After the Halloween Party
After The Halloween Party

Just as I finished getting dressed Beth opened the door to the room. When she saw me she apologized saying she didn't know anyone was in here. I asked her what time it was and she said it was 10 am...the next day. Beth told me she thought I had gotten a ride home with someone last night. I fixed my top the best I could to try and cover my boobs as I got off the bed. Beth asked me if I was glad I came to her party.


I asked Beth if she could drive me home because somehow I had lost my glasses and it wasn't a good idea if I drove without them. Beth was all too happy to give me a lift home. I told her I would walk over sometime later today and get my car. She told me there was no hurry and I could come get my car anytime. Beth then asked me what happened to me after the beer pong game last night. I had to think fast so I just told her I stumbled into that room and I guess I just have passed out.

As Beth drove me home she told me she was hoping I had fun. I told her I had more fun last night than I had in a long time. I thanked her for inviting me. She said it was no problem and she was just glad I had enjoyed myself. I just looked out the window and smiled. A moment later we were at my house. I got out of the car and thanked her again for the lift home and for inviting me to the party.

Since I was in my She-Devil costume and it seemed to be coming apart at the seams I hurried inside hoping none of my neighbors saw me. I had to use my key I had hidden under a rock by the front door because I had forgotten my purse at Beth's with my keys in it. As soon as I got inside I ripped off my costume and went straight to my room and got out my dildo. Between my pussy being wet and the stranger's cum still inside me the dildo slid in quite easily. I fucked myself until I came.

I then went to my bathroom and drew me a nice hot bubble bath. Once I had the tub full I slowly slid in. I made the water as hot as I could stand it and slid down in until my chin was just above the surface of the water. I just soaked in the tub for about an hour and then washed and dried off and put on my nice soft pink robe. I was just about to doze off on my bed when I heard the doorbell ring.

When I answered it I was surprised to see Tim, Beth's 18-year-old son standing on my porch. It had been years since I last saw him. He had been living with his dad in another state for the last 10 years or so. I told myself he had turned into a VERY handsome young man. Then I reminded myself how young he was and that I was old enough to be his mother. Tim told me his mom had asked him to drop my car off so I wouldn't have to walk over and get it. I told him that wasn't necessary but he said he didn't mind because it gave him a chance to say hi to me since he hadn't seen me in so long. He said his mom had found my purse with my car and house keys in it. Tim handed me my purse and as I took it I thanked him and asked him if he would like to come in for a minute. He said sure and I offered him a chair and he sat down. I told him it was nice to see him again and he gave me a big smile.

I asked him if he was home for just a visit or for good. He said he was back for good and that he had a great job doing construction work that he liked and it paid great. He said he was living with his mom for now but just until he could find his own place. Tim said it was nice seeing me again but he had to get going. He said maybe he would see me again when I came over to visit his mom. I walked him to the door and thanked him again for bringing my car to me.

I was feeling good after what happened last night and I got on my laptop to check my email. I logged into my account and I saw I had a new email, one from someone I didn't know. I normally don't open any from people I don't know so I don't take the chance of catching a virus. A virus, that's funny I told myself. I didn't think twice about catching a virus last night when I was getting fucked by a stranger. But then in my condition, there wasn't much I could do to stop him. Even if I wanted to.

I was about to send the unknown email to the recycle bin when I skimmed the subject. It said GOOD MORNING MY LITTLE SHE-DEVIL. I quickly opened the email and read it. It said: GOOD MORNING. I HAD A GREAT TIME LAST NIGHT I HOPE YOU DID AS WELL. I HOPE I WASN'T TOO ROUGH OR DID ANYTHING YOU DIDN'T LIKE. IF YOU WANT TO MEET ME AGAIN REPLY TO THIS EMAIL. IF NOT DELETE IT AND I WON'T BOTHER YOU AGAIN. Of course, he didn't add his name.

