After the seminar
You have been in my thoughts many times. I have fantasies about you. Fantasies about what I want to do with you. I often see you for my eyes. I see you on the street, at the grocery store or at a café. Actually, I see you a lot of inconvenient places, because my thoughts often results in a big bulge in my pants.

Then the other day this happened, you might remember it.

I had been to a large seminar during the day. I didn't know any of the others beforehand, but a few of the ones I met during the day, decided to go to a nearby restaurant after. We had reserved a table, but something had gone wrong with the reservation. The waiters apologized and offered us, some wine for free of our choice, if we would share a table with another group. We accepted the deal and sat at the table.
The other company had not arrived yet.

The waiters come and give us the wine menu and ask, if there is anything we wants.
You have been in my head all day, so I reply immediately: "Do you have Zoe?"
The others turn to me and look at me, as I have just fallen down from another planet.
I stutter: "Ehm, I mean. Ehm zoeda, ehm not but... Ehm like soda. You know some sparkling wine." "It would be very refreshing before dinner," I continue with a nervous grin.

We sit and talk a bit about the convention. Suddenly it happens!

You enter the door. I see you immediately. My heart beat faster. I get numb in the middle of a sentence. I can only see you, everything around me doesn't exist. I have no idea what my new "friends" thinks or do. And I absolutely don't care. I have no clue what they are talking about.

You look like the wildest and most beautiful dream I can ever imagine. You wear a white silk shirt with long sleeves; I can vaguely see a dark lace bra. The shirt is unbuttoned a bit. I catch a glimpse of your cleavage. A black skirt that end just above your knees. Black silk stockings and a pair of black stilettoes. Your hair is perfect, just as I remember, from when I saw you on cam. Your skirt fits your amazing body perfectly, which I distinctly see when you turn around.

I am suddenly nervous, at the thought of what to do, if you recognize me, until I remember that you have never seen me.
You get closer together with your friends. Now it dawns upon me, that you and your friends are the other company. When you get closer, I see that you have a black, pretty discreet collar. It fits nicely with the rest of your attire and only looks like a nice necklace. It tickles me further, beside your presence.
We all greet each other. All the others are blurred and their voices infinitely far away. Whereas you rays and are in sharp focus, and your voice is wonderful clear. We agree that we might as well mix our two companies.
You ask if there is an available seat in front of me, and I almost cry out: "Yes!!! Be seated, please."
You are enchanting.

I have forgotten all about everyone else around us. I stare into your endearing and enchanting eyes. You look at me and smile one of your wonderful smiles that warm and melt me.

Without thinking about it, I pour up some champagne in your glass. We talk about what we have done during the day, the week's events and all sorts of things that for me are completely unimportant now. I watch you intensive. My desire for you must be written with giant luminous letters on my forehead.

We toast, and I am watching you closely. I cannot take my eyes off your incredibly sensual lips that almost caress the glass.

The food is served.

I watch every detail of you. When your fingers holding the stem of the glass. When your hand lifts the fork to your mouth, how your mouth open and your lips close in on the piece on the fork. And I see the fork slowly slip out of your mouth again.

I feel hot. I do not really feel comfortable in a suit, shirt and tie. It's not just the heat that bothers me. I have a growing bulge in my pants, and I find it hard to sit still. I am glad that I have the napkin in my lap to hide my condition. Despite the fact that I only have had half a glass of wine, then everything is spinning around in my head. Yes, the blood almost rushes through the body.
A great feeling!

Suddenly I feel your feet on the way up my leg. It gives me a start and I nearly choke on my food. You have of course noticed it and chuckles while you smile at me. I can't possibly sit still. You just laugh while your foot runs up between my legs. Then I press hard around your foot, so it is stuck. It's my turn to laugh. I loosen my grip and you continue your play.
I have to get up and take off my jacket, but then I will reveal my huge erection. The heat becomes unbearable. I get up and see your eyes glide over my body and stop at the bulge in my pants. You smile again and nods controlled.

"Cheers," you say and introduce yourself by name.
A thousand thoughts run through my overheated brain. I have only seen you on cam, and you have told me your real name, but you have never seen me and only know my profile name. Should I reveal who I am?
"Cheers! My name is Bandan."
Now it's my turn to laugh again. You look like a big question mark. And you don't finish your toast. However, some seconds later you toast and take a swig of the champagne. You stutter that it was something of a surprise. And now it's my turn to let my one shoe sliding up and down your leg. You have some more color in your face now.

