Against her Will
There was something about him. His gentleness, his attentiveness to her every need in the bedroom. His ability to listen to her, and hear everything she said. It made her want to please him. To make him happy. Especially when it came to sex. But this was different. This time was not something she was willing to do...but....

"Wear the silk nightgown for me,.....the white one", he said.
"Okay my love, she said....'that's one of my favorites too"..
She left him and went into the bedroom, to emerge several minutes later wearing a most lovely, soft white silk charmeuse floor length nightgown. It whispered quietly as she approached him, sitting next to him on the couch.
"Is this what you wanted, love?", she asked. .
"Oh, yes girl. . that's it alright". . he replied..
"I'm in the mood for something different tonight", he said.
"Oooh, me too. . . what would you enjoy"?
"I want to watch you iron, and pull myself off while you do.."
She looked puzzled, and then grinned. "That's not very much fun. I don't like to iron. But if you'll make me happy later, I'll do it for you"....she said.
"Please sweetheart", he said, "I have a real fetish for watching you iron"..
"Okay my love,.....what shall I iron for you?"
"That nightgown your wearing..."
"What? No, baby. . .I can't iron's silk. . pure silk...I don't have a pressing cloth or......."
"Can't you improvise? I really need this...I'm really in need an ironing-fix". . . he pleaded..
She frowned for a bit, then, standing up, she began to walk to the bedroom again...."Okay sweetie...I'll figure out something. Please set up my ironing board and iron for me?"
He rose and went to the hall closet, and removed the ironing board and iron from their places. He set up the board in front of the couch, placed the iron on the board on its heel, and plugged it in... It was a big Rowenta iron...1800watts..powerful and heavy.
She came out of the bedroom wearing another silk gown, this one also white, but of a creamier color. It too was silk, and softly sighed as she moved to the ironing board. She held the gown she had been wearing in her left hand.
"I'll iron this for you, but I've got to be very careful"...
She spread the long gown over the board, and smoothed it with her hands. Reaching for the iron, she turned the temperature to "Nylon/Rayon/Silk", and picked it up...
He stood now, and stepped out of his jeans and underwear. Peeling off his shirt he stood naked before the ironing board as she gingerly began to move the iron over her gown..
Watching the heavy iron in her hand moving across the delicate material made him hard. He began to slowly stroke himself. .
"You really do enjoy this, don't you", she said as she smoothed the silk with the iron, and watched his cock stiffen.
"Yes. . .I really do. . . and I'd like to feel that silk on me too."
"Well sure darlin'.....just wrap a little around your cock..."
He moved close to the board now, and reached down to take up some of the skirt of the gown, and wrap his erection in it. It felt glorious. He stroked himself, slowly, enjoying the smooth glide of the silky gown on himself, and continued to watch her ironing...
"I'm getting horny watching you play with yourself...I want to help you..."
"Okay then. . ." he said...and moved closer still, until his cock was over the board. She reached out with her free hand and grasped his hardness in the silk. . "Oooh you feel so nice and hard....", she said, as she began to stroke him . . .
"Let me help you", he said, and reached out to place his hand over hers on the iron.
"This is kind of erotic,...somehow", she said. "But be careful not to come on the'll stain it. I think this is washable silk, but I'm not sure"...
"What did this gown cost?" he queried. "I'll buy you another if I stain it". .
"It wasn't too expensive...I think about $87.00", she said..
"Okay then. it's a deal. A new gown if I stain it", he said. .
"Wow. . .sexy and generous too", she said.
She continued to move the iron over the silk, and slowly stroke his silk-encased cock. . .
"Now what baby", she whispered..."You've got to be getting close,"....
"Now this", he said, and with his hand holding hers and the iron, he moved his thumb to the temperature dial, and began to turn it up.
"NO, baby", she said.."You mustn't turn it'll scorch!"
" I want to feel more heat from the feels so good near my cock..."
"You've got to be careful, baby, it's silk, remember.."
"I know", he whispered...and moved the dial up to the 'Cotton' setting. .
"Jesus, sweetheart...that's too hot! She exclaimed...but made no move to lift the iron or stop moving either busy hand. .
"I know... I know", he nearly panted, hearing the iron softly tic as it began to heat...
She kept moving the iron over the white silk, now stroking his cock a little faster, in the hope he might climax, and she could remove the iron from her gown. . but he reached out and slowed her hand....