I quickly closed my laptop. I was shaking so bad. What should I do? I knew what I wanted to do I wanted to reply saying I loved everything he did to me and of course I wanted to meet him. Then I thought: should I? I mean I had no idea who he was. He could be a killer for all I know. Then I thought to myself he could have hurt me or killed me or done anything he wanted to me last night and nobody would have been the wiser.

I slowly opened up my laptop and went to my email again. My hands were shaking so much I kept hitting the wrong keys and had to keep deleting what I was typing and starting over. After I finally got the reply finished I reread it before I sent it. It read: OF COURSE I HAD A GREAT TIME LAST NIGHT I'M JUST SORRY IT HAD TO END. AND NO YOU WERE NOT TOO ROUGH AND I ENJOYED EVERYTHING YOU DID TO ME. I WOULD LOVE TO MEET YOU. I STILL HAVE ONE HOLE FOR YOU TOO FUCK YET.



My fingers were shaking again but I clicked on the link and followed it. I created an account and the chat name and found the room he had made for us with just seconds to spare. As soon as I entered the room he typed:

YOURADMIRER: Welcome my pet. I was about to leave I thought maybe you had changed your mind.

SEXYSHE-DEVIL: I'm sorry I had a little trouble with the site.

YOURADMIRER: I assume you have a camera built into your laptop. Turn it on. I want to see you.

I thought to myself; I am going to get to see who he is. Of course I quickly turned my webcam on so he could see me but the square on my laptop where I could see him was black. I asked him;

SEXSHE-DEVIL: Can you see me?

YOURADMIRER: Yes my pet I can see you. You are just as sexy as I remember you.

SEXYSHE-DEVIL: Can I see you?

YOURADMIRER: Not yet my pet. I don't want you to know who I am just yet. Besides I think you will enjoy our chats more if you don't know my identity. Is that ok with you my pet?

I would rather have known who he was but what choice did I have? I couldn't take the chance of him not talking to me again or not meeting him so I said;

SEXYSHE-DEVIL: Of course that is fine. Should I turn my mic on so you can hear me?

YOURADMIRER: Yes of course and undress after you turn it on.

I quickly turned on my mic and I asked him if he could hear me. The mic was built into the laptop so I didn't have to worry about a mic cord getting in the way while I undressed. He responded over a mic and his voice was distorted like he was using something to make it that way. All I had on was my nice soft pink robe and I untied the belt and took the robe off. I asked him if he could see me and he said yes and again told me how sexy I was. I blushed.

I asked him if he knew his voice was distorted. He told me yes because I would probably know who he is from the sound of his voice. He again asked if I was ok with that. Of course, I told him it was fine. I could feel myself getting wet just from the not knowing. He told me he didn't disguise his voice last night because I was so out of it I probably wouldn't recognize it. I told him yes that was true. I told him I couldn't remember what his voice sounded like now.

He asked me if I didn't like it when he was playing with my nipples last night when he was fucking me from behind since I pushed his hands away. I told him no. It was just that my nipples are so sensitive and I have been known to cum just from having them played with and I didn't want to cum too soon. I apologized for pushing his hands away. He told me that was fine and that he was glad I did. He said he was horny and didn't want it to end too soon. He also said he hoped I didn't mind the gag in my mouth but I was getting a little too loud with my moans and he thought someone might hear and come and investigate.

I told him no he was right to gag me because it would have been embarrassing if someone heard us and then found us like that. He told me to squeeze both my tits with my hands and play with my nipples to get them hard. He then told me in his sexual experience with women that most large nippled women have very sensitive nipples. I asked him if he had been with many women. He told me a gentleman doesn't kiss and tell. I told him he was the first guy I had been with in over three years, since my divorce from my husband. He told me he could tell by the way I didn't fight him and from how wet I was.

He asked me if he was right about me being an anal virgin. I told him yes that it had always been an exit until his tongue was in it last night. He said he could tell I really liked it when he licked and kissed my ass cheeks and tongued my hole. I blushed and said yes it felt great. As we talked I continued to play with my nipples and by now they were fully erect. He asked me if I had a toy to fuck myself with for him over my webcam. I told him yes and he told me to go get it. I quickly did as he told me. When I got back and sat down at my laptop he told me to fuck my pussy with the toy while I sucked on my nipples. He told me not to cum until he gave me permission.

