After The Shower
There you were standing there drying off after a long hot shower. When you look up and notice me standing at the door admiring your muscular body still dripping from your shower. I walk over grab you and give you a big passionate kiss while I grab your cock that was getting harder by me stroking it.

As I'm still kissing you I lead you into the bedroom where I lay you down first on your back to give you a great massage as I sit on your ass. I start massaging your shoulders and working my way down your back. I massage your ass for little bit, than I turn you over to start massaging your front.

Starting at your temples, working my way down to your chest. I start kissing you and than I lick and suck on your nipples. While my hands move ever so slowly to that rock hard cock of yours.Than as I'm stroking your cock, I slowly & teasingly kiss & lick my way to your cock.

As I reach your rock hard cock, I start with little kisses over the shaft & balls, working my way to the tip. Where I lick & suck you passionately enjoying every inch of your cock. And when I think you are about to cum, I stop, cause I want your to cum in me. When I stop you lift me off of you.

You lay me down on my stomach, and you start massaging me. Working your way down to my ass. You massage my ass with flavored body oil & lube so you could work it into my ass and than my anal flower. You grab a vibrator from the night where you ease it into my flower. The vibration feels so awesome.

You start massaging my clit with your fingers while you have 2 in my pussy working on my g-spot. You turn me over so you could start licking & sucking on my clit while moving the vibrator in and out of my flower.

The harder you suck on my clit, the more I'm ready to explode my love juices over your face. The orgasm is so intense, my whole body is shaking. Than I ask you to put your still rock hard cock in my pussy. You start teasing me with the head of your cock. As I beg for you to give it all to me.

You finally give me what I want. Sliding your cock in and out harder and faster as I do the same with the vibrator in my flower. As we get a great rocking motion going, it's only a matter of moments before we both cum to together. We both have the most intense orgasm ever.

This was a great surprise for him after his shower he was taking to get ready for work. Let's just say neither of us made it into work that day. We laid there for awhile before we started our love making session again. It was so worth it to miss a day of work.

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