I'm so horny now. In the break between the main course and the dessert, I ask you to forgive me and I rise, and do not think any more about what people can see.
When I am moving away from the room, I hear a couple of stilettos approaching me. I dare not hope that they belong to you. I go directly towards the toilets.
In the moment I open the door you squeeze past me. The door closes behind us.
My body trembles.

You stand in front of me. You, who have been in my dreams and you, that the last few hours almost have tortured me.

I immediately put my arms around you, keep one hand behind your head and we meet in an intense and passionate kiss. Our tongues find each other within few seconds. I hold you tight and push you towards one of the toilet stalls, open the door, shove you in and close the door behind us.

I'm about to burst. I quickly take off the tie and shirt. You have already unzipped my pants. My right hand slides over your back, down to your lovely ass. You rub my cock through the fabric. My other hand lifts up your skirt and slips in between your thighs and is approaching your pussy.
You pull my throbbing cock out and have a firm grip on it. Your fingers are rubbing over my very sensitive head. There are already drops of precum that oozes out of my cock and you begin to rub your hand up and down.
I caress your pussy through the thin fabric of your panties. I pull the skirt up over your beautiful buttocks and pull your panties down. You get them quickly kicked off completely. My fingers find your pussy. I spread your labia and feels that you are wet. The fingers slide in between the lips and move up and, up to your clit which I massage. We kiss each other wildly.

I want you! But I will not miss the taste you.

I free you completely from your skirt.
It is a beautiful sight. Your beautiful breasts surrounded by a black lace bra. I do not have time to enjoy the sight for long. I loosen the bra and remove it. My hands immediately squeeze your breasts and fingers caress your nipples. I pinch them hard.
I kiss down along your neck, across the chest and down to your gorgeous breasts. I both kiss and lick closer and closer to your nipples. My lips press around your left nipple and sucking it into my mouth, while the tongue slides over it. I repeat it with the right. Then back to the other again and so on for a while. I bite your nipples softly.

I press you down on the toilet seat and pull you forward to the edge.
I kick off my pants and squat down between your legs. My hands continue to caress your breasts, while I kiss down over your belly, across mons Venus, around your pussy and down the thighs. Once again getting nearer your pussy.

My lips kiss your labia followed by my tongue pushing in between your lips and slide up to your clit. My hand moves down and pull the skin back, so your little pink bud is exposed for me. I lick it and suck it into my mouth while the tip of my tongue plays over it.
Once again my tongue slips into your slit as I spread your lips with your fingers. I lick your opening and taste your juices that almost run out of your pussy. You taste great. The sight, the smell and the taste of you make me even more horny, if it is possible to be more horny at all.

I must have you now!

I grab my cock, slap your clit a few times with it, rub it between your lips and press it into your warm and wet pussy.
I thrust slowly at first, but go deeper and deeper inside you for each thrust. Then I increase the pace.
Short and fast thrusts.
I massage your clit with my thumb. Your pussy begins to tighten in small wrench, and I know that you are close to orgasm.

I pull out of you. Drag you up, turn you around and push your upper body forward so your pretty ass is facing me. I give it some hard smack.
My cock quickly finds your pussy, which I fuck in a fierce pace. I take hold of your collar and forcing your head backwards while the other squeezes your breast hard. For each thrust my cock goes all the way down inside you and my balls hit your clit. We quickly find a joint rhythm.
I'm so close to cum and when I feel that your pussy get small contractions again, then I pull out again.

I push you aside; sit down on the toilet seat. You quickly sit astride and lower you down over my cock and start to ride me.
I have my arms around you and kiss you intensely. I lean back, so I can see your face and your amazing breasts that I caress, kiss and lick.
You have increased the pace. We are both very close to cum.

I feel that every muscle in your body tightens and you lower yourself down heavily on my throbbing cock, I come in large splashes of hot cum deep inside your pussy, which in rhythmic movements is milking me ...

How the rest of the evening proceeds, we can only think of. But it is certain, that I haven't had enough of you;-).
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