Afternoon Distraction
just taking a break from working... tossed the glasses across my great grandfather's big oak desk and I leaned back in his creaky antique chair. Staring at programming issues all morning and into the afternoon without much of a break typically leaves me with a headache.

I heard you knock lightly on the door trim and you come in with iced tea and a stunning smile. You place the tea on my desk then lean over my chair and kiss me like you haven't seen me in weeks. Your kisses still thrill me... and make me forget the frustration...

You asked me how things were going.... clearly not very well... I drained the iced tea - perfectly needed - and you stood up and took my hand. "Baby, you need a distraction. Fuck me now."

you led me into the bedroom where you spun me around and pulled me into your arms....and your kiss. our tongues danced and explored as our hands pushed fabric in every direction to get to our desired state. Just needing to be one quickly....

You pull away just enough to tell me to lie on my back..... pulling my legs up to your shoulders and your cock sinks into my tight cunt. as you press in balls deep, you feel me squeezing you tight, and I feel your hands wrapped around my thighs to pull me deeper onto you.

I cum as you're deep inside me...."That's it baby, keep cumming..." "sweet jesus.... god, I ... I.... ahhhh!" you pull out of me and flip me over on the edge of the bed. you spread my ass and dip your soaking wet cock into my ass. pressing... then popping through my ring so you can sink in deep. you let me relax a minute... I feel your hands pressing from my hips up my back.... rubbing that soft spot on my back to relax me, then you spank me so I clench tight on you.

Fuck sir.... that's amazing.... you feel me release you so you can slide in and out more comfortably. "oh...oh god... yes...." your hands grip my hips and you thrust in deep. spanking me again... "Cum again baby... I am close, I'm going to cum in you...cum with me..." "ahhhhh! yes!!" I clench around you tight. I feel you pulsing and cumming in me....

you slide me up into the bed....and snuggle in behind me, wrapping your arms around me. "Baby, you need rest... that was a very very good fuck...."
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