After dinner
It had been a strange night , what was supposed to be a dinner party with a few of Jon's friends had eventually ended with the 4 couples revealing their fantasies. Jon kept apologising and everyone laughed as apparently it always ended with them talking about sex.
Dele had only met some of the guests but they seemed nice and she had drank possibly too much but eventually admitted her current fantasy was for unplanned, wanton sex , she didn't want it to be too extreme but a little rough, she was embarrassed but her dream was tame compared to one of the other women.
At around 1 am a cab came and picked them up they chatted as they were driven, they got out of the cab and walked to his house their shoes crunching on the gravel, as they walked toward his house. He unlocked the door and stepped aside allowing her to pass by .
As she walked past he pushed her against the wall his weight pinning her, her head turned to the side a little worried as he pushed her long blonde hair to one side while he kissed and nibbled at the back of her neck. Dele placed her hands flat against the wall the smell of his after shave strong, suddenly he licked her earlobe then sucked at it then nibbled making her squirm and cry out, she could feel the prickle of his stubble on her shoulder.
He kicked her feet apart a little as he stood behind her, looking down he wriggled her dress up over her smooth legs covered by her grey holdups, he watched as the tight lacy tops appeared and held his breath as the smooth thigh appeared. He bunched her skirt around her hips his hands running over the sheer holdups over the slightly rough elastic top until he felt the warm skin, his hands continued felt the silk of the French knickers, his fingers kneaded the supple flesh he moaned slipping his hand between her legs rubbing 2 fingers against the shaven lips of her pussy.
Dele bit her lips bending slightly gasping, the cool air on her skin making her shiver a little, suddenly he guided her into the dining room until she was stood next to the dining table. She leaned her hands on the dark wood , he threw his jacket onto a chair then pulled up her dress leaning against her his hard cock outlined in his pants pressing against her ass, stepping back he could see the darker damp patch on the pale grey silk, reaching out he lightly stroked her, she squirmed and moaned
"fuck me" she gasped.
Suddenly he gave her ass a slap making her scream out, he raised a finger to his lips
"ssshhhhh" he smiled.
He slipped his hands around the soft skin of her waist and then down into her underwear her breathing getting faster as his finger slipped between the wet lips of her pussy then pushed deeper making her push against it as it penetrated her. Dele moaned in frustration as he pulled it out, she heard him moan as he sucked on his finger.
"You tatse good" he whispered
" Please fuck me " she pleaded
He spanked her again a little harder which only made her desire grow.
He turned her to face him a small smile on his face, leaning forward he kissed her as his hands slipped the straps of her dress down, bending he licked her cleavage, his hands cupping her breasts.
He leaned her against the table pushing her back so she lay along its length her knees dangling over the edge, pulling up the dress he could see clearly the soaking fabric between her legs, as he looked his cock ached in his pants. Reaching down he pressed his thumb against her wet pussy making her cry out, he hooked her knees lifting them onto his shoulders as he pulled her French knickers down and off, as he looked down he could see her soaking pussy and smell her sweet musky scent.
He grabbed a cushion from the sofa and pushed it under her hips, raising them up slightly, he slowly kissed down her thigh the smell of her intoxicating, his tongue flickered over the wet lips making her squeal. Pushing her legs wide Jon leaned in pushing the flat of his tongue against her clitoris, Dele screamed her body writhing as he flickered it against her, she felt 2 of his fingers slip between her pussy lips and go deeper, then slowly they started to pump against her.
Dele grabbed his hair as she bucked against him , then she slipped her hands up cupping her breasts pinching her nipples, rolling them between her fingers firmly. Jon licked and kissed her pussy her juices flowing freely coating his face, reaching his had around he pressed 2 fingers either side of her clitoris and eased back the hood exposing the shiny red nub of flesh, he sucked it flicking it with his toungue.
Dele screamed her body writhing as her pussy flooded, she squirmed but he kept pumping his fingers into her his tongue circling her clit as she clamped her thighs against his head her cum flooding out, she felt like she would explode, hard hands gripping the edge of the table she slowly came back to earth.....To be continued
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