After School Lesson
So, it was the last day of my senior year. I was sitting in my last period forensics class. My teacher Mr. Johnson was sitting talking to some of the guys in my class about pizza, beer and video games as usual. I always found Mr. Johnson to be a really good teacher. This was his second year. He was 22 and gorgeous those green eyes and short blonde hair. He was toned and gorgeous. My friends and I were always talking about what we would do if we ever got a chance to boink him. He and I would talk on very rare occasions. He was funny, sexy and smart. I have always been attracted to smart men I have no idea why, but he, he was something totally out of this world.         
  The bell ring and everyone gets up to leave the room. I am the last one to leave because I got my jeans caught on the chair. They split right down the middle. FUCK! I am standing there in a loss for words. Especially, because this is the day I wore a totally lace see through thong. He stares at me. His mouth falls open.
   "Kelly, I always thought you were a beautiful girl but this just takes that to a whole new level."
  "What are you talking about Mr. J? Do you have some thing I could use to cover myself with, this is so embarrassing." I have no idea why I was so turned on by this, him seeing the lips of my pussy through the thong. I just wanted him so bad at that moment. I was hoping he was feeling the same. 
  " I mean that before I just thought you were just another petty girl who could have an guy she wanted, so, why would you ever want me. I am just guessing judging by the fact that you are not trying to cover yourself you kind of like me too." I stood there and quivered. I felt a chill pass through me and my nipples become erect. They were definitely noticeable through my white tube top. He stands up and walks towards me. I have to grab onto something because of how much I am shaking. I am just dying for him to touch me. He is now just inches away. I feel his body heat radiating off of him. I feel his strong firm hand grab my perfect ass.
  "I think you have been a naughty girl," he says as he pulls my thong down. "You deserve a good spanking!" I had always dreamed of being spanked by a man never thinking that a guy would be willing to full fill my fantasy without me having told him first. He walks me to his desk an bends me over on the lab table. He smacks my ass so hard. I whimper a little but I am still enjoying it he smacks probably 10 more times. I feel like my ass is bright red. I start to get off the table but he makes me stay on it.
I hear a noise I am unable to place it. He took me and spread my legs and forced his dick in my hole. He immediately is thrusting hard which is good because I am so wet. He reaches around a grabs my top and rips it off. I see it lying on the floor. He pinches nipples hard, so hard I scream. He flips me over, I had never seen a more assertive man! H puts his dick back in my cunt and fucks me so hard I writhing in pain I still enjoying every minute of it though. I feel him still go harder and deeper. How is this even possible. I feel myself start to climax. I keeping feeling him thrust harder and harder! I moan and grab his ass. As I orgasm he grabs my nipples just making it more intense. I did not even realize he had also orgasmed. He pulled out and his cum was dripping out of my hole.

"Mr. J can I bring you to college with me?" I says in short heavy breaths.

"Well, I am going to have to take you home with me tonight. You can not take the bus in just panties." He winks and helps me off the table. I just anticipate when this will happen again.
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