Afternoon switch
To set the scene didn't take much as there wasn't that much to do. All you needed was a pillow for the head.

Let me explain.

It was a lazy afternoon and nothing to do,
So I turned on some porn just for the fun of it. These days as I scroll through all the people on the sites I have been visiting, the same faces seem to be doing the same things.

So having found something that I had actually saved from a few years back I sat on the bed to start to watch.

It didn't take long to open the new lube and started to feel a cool dribble run down the length of my shaft and onto my sack and then into my crack.

Think I might have put a bit much on but it soon didn't matter as I started to stroke to the images that were coming up on the screen.

The lube was now quite warm now that it was being spread up and down my growing shaft. I had started to mimic what was being shown and had unconsciously was keeping in time with the strokes on the screen.

On the bed I was enjoying myself so much I hadn't noticed the door open and the pair of eyes watching me through the hinge of the door.

I could just make out her shape and started to make out what she was doing through this little space of the now open door.
As I stroked I could see she was touching herself to the same rhythm that I had taken up from the video.
So I grabbed my scrotum in one hand and squeezed them tight and motioned for her to come and join me.
It didn't take much to convince her.

Although she was now kneeling at my lap I continued to stroke my shaft even faster and harder. And although she was willing to take over and finish the job for me I held her head back and off me.

Telling her to spit on me I still held her head back shaking my head 'NO'
Her hands then fell to her lap and she started to feel her wetness again.

This drove my blood even more to my member.

She had sat on her heels, opening up her wet scented love tunnel. This made it easier for her to lean forward, closer and closer to the now pulsing member that I was still stroking, giving it long drawn out tugs at a rapid speed that had overtaken the video I was watching.

I watched as her head started to lean back and her eyes were going to roll back, putting her into orgasmic pleasure.

She was going to go by her own hands so I didn't want to stop her from this enjoyment.

The only thing I said was "together" and she nodded.

As her eyes rolled right back and her body started to shake and not knowing if it was pleasure or pain but gambling it was a pleasure as her head came forward and her hands were grabbing the floor, this was the time.

Seeing this orgasmic act being done in front of me sent me over the top as well,
There was no going back.

I had dropped the pad with the porn on it and was now totally endorsed on my pulsing huge cock that was going to blow any minute now.

She looked at it and was going to put her lips around it, or try to.

She didn't get a chance as I started to spew a stream of hot man juice over her face, and then another and another.
Her face and hair were covered and now it was dripping down her open blouse onto her breasts.

The first stream was still dripping as I unload another shot into her eager mouth that was now trying to catch some of my jizz.

She took a mouthful still, I started to wonder where all this was coming from but rendered that I had not let go for so long I was full. Now I was empty.

"Thank you" was all I could say.
"No, thank you uncle," she said softly.
"Sweetie I'm not your uncle, you know that, right?" I told her.
"I know but it seems like I have known you all my life and I love you." She admitted
"I would love to fuck you, she said bluntly.

" I know, so would I now your marriage is failed"
"We will see"
The last words spoken

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