He said if I ever did something he told me not to or refused to do something he told me to do he would leave and I would never hear from him again. I told him I couldn't promise him that. As soon as I said that he said we were done then. I quickly told him there were somethings I WOULD NOT DO. I was too late he had already signed out of the room. I waited in the room to see if he would come back but he didn't. I waited and waited for an email from him and nothing. I sent him an email begging him to get in touch with me and let me explain.

It was a week before I got another email from him. During those seven days, I stayed at my laptop constantly. I kept it in the kitchen when I fixed something to eat. I took it to the dining room when I sat down to eat. I took it to the bathroom with me. It never left my side. I didn't take a shower for those seven days because I was afraid I would miss his email. I had it open lying on the bed with me. I was asleep but I was awake instantly when I heard the ding saying I had an email. It was from him. He told me he was willing to give me another chance and that I was to log back into the chatroom right now.

By the time I logged into the chatroom he was there. I quickly turned on my webcam and profusely apologized telling him I was sorry and that I would do ANYTHING he told me to do. I begged him please not to leave me. He said he would give me another chance but if I didn't do exactly what he said when he said it and without question it was over. I thanked him over and over again saying I would do ANYTHING he wanted he just had to name it. He then asked me if I had cum since we talked last. I told him no because he hadn't given me permission.

He called me a good girl and said he noticed I was still naked. I told him yes I hadn't left the house or taken a shower or put on clothes since I talked to him seven days ago. I couldn't believe I was acting this way I had lost all my self-respect. I was willing to do anything for a man I didn't know. He told me he wanted me to take a sponge bath and to position my laptop so he could see everything. I went to the bathroom and filled up the sink and started to take a sponge bath like he told me to do.

He was giving me directions on how he wanted me to wash. I had just started to soap up my boobs when my cellphone rang. I asked him if I had permission to answer it. He told me yes but I had two minutes and not a second more. He said he was timing me and if I went over the two minutes he would be gone and for good this time. I promised I wouldn't go over the two minutes. I answered my phone and it was Tim. He said his mom hadn't heard from me in a week and she was getting worried and she wanted to know if I would like to come over and have dinner with the two of them tonight. I told Tim it was nice of him to ask but I was busy and quickly hung up.

When I was done on the phone he asked me who it was. I told him it was a boy from the neighborhood and he wanted to know if I would like to have dinner with him and his mom tonight and I told him I was busy. He asked me how old the boy was. I said he was just that, a boy barely eighteen years old. He asked if I had any interest in this boy and I told him no that I was old enough to be his mother. He told me to call him back and tell him I would join then for dinner. I dared not refuse so I called Tim back and told him I changed my mind and asked what time I should be there. He said his mom was just starting to cook and I had about an hour. I told him I would be over as soon as I showered and dressed and he said it sounded great and he would see me in an hour.

I asked him what I should call him and he told me from now on I was to call him Master. I asked my Master if I had his permission to cum before going to dinner. Master told me no that I was not allowed to cum until after I came back from the dinner. That, he said was my punishing for me saying there were some things I would not do for him. I bowed my head and went back to giving myself a sponge bath. Master told me to be careful I didn't cum while I was washing my pussy because if I did.....

I quickly interrupted my Master and told him I wouldn't. Master told me that since I interrupted him I was now not allowed to cum until I woke up the next morning. I didn't argue all I said was, YES, MASTER. After I finished my sponge bath and got dressed I drove myself over to Beth's house. I rang the doorbell and Tim answered. He showed me to the kitchen telling me Beth was just about to put dinner on the table.

Tim said he hoped I liked spaghetti, salad, and garlic bread. I smiled and said it was one of my favorites. As Tim and I walked into the dining room Beth was just putting the pot of spaghetti on the table. The salad and garlic bread were already on the table. Tim was a gentleman and pulled out my seat for me to sit down then he did the same thing for Beth. Beth remarked how Tim was such a gentleman. I agreed with her and said yes he was.