"Look at me love", he said. She raised her eyes from the ironing, and at the same time put the iron up on its heel.
"It's not just the ironing that turns me on baby. I've got a deeper lust. The mere idea of you wearing silk, and ironing silk makes me hard. I've dreamed of this... this, right now...for a long, long time. I don't know why. It just is. And that's not all. I want to watch the gown burn. I need to smell the scorching silk, and see the material burn under the iron. That may be nuts to you, but it happens to be my fetish. I love making love to you, in the "normal" sense. Your body is wonderful. I love the way you react to my touch, to my mouth, and how you come so hard for me....but this is a different sensation for me. Altogether different than just sex. It taps into something deep inside my head. SO erotic to me.."
She stood there, transfixed. Her left hand still grasping him in the dress of the gown, the right holding the iron on it's heel. She looked down, thinking, working something in her head. Then he noticed her right hand. She was thumbing the temperature dial....down. She turned it back to it's "low" setting, and picked up the nightgown from the board and walked into the bedroom.
Well, shit, he thought. Another woman who wouldn't understand his fixation with ironing. But he though he had read her differently. Thought she was the one to be more open minded about it... He turned to get dressed....
"What are you doing?" she said from the bedroom doorway..
She stood there, wearing yet another delicious nightgown. Again floor length. Sky blue. It had a bit of lace at the bodice, and whispy three quarter sleeves. It looked almost antique..the silk looked like liquid, the way it draped her lovely curves. . .
"Come here", she said. "Just so you know, this is entirely against my will"..... He once again sidled up next to the ironing board, his now relaxed cock touching the was still warm. . .
She slowly began to remove the gown. First from each shoulder, and then down to her waist, then stepping out of it. She gently lay the soft silk on the ironing board.
"Give me your hand" she said. He did so, and she placed it on the iron's grip. "Go ahead", she said.
"Wha..." he stammered. .
"Turn it to the temperature you want", she said. She had nearly whispered this. Her voice was different. Not angry. Not resigned. Different..
He began to move the temperature dial. As he did, she reached down and wrapped his cock in some of the silk. He couldn't believe how this silk felt. He swore it felt smoother and softer than the gown before. . He had moved the dial all the way up to it's highest setting..
"Good, baby" she cooed. "Now let it get good and hot.."
"This gown is very expensive. The silk is of the highest quality, and the lace is hand done. I adore this nightgown. Does your offer still stand?"
My God, she had him. She had figured it out in those few seconds before. The expense of the silk. And she loved the gown.
"Yes...yes of course it does", he managed to get out..
"Mmmmm. . . well then....", she said, and reached out for the iron. She wrapped her hand around his that held the now very hot iron,picked up and held the iron over the nightgown, very near the hand that held him in her silken grip... she began once again to slide the silk of the gown over his once again rigid cock. .
"Let's burn my nightgown, baby. I want to see it burn too...I want to smell it burning..." and she slowly lowered the hot soleplate into the silken folds of the gown, underneath her other hand....
At once, smoke issued from around the edge of the soleplate, as she pressed the iron into the silk. She held it there. Watching the smoke begin to rise around the iron..
He was on the precipice of climax. The acrid smell of the burning silk began to fill their nostrils. . ."You want to see how it's burning baby?", she cooed. .
All he could do was nod. . .as she moved the iron back from its nest in the folds of the gown, a dark brown burn-mark in the image of the soleplate was revealed..the gown now hopelessly ruined...a thick ribbon of smoke from the burn mark rose into the air, as the virgin silk behind the iron began to burn anew...she kept moving the too hot soleplate slowly over the silk, now enjoying the sight of the lovely sky blue silk succumbing to the burning hot metal, turning a dark brown... He came. jetting semen into the silk that encased him. His eyes glued to the scene before him, his fantasy realized..his beautiful woman burning her silk gown in front of him. . .it felt like he came for five full minutes. . .
She raised the iron from the now utterly destroyed gown, and set it on its heel, turning it off. She picked up some of the still hot and scorched silk, and began to clean up the come from him that was smeared all over his still hard cock..the feel of the hot silk nearly made him spurt anew. .
" you like hot silk against you too, huh? I will just have to remember that. The next time.
(The NEXT time, she said! )
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