Afternoon Delight
It was probably the tone of your voice or when you pointed out that I would be in your area when I was telling you about my afternoon, perhaps both, but after I finished talking with you I just knew I had to stop by to see you. The intent was more than to just stop by to say hi for some polite conversation.

When I walked in the door you had a surprised look on your face, but that quickly changed to more serious intent look as you sized me up. Looking me over, a hungry look that wasn't going to sated with food. I approach and you slyly, slowly back up knowing I would catch you. You can't escape my grasp as I seize a hold of your hips and pull your body towards mine. We press our lips against one another, pushing hard against one another, our lips and bodies together, with our tongues exchanging darting glances into the others mouth. I feel my hardness grow caused by all of the passion exuding from you. I push you towards the kitchen counter, pinning you there. You reach down and rub my growing hard cock through my pants. We can longer resist, knowing time is short and desires need quenched quickly, we quickly drop the barriers between us. There is no time for foreplay today, just hot passionate sex. You turn and present me your soft smooth ass, I reach between your legs and spread your burning pussy lips and feel your juices that have already begun to flow. I bring the head of my cock to your entrance and slid it in. Ahh, that feeling when it first enters you, that long stroke that buries deep into you, I pound you hard from behind, seeing the pleasure in your eyes, hearing the squeals of delight purr from your mouth. Such pleasure grabbing your hips and pulling you towards me as I drive forward into you.

Then its into the bedroom, climbing on top of you. Your ankles onto my shoulders as I slid my hardness into you again. The feeling of my cock sliding in and out of you, the view of your soft smooth body beneath mine. The sight of my cock as it drives in and out of your pussy, causes me to increase my rhythm. I can feel the head touch you deep inside, the look in eyes, the purrs you continue to emit letting me know how much you are enjoying this as well. The blinds are open, but who care, we can't resist feeling each others pleasure, the daylight only allows me to see your beautiful body all the more driving my passion on.

I tire and take a break along side of you, but the rest is short. Side by side, you snuggle your ass up against me, raising your leg, telling me it's time to enter again. As I enter you, I reach around to your pearl of pleasure near your entrance. I rub it slowly while I slowly thrust in and out of you. You feel so good, a feeling that cannot be matched.

Then it's back on top of you. Entering you hard, driving deep. Pounding my rigid member into you, increasing the tempo, sweat gathers on my body. You squeeze my nipples, knowing this increases my sensitivity. Then it begins to well up deep inside my hips, I drive deep feeling my cum shoot hard, it squirts, then I pump, another squirt and another hard pump. It drains slowly until all of it shared with you.

Time is short, I have to get back to work and you have to greet your children at the bus stop, but we will both be doing those things with a bigger smile on our faces.
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