All Good Things Come To Those........
Hanging out with Josh is relaxing. Today we decided to picnic and I am now completely sated with delicious food and his beautiful voice. He has his head ducked down and he is plucking out a newly popular tune. His father's ranch pond is hidden off to the left of their home. It is surrounded by lush trees and wild flowers. The ranch is vast and I haven't a clue how big. Josh has been frustrated with me for the past several years because I refuse to ride a horse, so our visits together have limited activities here. My parents live on the ranch and I am here off and on when I am not in school. My dad is Mr. Stone's book keeper and my mom runs the household. Mr. Stone was kind enough to offer a full paid education to the Jones' only child. Well here I am on one of my last summer vacations on the ranch before taking off to University.

I turned eighteen just yesterday and I decided on what I want to do this summer. I am going to finally get on a horse. But I don't want Josh teaching me. It just doesn't feel right asking again. He is my best friend and I need tough love to get through this task. He attempted once when I was twelve and I fell on my first ride. This is why I haven't rode. I have been exceedingly skittish ever since.

I stood and clapped to Josh's newest addition and kissed his head. "I have to go find dad, I will see you later this evening at dinner."

"Alright, Mandy." He stood and carefully put away his guitar. He stretched his lean body and gave me a wicked grin. "Got a date with Candy tonight, I kinda think this is the night, Mandy. I am going for it." He started posing and flexing.

Although he is a very beautiful specimen, he also knew it. Which takes away the allure. Candy is shallow and just the female version of him worries. I giggle and shake my head. "You are incorrigible, Josh."

Mr. Stone was watching me and smiling broadly as I approached him and my father, talking shop out by the stables.
My legs weaken at his smile and I slow as I approach. He is an older version of Josh but quiet and mysterious. He hardly ever speaks except when necessary. My father turns to see what has Mr. Stones attention and also smiled. "There's my girl. Your Mother has been looking for you sweetie. Seems she wanted to take you to town with her. But I think one of the maids went along with her. Where have you been?"
"Sorry, dad. Josh had planned a picnic for for my birthday." She smiled. "Seems he won't stop bugging me about riding this summer so I thought perhaps you could show me how." She looked up into his loving face and smiled, hopeful.
Her father's face fell and he tugged her over with his arm on her shoulder. "Sorry, Mandy. I have to head out in an hour, remember? I have to go out of town for a couple of weeks. But when I return, you are priority. Is this ok?"
I kiss his weathered cheek, "Sure, daddy."

My discomfort was growing. Mr. Stones gaze was still on me and unwavering. He hadn't spoke since I walked over. I nod my head at him, "Mr. Stone" then I walked away to find Harry, one of the ranch hands, to teach me to ride.

Several hours later, after striking out on finding a willing instructor, I decided to go skinny dipping in the evening dusk. The fireflies are blinking and the breeze is cooling the air. I strip down to my tiny panties and dip a toe in the pond.

I raise my arms and stretch toward the sky. I lift my head back and let my long brown curls brush my skin and the top of my rear.
It felt so glorious not to wear clothing and let the breeze cool your skin. It feels like a soft caress.

I moan and start running my hands down my waist. My skin is chilled and soft. My nipples pebble up and I pinch them softly and gasp from the pleasure. I go up on my toes and my muscles tense from the bliss of the sensations. My panties are suddenly moist and I guide my right hand down my flat tanned stomach into the white cotton waist of my bikini panties. I caress the top of my bald fluffy lips. The moisture spreads slowly and I dip lower till my middle finger slides in easily.

I freeze when I hear a grunt from the trees. My head whips around and I search the trees with my eyes. The darkening skies make it impossible to see but I hear leaves crackle and a branch snap.
I dive off the dock into the water and swim quickly to the other side of the pond. I climb out and walk the perimeter of the trees to the area where I heard the noise. I don't see anything so I dress quickly and go inside to help mom with dinner.

Mrs. Stone passed three years back and ever since my mom has run the Stone household as if it were her own. Mr. Stone was a stern father to Josh and a hard working man, yet his grief for his loss has put him a state ever since. Mother, being fifteen years older, treats him like a son and is trying to mend him with her caring ways.
He stays in his wing of the estate with no contact what so ever. Early in the morning he works the ranch with his hands. I have watched him perform. He goes shirtless and his lean muscles shine in the morning sun. His hair is much lighter than Josh's, but I suspect it is from the sun. He has dark brown eyes, creased with lines. They add to his features. He is the most beautiful man I have ever seen.

