After The Loving
She snuggled closer, breathing in his scent. It was there, deep below her perfume. He smells clean and strong, once you get past the sweat, that is.

Her eyes opened slow, then closed. A very content smile as she moved even closer.

She kissed his barrel chest, his sweat, not foul at all, tasted also clean. His breathing is slow and regular, it wasn't that way before. Like her's it was labored and intense.

He's in a deep sleep, no wonder there, he was very busy earlier. He never stirs as she kisses down his body, tasting his skin, essences of her.

Fine hair's tickle her lips, then she feels smooth skin.

A blend of scents fill her nose, his and her's. She taste's herself as she kisses the soft head ever so lightly. Her thighs press together as she contracts deep inside.

He is very soft-resting-of course. Another contraction, she shrieked his name earlier. More to taste of herself along his shaft. Her tongue, discrete as a breath, licks a drop of dried oil that came from her.

Much more to taste on his sack. She bathes his balls one at a time in her mouth. Her tongue moves them tenderly. They took a self induced beating not too long ago. Her lips in between her legs certainly agreed.

His legs spread a little as he lays on his back. He winces, then lays on his side again. Smiling in spite of feeling sorry for him. It was her nails, digging deep into his back as she shrieked his name repeatedly.

She takes his softness fully into her mouth. A feat not possible before and she thought-hoped it would be again.

Flaccid in her mouth, her tongue working its magic. He begins to firm, the deep ridges of skin stretching. He grows and hardens quickly. Her thighs are sticky as they press together again. Her lips slid up and down his smooth shaft. Veins not there a moment before, rise like ridges on a flat land.

Her G spot remembers the highest ridge, it trails up the center of him, goes snaking around his shaft, then hiding under his skin. Her lips rise over that ridge, a river of hot blood. Did his cum travel that vein? Her insides, still sticky, thought it might.

Her hand grips what she can no longer get in her mouth. He hums in her mouth, a steady vibration on her tongue. She palms his balls, the sac warming. She has woke her sleeping lover.

His hips stir, causing a half inch more to fill her mouth. Relax, a voice in her mind, her body whispers. Another inch slides in between her lips, she can't believe she doesn't gag. Relax, her soothing voice repeats. Another inch as his hips lift up, she doesn't know how much more of him there is.

Her thighs squeeze together-hard-harder as he rolls her over. Her hands reach for his ass, finding her imprints from before easily.

He sinks into her mouth, a steady drive of hardness past her lips till his balls touch her chin. He withdraws till only his cap touches her lips. He rubs the softness of her, then drives in, taking her mouth til his balls meet her chin again. "Do you want me inside you?" His voice is a rasp. She shakes her head no. Mouthing her no came out sounding like "mmmmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm." The vibration on him like a live wire.

His ass clenches tight under her fingertips. He fucks her mouth-as fast-as hard as he fucked her pussy. His moans are loud and agonizing. Is there a doctor in the house? The thought crosses her mind as she smile around his thick shaft. She loves knowing it's her causing him so much sweet pleasure.

Faster-harder-he fucks, moaning high pitched as he swells in her mouth. Thrusting, balls stinging her chin. He keep going, until...until.

He blasts a stream of hot salt, its thick as paste, as thin as rain at the same time. Her eyebrows raise into her hair line, loving the taste of him. Loving how he doesn't stop thrusting. He is a male machine in high gear as he fills her mouth. His seed mixes with her saliva, then swallowed as more fills her mouth. Her chin is sore from the smacking of his balls, but who cares, she is cumming as he cums!

She sucks as he grows soft, a sudden quake through his body is good for a few more drop of cum. After, they resume snuggling, she can now sleep.
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