Tim asked me where I had been all week and that his mom was worried about me. Beth told him it wasn't any of their business where I was or what I had been doing. But Beth then said Tim was right she was worried about me. Again I had to think fast and I told her I guess all that liquor I had at the Halloween party must have taken its toll on me. Then I reminded Beth I wasn't as young as I used to be. Then I added I got caught up on some of my online work for my job. Tim then smiled and told me I wasn't THAT old and I looked GOOD to him. I just blushed and smiled. Beth told Tim I was old enough to be his mother. Tim said maybe he liked older ladies.

I asked Tim how the apartment hunting was going and he said he hadn't found anything yet. But that he was looking. I told him I would keep an eye out and let him know if I knew of anything. He said he'd really appreciate it. I told him it was no problem I was glad to help. Tim told me since he didn't have to work this weekend and with tomorrow being Saturday and he didn't have anything to do he noticed my lawn needed mowing and he said he would come over and mow it for me if that was ok with me. I told him that was fine with me just not to come over until around noon because I liked to sleep in.

He told me that was fine because he had some things he needed to do in the morning. Beth then said she wasn't trying to be nosey but she was wondering if I was seeing anyone since my divorce. I just smiled and blushed and said maybe, but I didn't know if it was going anywhere or not. She wanted to know what he was like. Again I had to think fast and I told her he seemed nice and kind and that we had just been together the one time. Beth started teasing me saying stuff like ohhhh you go girl and stuff like that.

Tim came to my rescue and told Beth to stop prying and maybe I didn't want to jinx it with this new man by talking about him and that I would tell her all about it when and if I was ready. Tim suggested we change the subject and he said he was going to plant some flowers around his mom's house and that he had plenty and he could come over and plant some in my yard if I wanted him to. I told him that sounded like a good idea, maybe spruce it up a little.

He told me he would drop by sometime tomorrow to mow my lawn and plant some flowers. I told him it sounded good to me. Once I got back home Master sent me an email telling me to go to the chat room. Of course, I did what he told me. I logged in and found our room and Master was already waiting for me. He asked how the dinner went. I told him it went fine and I had a good time.

I begged Master to let me cum. I told him I hadn't cum in a week and I needed to so bad. He refused to let me cum. He said for me to think about that the next time I thought about disobeying him. I told him I promised I would never disobey him ever again. He told me he wanted me to tell him everything we talked about at dinner. I told him about Beth asking if I was seeing anyone and I told him what I said. I told him I hoped he wasn't mad. Master told me, of course, he wasn't mad and that maybe sometime in the near future we could tell everyone about us.

I asked him when I would meet him and he told me all in good time. He then told me the sooner I get to bed the sooner I would get up and he would let me cum. He told me he would be in the chatroom at 8 am the next morning and if I wasn't there waiting for him he would make me wait another day before he would let me cum. I know I could have made myself cum without him knowing after we had logged out of the chatroom but for some reason, I thought he would look at me and know I had disobeyed him and I just couldn't take that chance.

I had a fitful sleep that night. I was awake every half hour. It was the longest night of my life. I had set my alarm for 7 am to be sure I was up in plenty of time to be in the chatroom waiting on my Master. I am glad I got to the room early because he showed up at 7:45 am. When he got to the room I told him he was early. He told me he was just keeping me on my toes.

He then told me from now on when I came to the room and before I turned on my webcam I was to be totally naked. He asked if I understood. I told him YES, MASTER I UNDERSTAND. He then asked me why I was dressed. I apologized and quickly undressed. He asked me if I made myself cum after we logged out of the chatroom last night. I told him of course not because he said I wasn't allowed to cum until this morning. He told me I had better never cum until he said I could because I knew what would happen if I did.

He told me I could go and get a toy and bring it back and let him watch me fuck myself until I cum. I told him thank you and ran to get my toy. When I got back he told me to insert it into my pussy and to fuck myself slowly while I sucked on my nipples. I did as he commanded me. I worked the toy in and out of my pussy slowly while I sucked on one nipple then the other. Both my nipples were erect even before I went and got my toy. After I had been fucking my pussy for a few minutes with the toy Master told me I could use both hands on the toy to fuck myself until I came. He said I could fuck myself as fast and as hard as I wanted.