This very visual is what is running through my mind as I peel potatoes in the kitchen beside Martha the cook. She is running off with some crazy gossip or something. She never cared if I listened, just that there was someone helping.

Mom came in from setting the tables and leaned in to kiss me. She took the knife from my hand and pushed me to the door. "Go take your bath Mandy and dress nicer this time for dinner. No sweatpants!" She yells as I shut the kitchen door, rolling my eyes.
On Sunday, dinner is fancier in the Stone household. My family and the Stone's dine at one table and the staff and hands dine at the larger table. The dining area is beautifully set up and everyone chats happily.

I sit on the right side of the table and Josh to the left of me. Although father is absent, Josh and I keep up a lively dialogue while mom and Mr. Stone speak quietly.
I start chewing slowly on my food and almost choke when I hear a quiet soft grunt. That grunt was familiar. I look up at a scowling Mr. Stone.

Our newest maid, Helen, had dropped a cup of hot soup in Mr. Stones lap. He sat back as she attempted to wipe at the stain. He shoved back and mother went into action. "Helen! Leave him be and get back to the kitchen." She followed Helen out and whispered to Mr. Stone, "I am terribly sorry, Sir."

Josh jumped up to get a towel for his father. Mr. Stone stood after everyone left the table but me. He glared at me harshly as I eyed his evident erection pressing the front of his wet slacks. I bit my lip and looked up into his eyes and I see them narrow. His gaze stayed on me as he walked out meeting Josh at the door.

I finish dining with mom and Josh. We leave to freshening up before we meet up for an afternoon game. I make my way up to the second floor to go to my room for a spell. I hear sniffling coming from the library and peek in.

Mr. Stone is comforting Helen after he had verbally disciplined her for the soup incident. He whispers in her ear softly and she smiles shyly.
I feel and undercurrent of tension and I see why right away.

Helen smiles shyly and nods yes to something Mr. Stone says. She bends over the arm of the couch and he raises her skirt over her hips. He rubs over her panty covered center while he whispers in her ear. Her legs spread and he reaches in to grab the crotch of her panties and pulls sharply. She gasps and I look closer to see her glistening with want. He unzips his pants and quietly speaks as he pets her to submission.
He moves up behind her and teases her with an impressive cock. He presses in shallow and her whimper causes him to groan. He shoves into her lusty hole and steadily fucks her with his head thrown back and eyes closed. I continue to watch their joining. His beautiful cock glistening with her juices, so beautiful. I look up to catch him watching me while he clinches up in and pulls out, releasing all over her back. His eyes leave me before he turns to clean them both up.

Mr. Stone comes down to have a evening drink, avoiding eye contact with us all before turning in for the night.

We play cards till nine and then Josh left to go see Candy. I start up the stairs and looked up to see Mr. Stone coming down. When we met up he stops suddenly and he softly grasps my left hand in his large warm one. He whispers deeply, "Come with me." He tugs and I follow slowly behind him.

We go into his office and he shuts and locks the door. His eyes meet mine with a little humor when I back away. His deep baritone voice blankets me. "Have a seat Mandy, I won't bite. I just wanted some companionship this evening. Glass of wine? I won't tell your mother." He pours two glasses of red and we sit before the fire where he reads.

He looks over the rim of his glass and studies me for long minutes. "So, Mandy," He says huskily. "You want to ride before the summers out? I will be your teacher."
I look at him with bemusement. I arch an eyebrow and sit forward in my seat, sipping on my wine.

"You want to teach me? Aren't you a busy man, Mr. Stone?"

"Call me David, Mandy. I have known you for many years."

"But that is what mom and dad call you, it shows respect for your employer."

"Mandy, you don't work for me." He says sternly and takes my glass. Lifting me by hand he raises my chin and smiles down at my uplifted face. He whispers closer to the left near my ear, "Wear a bathing suit from now on, Mandy. Some of my ranch hands haven't been with a woman in years." He stood over me and his fingers let go of my chin and slide down over my the side of my neck softly.

Goosebumps stay with me as I make my way to bed. David had instructed me to meet him at five a.m. to start instruction. It is an hour before he starts work on the ranch. I agreed and we parted.

At five sharp I tug on a light jacket and head out to the stables. David is preparing the horse I am to ride. Without a word a grabs my right hand and palm down we both rub down the horse, softly. He leans in and whispers in my ear. "I think he will do fine with you." His breath leaves my skin and he quickly lifts me to put me in the saddle.

My hand grips hard to hold on. My legs are just to weak to grip this enormous creature. No longer am I nervous about riding, I just want David's hands back on me.

