After The Blush
Strippers held no appeal to him. If a girlfriend or wife stripped, then ok, at least you know hot sex with the woman you are crazy about would follow. Here, the women flashed. Barely danced, then worked the crowd of guys, milking them for their money.

Tom came to this strip club, Fantasy something is its name, with his friend. He hasn't seen him since he and a bunch of other guys followed some women into a room called ultimate shower.

Quite bored, Tom wandered around. Pole dancers flashed smiles at him. Women doing couch dancers kept sliding singles into the band of their panties. He wasn't sure if they could be called panties. Just a thin band around the hips, a strip buried in between the crack of their ass, a diamond shape piece of material hiding their vaginas.

A row of what looked like telephone booths caught his eye. A woman was standing outside each one, if a light turned on above the door, they went in, pulling a curtain that reached the floor closed.

Tom went around to the other side, same thing, light on above the door, curtain pulled closed. Tom saw a eager looking guy approach one of the phone booths not in use. The light above and another one inside would come on when he slid a ten dollar bill in the slot.

Curiosity getting the better of him, Tom went to booth number 21. He slid in ten dollars, went in and pulled the curtain closed against the door.

A stool sat in front of another curtain, sitting on it, Tom pulled it to the side just as the woman did on the other side. What Tom saw made him stand up so quick, he knocked over the stool.

He hasn't seen her in more then a year. In his mind, he saw her every night, in the very few one night stands he was fucking her, not the woman he was lucky enough to be with.

She blushed, her cheeks, blazing red. Her hair was longer, dark as shadows in the night, reaching past her shoulders. Her warm eyes, green as a tropical forest, are wide in shock.

She licks her lips nervously before saying, "hi Tommy."

She looked away, Tom's hands were clawing at his belt, trying to get it undone. His sudden, rocket firing hard on had to be freed.

"Please Tommy, don't, this isn't right."

Not right?! His mind shouted! He asked her out four years ago, the first day he saw her, she said sorry, seeing someone, he found out she was lying, she didn't think him cute, also he seemed to her a social kind of goof.

Since that day, he pumped his cock every night, sometimes during the day, fucked, really fucked, seriously fucked the two or three women he's been with, thinking of her. One woman came 17 times from him.

"" His pants fell to the floor, he hiked up his shirt, revealing a flat, muscular stomach. The bulge in his boxers caused goose bumps on her skin, her nipples ached to be touched as they turned hard as chips of granite.

She was no longer blushing, her fetish is watching guys stroke themselves, this is the only part of the job she likes, she despises being whistled at on stage, felt up by calloused hands as she went from table to table. Here, alone, a pane of glass keeping the guys from touching her, she could at least enjoy some of her job.

Tom's boxers joined his pants, his hand stroking a very well endowment of a cock. Her hands loosened the sash of her robe as her eyes fixed on his hand stroking from crown to balls, his fingers wrapping tight around the thick shaft. With each stroke, he squeezed his ball sac.

Her robe partly open, Tom, pressed against the glass like a bug, panting, wanting the robe fully off her body.

She let her robe fall off her shoulders, the material bunching over her arms. Tom grunted as he saw her nakedness, stroking long, hard, squeezing his cock. Her body was clenching deep inside, she felt her pussy dripping, then she remembered. "Tommy, you have to put in more money."

As Tom pulled his pants up from the floor, turning, fishing out bills from the pocket, Leeza took off her robe, draped it over her stool and sat down. Her fingers rubbed her soft folds, drenched from her steady dripping. She moaned when she saw his tight ass, her hands wanting to reach through the glass.

His cock bobbed as he looked around his small phone booth. He slid in two fifty dollar bills. His moan was a mix of weeping upon seeing her touching herself. So close to her perfect body, her breasts are small, but full, nipples, dark in color, little thick stubs he wanted to twist, bite, suck. Her curves are all woman, just touching them with one of his fingers should make him cum.

He leaned against the glass, stroking himself hard, not caring if he pulled the skin right off. "Open your legs!" Another moan of weeping when she did. Leeza looked at the amount of money Tom slid in on her side, she smiled. She put her finger to her lips, tasting her own cum. Tom went silent, his blue eyes, blazing now.

Tom nearly fell through after Leeza pushed a button and the glass slid into the wall. She was smiling as he stumbled into her phone booth. His hands balled up strands of her hair, his cock was thrust into her mouth.

She loved the weight of it on her tongue, the feel of blood or cum or both running through his sex organ. One hand squeezed his tight ass, feeling muscles contract in his cheeks as he fucked her mouth. Her other hand squeezed his balls, the smooth skin covering his two jewels was almost silky. Her lips were thin vices over his shaft. He moaned and wept as he took her mouth like no other.

She came, moaning over his cock, not once, but twice, pleasure, like steam, rising in her body. Her cum was a puddle she now sat in, tickling her ass.

Ridges rising on his sac told her, she pulled off his cock, feeling her jaw ache a little. "Let me watch Tommy."

His fist was a suffocating pump on his cock. Her saliva was thick on the skin, it made a wet sound. Her body was twitching, clenching as she watched his cock grow thicker in his hand. His gasping was more urgent, like a pain inside him.

His first rope of cum splattered in between her eye brows. Four more long ropes followed, hitting the same area. Higher ropes, she knew, landed in her hair. Another rope, she could see its wiggling tail landed on her lips, her tongue quick to lick it off, the cum melting instantly on her tongue. He was groaning, it sounded hurtful, but Leeza didn't think it hurt him one bit. Another rope hit the bridge of her nose, melting like ice cream on a hot day, it slid down her nose. Was he aiming? Two very long ropes just above her eye lashes, they melted, sliding down, her vision blurred, it was like being under a milky sea. More ropes, hitting her cheeks, chin, forehead, lips again, then it was over. Her lips sucked a few more drops onto her tongue as Tom, his hands bracing her phone booth, held him up. He stepped back, seeing the trails of cum on her face, she pushed the button, bringing back the glass. "Come see me again Tommy?"

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