Ah!...that elevator thing...
No sooner did the elevator start up to the 27th floor, when it come to a surprizingly, jolting hault on the 2nd floor. I was the only one on what I hoped would be a private ride. The doors opened to each side and I almost burst out with laughter. Oh...NO...this is going to be one of those days. The girl waiting to go up was extremely slender. I couldn't even tell if under that loose t-shirt there were any tits. No matter, her face was a subtle shade of Mona Lisa, without the highway blues, and Lauren Bacall, right after the line "You just put your lips together and blow". Her mouth was the spitting image of Angelina Joli.

I couldn't take my eyes off this creature of ecstatic wonderment. I have always wanted to live out that fantasy where you get trapped in an elevator with a gorgeous woman, she throws you down on the floor and fucks your brains into mush. Then you go off to work. That's just, too, idiotically cliche...

I have always wanted to meet an extremely petite, slender girl, tits or no tits, where her body is that perfect V shape from her shoulders down past her hips, no butt, just a great little package of cheeks (arched up to invite rear entry) that make you salivate and sharpen your teeth. Don't get me wrong, I've loved women of all sizes, and enjoyed most of them. However, since Navy SEAL training, I've always been in shape and I tend to be of the opinion that everyone should be. To this day I can still do 50 one arm push ups, each arm, two hundred sit ups and run ten miles. But then so could Jack Palance. It's just that something went wrong with my sex life and I can't get it together.

I was staring at her so intensely she broke into an outrageous laugh, then simply said, "WHAT!..." I couldn't be more honest, "I just can't take my eyes off you...please, don't think I'm trying to hit on you..." She kept giggling in a somewhat responsive way..."Have you ever had that fantasy about meeting someone and being so attracted to each other, you couldn't wait to rip each others clothes off and fuck each other into oblivion"? She looked at me, still with a cordial smile, "I don't have fantasies, I just do it. If you want something, just ask, Life's to short to waste time thinking about 'What If.' You're not hitting on someone if your up front and let me demonstrate. 'Say, I couldn't help but notice that your not wearing under wear and that bulge in your pants makes me quiver with the hope that you'll fuck me into next week'". My mind was spinning out of control, could it be that easy. Is that what's been missing in my life...up front honesty???

I was picking my mouth up off the floor, replacing the jaw, when the elevator jerked to a bumpy stop. Since she gave me the key to honesty, I blurted out, "Have dinner with me so we could share more of these ideas." Then she knocked me for a real loop, "Only if you'll fulfill my fantasy."

"I thought you didn't have fantasies..."
"I don't...they always get realized."

That bulge in my pants just grew out of proportion. She slipped her hand down my side and reached to the inside of my thigh, she new exactly how to press and slide my cock from side to side, checking out how firm I had become. "My, my, I think I'm in for a treat to beat. How big are you?"

"I'll let you wonder all day." After exchanging business cards I noticed she held the "door-closed" button. She reached in her pocket and produced a key that locked the doors shut. I leaned forward and she let me fall right into her side. Her long auburn hair swished behind her soulders. She held my cock and squeezed it harder. I felt a little embarrassed at how hard it was getting. I kept repeatig to my self, control you fool, control. She lightly pulled on my neck and our lips melted into an open mouthed competition to see who would be first to lick every crevasse, tooth, palette...we ended with our tongues rolling around and over and under and without hesitation we both sucked on each others tongues like popsickles. She reached down my thigh following the bulge in my jeans right to the wet spot she already knew was there. With her index and middle finger she rolled around the tip of my cock causing that clear liquid to pour out. Then she reached up with her other hand, unbottoned my jeans, stuck both hands in and pulled my cock out to lick the pre cum liquid. I felt her mouth embrace the head of my cock like no one had ever done before. She sucked so hard I felt the liquid draw up from my balls. She couldn't wait to put her mouth back on my lips. I didn't hesitate opening my mouth. Our tongues met and the liquid she sucked out of me poured back and forth, it was so sweet and moist we didn't stop sucking face 'til the only thing left was our saliva.