He leads me around for twenty minutes and the lessons get bolder the last forty. He instructs me to relax and occasionally coo and chat with Max, the horse I am riding. He is a wonderful instructor. When the time came for me to dismount, David insisted on helping me down. Our bodies brush as I lower to the ground. My braless breasts peek from desire as I press into his large chest.

David's breath deepens as well as mine. He crushes me to him and his face lowers over mine. His forehead press to mine. His husky timber caresses my cheek, "No, Mandy. You couldn't handle the consequences." His hand drifts up the front of me and he pinches the tip of my right nipple. My legs give and his leg comes up and grinds into me. He pinches harder. I fly apart. My body bows and I push into him gasping for air as an orgasm tears through me. He steadies me and turns to walk away.

The next morning I find Carl, one of the hands, waiting to finish my instruction. He is three years younger than me, but is an accomplished rider. Within three weeks I am trained well enough to start riding with Josh regularly.

After that morning David instructed me he left town to see to one of his other homes. I never saw him before leaving to go back to school.

Although my parents worked for Mr. Stone for three more years, I never returned. Occasionally Josh would come pick me up and we would paint the town, but even that was starting to get sporadic.

I graduate school a large pet veterinarian. I decide to stay where I am familiar and apply to ranches around Texas, where I grew up.

I was due to meet up for some interviews in a few days but wanted to avoid the upcoming wedding, but Josh would never forgive me.

Josh and Candy's wedding is taking place at the Stone Ranch. Although, I have changed in the past five years, I still felt uncomfortable about seeing David again. He may not even recognize me.

I hurry off the plane and meet Harry at the luggage claim. He carries bigger bags and quietly leads me to a large black pickup. The ride to Stone Ranch wasn't long enough for me to prepare, but I can do this.

I am led to my old room when we arrive. My parents are still on a cruise so they won't arrive till the next day. Connie is with her friends at a bachelorette party, which I wanted no part of. I like her but I am more Josh's friend. I refuse to go to bachelor party. I already new strippers were involved.

So, it feels as if I am alone for the night in the vast estate. I change into my silk pajamas and go down to the library to have a brandy and read.

I doze off hours later curling up into the seat. I wake to a soft caress on my cheek.
David's handsome face is eye-level with mine and he is coaxing me awake. He grins broadly. With a husky chuckle he says, "Hey, Mandy, this is some strong brandy, and you almost wiped me out." His beautiful eyes shine with humor. "So I guess I will have gin." He stood and handed me a bottled water. "Hydrate," He says with finality.

He sits in a high back chair and watches me as I waken and straighten up. I sip at the water and sit it on the table. I peek up at him and take him in. He hasn't changed at all. He seems a little thicker in muscle and tanned deeply. His hair is inches longer, making him seem younger.

I brush my hands over my thighs and I fold my arms over my erect nipples that are poking out from the silk top. I feel exposed. His gaze lowers like a scowl. He brushes his thumb across his lower lip and nips at it before he abruptly speaks. "You are stunning, Mandy, even when your sleep rumpled."

He stands and walks over to sit beside me. He kisses my forehead with his warm lush lips. He leans back to nurse his drink and looks me over once more. "Congratulations, Mandy, on your academic achievements. What is your plans now?"

I relax as we chat about what I went through, where I have traveled, my parents retirement, and about the ranch. He said he has downsized and is preparing to pass on the ranch to Josh. He wants to move to a vineyard he has in California. He has a manager to work it, he just wants to live out the rest of his years in relaxation. He said he started working at a very young age to raise Josh, and that it was time for him to live.

He was only twenty when he and his wife started a family. Now still in his early forties he is one beautiful man. My eyes glaze over with lust as I listen to him. He seems more verbal since I last saw him and I actually comment on this and wish I had not when he suddenly looked down into his glass and clammed up.

"David..." I whisper and I kneel at his feet. " I am so sorry. I am just noticing a new you. Like you have finally ...." He stood suddenly almost causing me to fall back.

He paces the floor quickly. Slamming down his glass, he turns to me. He towers over me and stares deeply into my eyes. " I looked forward to today for weeks. I planned for us to be alone tonight." He fell to the seat, looking exhausted. He leaned toward me with a pleading look. "Mandy, I have been waiting for you for five long years. I knew this day would someday arrive. If you had not come, I would have looked for you" He sat back and watched my reaction.

I stood and once again sat in the chair I slept in. I smiled at him bashfully. "Sure of yourself, aren't you?" I leaned back and crossed my legs and met him stare for stare.