I couldn't believe it I was finally going to get to cum. My hands were just a blur as I fucked my pussy with my toy. Master kept encouraging me telling me he wanted to see me cum. Thru my moans, I told my Master I wished it was him fucking me instead of my toy. He told me he wished he could be there too. I was moaning so loud I was surprised the neighbors didn't hear me and come to see if I was ok. When I had cum and recovered Master told me to lick and suck my toy clean of my juices. Of course, I eagerly obeyed.

Master told me he had to go for now but he would be on again later but I was not to play with myself in any way or make myself cum unless he was watching me on my webcam. I told him YES, I MASTER I UNDERSTAND. After we both logged out of the chatroom I went to the kitchen to fix breakfast. I didn't bother to get dressed since nobody could see into my house thru any of the windows. After I ate breakfast I decided to take a nice hot bubble bath. I must have dozed off in the tub because the next thing I remember is hearing Tim running the lawnmower outside.

I quickly got out of the tub and dried off and got dressed. It was a hot day and for some reason, my A/C had stopped working so I just dressed in a tank top and a pair of Daisy Duke Shorts. I still sweat my butt off even dressed like that. I decided to do some things around the house I had been meaning to do for some time like changing some light bulbs in the main room. Half the bulbs were burnt out in the ceiling fan and had been for a long time I just hadn't gotten around to changing them yet.

My ceilings in my house are very high, about twenty feet. I don't have an upstairs. I was on a ladder trying to change one of the bulbs and I had to stretch even on the ladder. I could barely reach the bulb with my fingertips. Just when I almost had the first bulb out I lost my balance and felt myself falling off the ladder thinking to myself, this is it I was going to break my neck. I felt a pair of strong arms catch me. I leaned back into those strong arms and I could feel a hairy chest on my back and the same cologne from the Halloween party.

When I turned around to look and see who it was I was surprised. Tim was holding me in his arms bare-chested and I could tell he was all sweaty from being outside in the heat mowing. He apologized for just walking into my house but when he knocked I didn't answer. He said it was a good thing he did or I might have gotten hurt bad when I fell off the ladder. He had one hand on my back and the other on my ass. When he realized how he was holding me his face got beet red and he put me down again apologizing. I told him not to worry about it there was no harm done.

Tim told me he could change the light bulbs or any other stuff that needed to be done around the house on the weekends when he wasn't working. I told him I would greatly appreciate it. I asked him if he needed something. He said that he was done mowing and wanted to know where I wanted him to plant the flowers. I told him anywhere accept by the mailbox so I didn't have to worry about the mailman getting stung by bees. He told me he would rather I showed him exactly where I wanted him to plant them. I took him outside and showed him where I wanted them. I told him I would go back inside and make us a big pitcher of homemade lemonade and he said that sounded great.

When I came back with the lemonade and two glasses Tim had the wheelbarrow with all the supplies in it he needed. He had the flowers and the potting soil and the trenching tool to dig with. We both had a big glass of lemonade and then he dropped to his knees and was about to start digging holes to plant the flowers in when he asked me if I would like to help him. He said the work would go a lot faster if I helped him.

I told him sure why not I had no problem getting dirty. We had been planting flowers for about a half-hour when Tim told me my back was getting awfully red and asked if I had put sunscreen on before I came outside. I told him no and he said he had some in the wheelbarrow and he could put some on my back for me if I wanted. I told him sure because I burn very easily.

I could hear Tim squirt some sunscreen in his hand and then feel him begin to rub it on my back. It felt so good. He wasn't just rubbing it in. He was massaging it in, rubbing my shoulders and the back of my neck. He really knew what he was doing. I leaned back into him so my back was against his bare hairy chest again. I don't know what I was thinking but it felt so good what he was doing that I reached back and took his hands in mine and brought them around in front of me and placed them on my boobs and squeezed his hands in mine causing him to squeeze my boobs.

