace. Licks. Sucks. The sounds of wet flesh and the feel of these two were bringing him closer and closer to climaxing. They both stopped. Sam looked up and saw them eyeing his body.

"He's a great fuck, Ash," Sara said. "I'll let you have first crack at him inside your pussy."

Ashley gave Sara an excited smirk and then moved to straddle Sam. Sara made her way to straddle his face and moved so that Ashley was right in front of her and could play with her body. Ashley grasped Sam's hardened cock and brushed the head against he dampened lips while Sam traced his tongue around Sara's neatly shaven slit. Ashley pressed the head of his cock against her pussy and leaned forward. With one swift thrust, she slammed her hips down and filled her tight cunt with all of his cock. As soon as he felt himself deep inside Ashley, he grabbed Sara's thighs and pushed her down closer so that he can force his tongue deeper inside her. Sara's eyes widened and she quickly closed them again and she started to moan a little louder as she twisted her nipples. Ashley was still adjusting to Sam's length deep inside her and after a while, she started to move her hips up and down, suddenly feeling the pain give way to sexual bliss. His thrusting hips moved faster and faster as his tongue thrashing grew firmer against Sara's flowing slit. Ashley leaned in to pinch Sam's nipples as she continued to pump his hard shaft in and out of her moist sex, her pinching making him growl, thus vibrating his tongue on Sara's hard clit, driving her orgasm closer and closer.

"I need your cock fucking me deep, honey," Sara whispered. "I need you now!"

Ashley lifted off his hardened cock and moved to the side so she could switch places with Sara. Now Sara was fucking Sam's cock hard and fierce and Ashley was enjoying her tongue fucking from him. Sara grasped Ashley's shoulders and puller her back to lean on her supple breasts while Sara moved her hands to Ashley's firm and taught nipples.

"Holy Christ, Sara, he's fucking great at eating pussy!" Ashley spoke.

"I know baby, but keep your voice down or we might get caught." Sara replied.

They tried to conceal their moans but it was no use, with each lick, and each pump, their moans got louder and louder until they couldn't take anymore. Sam spoke up.

"Oh God, I'm gonna cum so hard, I need to cum!" Sam declared.

"Wait baby, let us get ready." Sara said.

Sara got off Sam's hardened cock and made Ashley get her wet slit filled with his cock again while she grasped Ashley's hand and slipped her two fingers inside her dripping pussy...and then both started to fuck each other faster, harder, and more furious. Sara cooed as Ashley's fingers were hitting all the right spots and Ashley could feel her insides get pummeled by Sam's hard erection. He felt his balls tighten again and there was no turning back from his release of his seed into Ashley. Closer, closer, closer. He couldn't hold it in anymore. He thrusted his hips up one more time and released all of his hot, white sperm inside of Ashley's sex, her muscles gripping his shaft so hard she could strangle him. Sam growled like a lion as Ashley felt her orgasm rip through her body and pushed her thumb against Sara's hard clit to bring her to orgasm as well. All three contorted their bodies one last time before finally succumbing to the numbness their orgasms left behind. Ashley leaned in to fall on Sam's chest and try to catch her breath and Sara followed suit as well. All three breathed deep and smiled as they had just experienced and intense and extremely erotic encounter of lustful desires.

But like all good things, they must end. After catching their breath, Sara and Ashley hopped out of Sam's bed and quickly got dressed in their pajamas and headed for the door, but not before going back to Sam to give them a tender kiss on the lips.

"See you soon, hott stuff." Ashley spoke.

"Next time, you cum in me." Sara said with a sultry smile her lips created.

Then both checked to make sure the coast was clear and they left, one after the other. Sam leaned back on his bed and had the hugest smile on his face. He breathed a sigh of relief, and then drifted off to a deep peaceful sleep.
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