With her back against the seem of the doors and the palms of her hands resting on the doors and slightly behind her tiny waist, she arched her back and spread her legs just enough to make me wonder for a split second what she was thinking. As if our thoughts weren't already a blend of cum, I unzipped her jeans and started to pull them down. She lifted her left leg, I immediately pulled the cuff and she lifted her leg free giving her the freedom now to spread her legs wide enough for me to get my mouth on her entire crotch. She had no underwear on and when I shifted her jeans to her right side I felt the wettness. I wanted to lick the crotch of her jeans but I knew she had plenty of liquid to fill our mouths again and again. We both kicked our jeans the rest of the way off and I got on my knees. My cock was so hard it was starting to throb. I hadn't felt like this since I was 19 years old. I had an instant flash...Oh my god, if my cock touches her pussy, I'll explode. I was loosing it. Just then her knees buckled ever so slightly. My face was so close to her cunt I felt her pubic hair brush across my lips. Her entire crotch was soaked with that nectar of the Gods and I started pulling the liquid with my teeth through her pubic hairs like a comb. It poured into my open mouth and my body quivered. At the same time her knees gave way a little more. I wanted to eat her so bad I swallowed all her ejaculate and began licking each lip of her pussy. I first licked the left side then the right, slowly starting from way back almost to her anus and licking into her pubus...left, right, left, right...then in a horseshoe curve, I licked from left, up around and above her clitoris and down the right side. Her pusy twitched as if she anticipated me licking her clit. I was waiting for her clit to get hard so I went back around in that horseshoe curve four or five times. She started to gasp, every time I licked up she pushed down. I was being gentle and then realized she wanted it harder. I waited for her body to beg for that tongue. I made one last licking thrust right up between her lips and right onto her clitis. In one motion I sucked her clit completely into my mouth, her lips followed as I reached around grabbing the cheeks of her butt. I had her complete vulva buried in my face, her vagina lips and clit drawn tight as I sucked as hard as I could, releasing and sucking again, over and over. We kept this up for over fifteen minutes enjoying every orgasmic pulse. She fell foward on my shoulders, rolled off onto the floor spinning me around to follow her lead. She threw herself under me and before I could realize what she was doing, she had her legs draped onto my upper arms, her entire butt up off the floor and in one sweeping motion grabbed my cock with both hands. She hesitated for a moment, that smile spread completely from cheek to cheek. She slid her left hand up to grab me a few inch behind the head of my cock, her right hand moved an equal distance further back. She took a firm grip and pulled me into her cunt. The head of my cock went about four inches and stopped. We both looked at how wide my cock is at that point, she dropped her legs to my elbows and spread her knees and in one motion she threw her pelvis forward, yanked my cock as hard as she could and I thrust as ferociously as possible...the widest part of my cock is almost four inches in diameter, but she was so well lubricated I felt my cock ease passed her pelvic bone. I hurt for a split second when it got so tight I thought we reached an impasse, but when she spread her knees using my arms for leverage, and I felt that thrust go passed her cervex and into the uterus, we both started thrusting like there was no tomorrow. As far as I was concerned there didn't have to be a tomorrow, I wanted to be lost in right now.

Thrust after thrust we pounded each other harder and harder...she was so light weight she'd spin around in a doggy position and back to her modified missionary position, then what she waited for was the greatest sex I've ever had. She got me on my back, then, got a pillow from the chair in the corner and placed it under my hips to force my cock as high as it could go. We were facing each other as she mounted me. I couldn't believe how her pussy had stretched out and we could fit so comfortably. She looked down at me and here comes that smile, "Now, let the fun begin." She pressed as hard as she could on my cock and there was still four or five inches to go. She started bouncing up and down, then she pushed with her feet straight up and when she reached the top she fell with all her weight, which wasn't much, straight down on my cock. I felt the head of my cock first float passed her fallopian tubes, that little ball like device felt so tantilizing, and finally, after about thirty of these thrusts she completely buried my cock and it felt like I slammed through her diaphramatic wall. Our pelvic bones met with a crash of thunderous lightning and jubilation. Then she rotated her pelvis round and round, clockwise, counterclockwise...we were panting so heavy when she said just one more thing. She positioned herself on her shoulders with her arms pulling down and spreading her legs into the splits. "Now fuck me like you've never fucked before." It was my turn to use my weight to thrust her into orbit. I mean, I have never fucked anyone so hard before or since. I ripped her hymen further than it had ever been split and my cock was bleeding from behind the head.
There was an open rash two inches long. Neither one of us realized that four hours had gone by,... niether one of us could move. We had stopped counting the orgasms and climaxes. Nothing was left but shere exhausted ecstacy. Good thing this was a holiday.

...and now excuse us while my little filly and I disapear into reality...Lord have mercy!!!

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