Airport Security
'Beep! Beep!' went off the security gate alarm, and rather loudly too.
Angela groaned inwardly. She hated all the attention when that happens. It's as if you'd done something terribly wrong by forgetting to remove a metal object from your person. And she knew that was not the case. Oh all the hype about terrorists and bombs... can a set of earrings really trigger world war?

'Ma'am, please go back through the security gate and place all your jewellery into a basket', a handsome airport security officer told her. He didn't have a sexy voice, but he had an intent look on his face as he stared at her eyes. She thought he looked cute, and despite the situation, she found herself thinking of naughty things she would like him to do to her. She removed first her earrings, then her necklace, then her ring. She imagined removing it just for him. She imagined him forcing her to strip completely naked in front of everyone. She wanted him to. A blush spread over her fair complexion.

'You may walk through now, ma'am', said the cute security officer again, bringing her out of her reverie. A little shaken, she walked through the gate again, when 'Beep! Beep! Beep!'. "Oh what now!?" She found herself cursing to herself. She started thinking of what other metal objects she might have on her. Was it her bra? She found herself feeling the underside of her breasts but found that she was wearing a bra without an underwire. Was it her belly piercing? She was pretty sure she had that removed.. She checked her tummy just to be sure, and yes, it was free of metal.

Then it suddenly hit her. It was her remote control vibrator! She had gotten so used to wearing it, and had in fact enjoyed a few mind-blowing orgasms just moments earlier, but she had completely forgotten to remove it! Or the fact that it was made of metal... And as if she needed a reminder, the vibrator started vibrating, and at a very high speed too! She could hear the buzzing with her own ears! She buckled in shock. But it stopped just as suddenly as it started. And as she was looking around to make sure no one noticed, she saw her bag coming out of the security conveyor belt. Perhaps the radiation from the security machine triggered the remote control for a few seconds. Who knew? She didn't really have the luxury of time to ponder it over.

'Do you have any other metallic objects on your person Ma'am?'. She was scared now. She did not want to humiliate herself by saying that she had a naughty toy within her cunt. Oh what could she do?
'Ma'am, you have to tell us if you have any metal objects on you', he repeated his question, a little stronger this time. She looked at him with wide, puppy dog eyes 'I... I... I don't know...' She responded.

A smirk played across the young man's face. Deep down he knew this innocent girl would not be a security threat, but hey, he had the chance to make the day a little more exciting... and that's what he aimed to do.
'We often find, ma'am, that some buttons of women's blouses are made of metal'. Angela's eyes grew wide. Was he really asking her to remove her blouse? She looked around for a female security officer, for a sense of support. There were a couple, but they were too far away. And they all seemed engrossed in their own security lines. The male security personnel around her were looking at her hungrily, already feasting on her body with their eyes. 'Erm.. I.. I don't want to', she said, sounding as scared as a deer caught in headlights and not in the least bit convincing.
'It's not your choice Ma'am, this is a matter of public security. You will either remove it yourself or we would do it for you'. Overcome with fear, Angela complied. She slowly took off her blouse and placed it on the tray. Was it her imagination or was it really getting a little quieter in the hall? She dared not look behind her to see the faces of the people standing in the queue behind her. She felt embarrassed, but strangely, a little turned on.

Walking through the gate she felt rather than heard the gate beep again. She knew it would beep. How could she not? The security officer was trying to stifle a grin. She could hear a murmur of voices in the rows next to hers. 'It could be the clasp of your skirt Ma'am', she gulped when she heard what came next, 'You will have to remove your skirt and place it on the tray'. She walked back to the other side of the gate with her head hung low. When will this all end? And why was that strange tingling within her pussy getting stronger? She removed her skirt and placed it on the tray. She had chosen just this day to wear her special lacy underwear set. She liked to feel special while travelling. The bra was a lacy bra that covered the important bits adequately while the bottom was a risqué thong that left little to the imagination. The front of the thong was transparent down to just over her slit, while the back left her buttocks completely exposed. If anyone looked intently they would see the edges of her pussy lips threatening to slip over the string thong. She realized how indecent she must have looked and immediately moved a hand to cover her crotch.