We watched each other as the minutes passed and the air seemed to grow thick. My breath grew harsh and I shifted often in the seat. David also seemed to struggle to breath and he adjusted the front of his pants quite often.

"Come with me, Mandy," He sad softly. "to the vineyard."
"There is no call for large animal vets in those parts, David." I reply.
"I will take a horse."
I laugh throatily and shake my head. "I like this side of you, David."
"It's you, Mandy. You healed me that morning. My passion for life was renewed." He smiled and ducked his head before whispering, "Or just my passion." He looked at me and grinned with a thoughtful expression. "The night with Helen, was my first time since my wife died. You made me want, Mandy. It was thrilling when you watched us. I came so hard for you." He whispered, stroking his big hand over his cloth covered erection.
My breath hitches at his confession and I grow moist. I whisper, "David, please....." I move forward to reach for him. He backs away and stands.
"So, you could pose as my housekeeper in the beginning, but I won't expect you to do the chore. I will only have one servant and he is discreet. I have a housekeeper that comes in three times a week." He pours another gin and paces as he speaks.
"You ask too much, David. I just graduated I must make a place in this world for myself."

"You will never have to work again, Mandy. I will shower you with luxury and I will make your every fantasy come true. I will make you feel good, Mandy. You already had a taste. Remember?"
He leans in, " I will fuck you so good, baby." His voice wavers and his breathing gets horse. He shoves his hands in his pockets and straightens, "Go," He says sharply. "I am about to loose control, Mandy. I will not touch you till you submit."

It was a restless night that night but the days passed and it got easier. The wedding was beautiful and seeing my parents was lovely.

The week ended soon enough and I was preparing to leave, I had interviews to attend soon. I settled at a bed and breakfast in the next town and I had some job searching to do.

I hugged Josh and Connie goodbye and kissed my parents as well. David, standing off quietly held out a hand. I put my hand in his and toed up to kiss his cheek. "Thanks for the opportunity you gave me, Mr. Stone." I slipped a note in his hand and turned to go.

Weeks passed and still no job. I had offers but not anything appealing. I waited patiently for David to call me but I got nothing. Maybe the note wasn't read. I thought he wanted me.
My thoughts circled around different scenarios over the next few weeks. I finally gave up and hopped a plane to California. After some careful questioning I had got the address from Josh.

I drove down a beautiful tree lined pebble road for three miles before spotting the beautiful home. Not quite as large as Stone Ranch, it still was vast. I parked under a dark tree and softly walked up the stone walk. There was no lights on in the house. I sat on the porch step and rummaged in my purse for a cigarette.

I heard a soft cough and almost jumped out of my skin from fright.
"Smoking? Are you sure you want to do that to yourself, Mandy?" David's amused voice floated out from the screened door. "Drop the cigarette and come in."

I placed the smoke back into the pack and stood to go in. He takes my bag when I walk pass him and takes out my pack. He squeezes it an tosses it into a nearby trash can.
"Hey!" My hands are on my hips and I glare at him.

"Get on your knees, Mandy." David growls and pushes me down by applying pressure to my shoulders with his large hands. He places one large hand around into my hair, cupping the back of my head. He lowers his zipper with his other hand and pulls out an impressive cock. He rubs it against my full lips, coating my lips with the gathering pearl of his seed.
"You want to suck on something, suck on this..." He grunts with a growl as he sinks to the back of my throat and holds.

I relax my throat and I start moving around my tongue. He shifts and moves in short strokes. When I raise my eyes to his he runs his fingers into my hair and pulls me in stroke after stroke never breaking eye contact. He bites his lip suddenly and tenses. Rope after rope shoots from him and slides down my throat.

He moans my name and whispers how pleased he is to finally claim ownership to my full luscious lips.

He takes my hand and raises me up to kiss me deep, sharing his essence. He turns and tugs me along. He opens a door and walks in pulling me along.
"This is your room."
The room was in earth tones and has beautifully hand-crafted antique furniture in a dark rich stain. Fresh roses adorned three vases and one was on each pillow.

"Goodnight." He said, before turning to leave me alone in the cold dark room.

I wake later in the night to his breath on my thighs as he drapes my legs over his shoulder and softly nips and caresses my bald pussy lips. Moisture builds and my body starts shaking from nerves and anticipation.

My body arches up when his tongue enters me and his nose presses into my clit. My body rises pushing him further in. He flicks his tongue a few times and screams erupt from my lips and I mumble incoherent words. He continues to deliver more pleasure with his tongue until I pass out.