I then maneuvered Tim's hands under my tank top so his hands were touching my bare skin. He seemed to know what I wanted and he squeezed my boobs and began playing with my erect nipples. I then leaned my head back so my cheek was touching his and whispered I wanted him to fuck me just like he did at the Halloween party.

All of a sudden I snapped out of the fantasy I was in and jumped up and spun around and since both our hands had been inside my tank top it had stretched the fabric and when I spun around the tank top slipped down to my waist and Tim got an eyeful of my naked boobs. My face must have been beet red because it was so hot. I had never been so embarrassed in my life. I kept apologizing to Tim for what I had done. He just sat there staring as I ran into the house.

When I got into the house I was shaking so bad I had to sit down before I fell down. For a split second, the way Tim touched me reminded me of the guy from the party. But then I told myself I was crazy. Before I had a chance to think any more about Tim I heard my computer telling me I had an email. I went over and checked and it was from my Master. Before I opened the last email I saw that he had sent me one every two minutes for the last fifteen minutes so I knew Tim and my Master couldn't have been the same person since I was with Tim at the time the emails were sent.

I gave a big sigh of relief when I realized it couldn't have been Tim that I had been with at the party. I quickly opened the last email and apologized to Master for not responding sooner. I told him about trying to change a light bulb in my ceiling fan and about Tim catching me when I fell off the ladder and then about going out and helping him plant flowers around my house but that's ALL I told him. I figured there was no way he could know about the other stuff. Master sent back a response telling me he would have to thank the young man when they met for catching me. He said if it weren't for him I could have broken something or worse.

It was about two pm by this time and Master told me to log into the chatroom. Of course, I quickly did as he told me. But first I made sure I undressed and turned my webcam on. When I logged into the room I got a wonderful surprise. Master's screen wasn't just a black box. His cock was in the box and he was slowly stroking it. My eyes got big as soon as I saw it. I could tell it was big from when he fucked my pussy and shoved it down my throat at the party. As I looked at it now it must have been a foot long. Master couldn't even get his fingers around it it was so thick.

I couldn't believe that monster had fit in my pussy and down my throat. Master told me we were going to masturbate together on our webcams. He said we could only use our hands and I could not touch my nipples. He told me the object was to see who could cum the fastest. Master told me we would begin on the count of three. He said one, two, three, GO! I didn't know if I should let him win or not. I decided to let him win because I didn't know how he would react if I won.

When he shot his load I could tell that it hit the webcam lens. I came about two seconds after him. Master told me he wished he was there to clean me up. He then told me to lick my fingers clean for him which I gladly did. I then asked him when I was going to get to meet him and find out who he was. He again told me to be patient. I told him I didn't know how long I could go without feeling his touch again. I told him I dream about the night of the party every time I go to sleep. Again he told me to be patient.

Master asked me if I had enjoyed cumming with him over the webcam just now. I told him yes that it was great. He told me he was glad to hear that because it would be a week, 7 days before I got to cum again. I literally gasped and asked him why. I asked him if I had done something wrong or disobeyed him in some way. Master told me no that I had been a perfect little SHE-DEVIL. He said he didn't want me cumming for a week because he wanted me good and horny when he fucked me again a week from today. I asked Master if that meant I would find out who he was a week from today.

He said he hadn't decided yet. He told me a week from today would be Saturday and he would be here sometime before midnight that night. Master told me when I woke up Saturday morning I was to take a nice long hot bubble bath, shave my pussy, and not to get dressed.


He said no if anyone came to visit I was to answer the door as naked as the day I was born. I thought to myself he has to be joking this time. I told Master he must be kidding. Master asked me if I was questioning his orders. I told him, no but Tim didn't work on the weekends and he might come over and see if I had anything that needed to be done around the house I couldn't answer the door in my birthday suit to an 18-year-old boy.

Master didn't respond. He just logged out of the chatroom and was gone. I couldn't believe what I had just said. My God, what was I thinking?
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