She didn't want to walk through the gate again. She knew it would go off again. And at the rate this was going she would end up naked in front of all these people. She would be humiliated. But would it not be more humiliating to admit to them that she had a vibrator within her? What would they think of her? She was paralyzed with fear. 'You have to move Ma'am, you can't hold the line like this', the command came like thunder, but she was still terrified... She could not move.

She saw the security officer smile and reach his arm out toward her. When she did not take his hand, he hooked a finger over the middle of her bra and tugged it toward him. She gasped. And she followed. Her bra being pulled out in front of her breasts threatened to expose her nipples. She ran forward to keep up with the speed her bra was being tugged at. 'Beep! Beep!' The sound came as a shock to her; so focused was she on making sure her nipples didn't show that she had not braced herself for the security alarm. In the briefest moment that she had stopped moving, the hand tugging her bra had not, and so the bra snapped and came completely off of her! A few gasps could be heard from the crowd, as well as a few wolf-whistles.

It took her a couple of seconds to realize her breasts were now completely unfettered, and when she did, she clamped her arm across her chest. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out of it. She wanted to tell them what the cause of the alarm was, but the words did not take form.

'In the name of airport security Ma'am, I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to remove your last piece of clothing.' She stared at the floor, not daring to look into his face. Her face was blushing a crimson red, and the blush was spreading through the rest of her body. She was trembling all over. Partly due to fear and partly due to being immensely turned on by the situation. She was being humiliated and turned on at the same time. She could not explain it.

'Ma'am?' The voice, though questioning, was stern. She simply shook her head. She could not walk back through that gate again in what she was wearing. It somehow felt like she would be more exposed on the other side of the gate. 'Then I would have to do this', the security officer reached for both sides of her thong to pull it down. She refused to let go of her last shred of dignity though, holding onto the front of her thong with her one hand with a death grip. The security officer signalled his 2 burly colleagues with a tilt of the head, and they were behind her in an instant. They grabbed not just the hand holding her thong, but her other hand as well, pulling both behind her back. Her beautiful C-sized boobs that she is normally so proud of, bounced as she struggled with her captors, as her thong was lowered down painfully slowly down her long legs. She was now completely naked, in full view of everyone in the airport. Activity in the hall was at a complete standstill. No one uttered a word.

A hand-held metal detector was passed over her body. She did not know who was passing it, nor did she care. Her pussy was on fire from all the humiliation. Her pussy lips were puffed and engorged.

The beeping from the handheld metal detector was much softer than that of the security gate, but it echoed through the quiet room. Everyone was shuffling to get a better view, trying to figure out what else she could be concealing. She turned her head to the side and looked downwards. Her breathing had turn rapid. She was getting close to an orgasm.

'I'm going to examine your vagina Ma'am', said the officer, but he might as well have spoken to a brick wall. Angela was not listening. Lust had taken over. A strong desire to have an orgasm.
The snapping of the gloves only served to heighten her anticipation. A stranger was going to place his fingers inside her pussy in front of hundreds of people. She was extremely aroused.

As soon as the fingers entered her pussy she climaxed, clenching down on them. She had a rather big one, and came buckets. It was from all the arousal from earlier. She enjoyed being humiliated. It was one huge foreplay to her. The fingers reached in and removed the vibrator from within her, and quite suddenly she felt very embarrassed once again. She had just shared a very private act in front of all these people. And now they all knew she had a vibrator inside her pussy the whole time. What a slut they must think she was...

She felt a smack on her ass and jumped. 'Off you go hun', said a feminine voice. Shocked, she turned towards the voice, it was a beautiful girl named Amy, from what she could see on her name-tag, but a girl! Why did she not take her to the room for a more private check? These matters were insignificant now though, she suddenly realized again that she was completely naked and needed to catch her flight. She took her bag and looked around for her clothes, but could not find them. She looked to the security officers but the male officers were staring stoically back at her. It only served to make her more nervous. The female officer smiled and winked at her, blowing her a kiss. Angela looked away blushing an even deeper red. And it was a good thing she did not notice the hungry looks in the eyes of all the other passengers waiting to be screened.

A serious-looking burly security officer handed her what seemed like an examination gown. It was blue in colour and felt like paper. She quickly wore it and to her horror found that it did not close completely at the back. She struggled to tie the knot behind her. None offered to help as they were quite busy admiring her sexy backside. When she finally tied it she used one hand to try to keep the gown closed behind her as she carried her bag in her other hand. It was going to be a long flight....
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