I awake to sunshine bathing the room, alone this time. I rise from the bed stretching my sated body. I have had more orgasms than I can count and my virginity was still intact. I wonder if David can guess. Will he be disappointed? Will it happen today?

I stand under the hot shower and soap up with a nice scented body wash. I close my eyes and stroke over my skin in remembrance. When I slide my hand down my soapy stomach toward my damp pussy and strong grip stops me. "All of them are mine." David says sharply.

My eyes open quickly. Startled, my body starts shaking and I almost slip. David drags me into his beautifully nude form. His tight abs and chest are lightly covered in hair. It brushes my nipples and I quake from the pleasure.
"Place your foot on the rail." He demands huskily.
I raise my food and place it on the rail. He takes the shower head down and directs it at my pussy. He sets the shower head aside and lathers me up before softy brushing over my folds with a razor.
This erotic task only makes me needy and I do my best to stay still so not to cut myself.

David takes me out to dinner that evening. I wear a dress he had purchased for me prior to my arrival. I was instructed to wear no makeup, he liked me natural. I was not to wear any panties or bra, either. I was so aroused I had to cross my legs to keep from ruining my dress.

He hands me a tube of red lipstick to be applied before we enter the restaurant. My nude eyes and bright red lips are in contrast and he whispers, "You are making every man hard in here." He presses me forward with a nudge of his large hand on my nude back. The dress dips low in the back leaving me no warmth, resulting in my nipples becoming erect and pressing forward.

I look around and notice he was right. I see so many lustful eyes upon me. I catch one gentleman shift his erect cock around for comfort. I get stunned stares from the females as they watch me approach the empty table with one of the towns most eligible men.

I raise my chin and put a little sway in my hips. As I sit I gaze up into David's eyes and bite my full red bottom lip. He narrows his eyes as if to tell me I'll pay for my tease.

We dine and chat over a lovely spread. He gets serious toward the end of the meal and looks at me seriously.

He takes my hand. "Do you agree to the terms? You are mine alone. I will not share you. I will shower you with luxury, Mandy. You have to stay with me, share your pleasure with me, be my lover."

"Yes..." I hiss. I bite my lip hard and eased the pain with the tip of my moist tongue.

His gaze blazes and he leans in. His hair brushes over his eyes. "Reach under the table, Mandy."

I put my hands in my lap.

"Brush your fingers lightly up your inner right thigh."

My breath hitched as I did his bidding.

"Circle your clit softly with your right middle finger." His deeply tanned hand sits atop the table and I see his finger move in a circle on the cloth.

I moan at this and brush against my clit lightly. The slick nub expands and twitches when my finger brushes over and around it. My lips open in a breath and I lick red lips.

"That's it, baby. Lick those lips. Every man in here wants those ruby lips surrounding their cock." He groans.

The waiter approaches with the check at that moment. His youthful face stills from the greeting smile he started. His nose flares to my scent. He looks down at me then over to David.

"Stay there son and wait to see the finale." David smiles up at him, withholding the signed check. "Finish, Mandy. " He says sternly to me.

My middle finger presses down and I rub softly over the erect nub.

"Look at your grateful servant, Mandy."

I look up at the waiter and my eyes glaze over at the lust filled youthful eyes. His cock is pressing into the table, through his pants. He starts leaning forward as he watches me. I start shivering in pleasure as he grunts his release in his pants as I come all over my hand.

No one the wiser, the waiter turns to go to the back and we stand to leave.

I am still shaking when we arrive to the vineyard. He lifts me from the seat of the car and carries me in kissing me deeply along the way.

He lays me in a large wooden canopy bed. It is draped in deep green velvet curtains. The mattress swallows me up. He removes the one article of clothing I had on. He then slowly removes his evening wear and joins me.

He caresses and kisses every inch of me. He runs his tongue over the inside of my thighs softly. "I can taste your earlier release." He says in awe.

"Watching you back there...That was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Your fear turning to lust and abandon.....Oh, Mandy, I am going to fuck you now."

He pulls my legs over his thighs as he kneels between my thighs. He brushes his cock over my damp slit. Up he slides over me, I whimper my need.

He braces at my opening and looks deeply into my eyes. "Don't look away, Mandy. You are mine now and you will look me in the eye till I feel you suck my cock in with your release."

He presses forward and upon finding my resistance he stills. His brow furls. "You are a virgin?" He says, breathless with lust.

"I kept it for this moment, David. I knew you would be the one. All these years, David...."
I groan when he pulls out slightly. I grip his thighs with my hands afraid he'll leave me.

Suddenly he surges forth taking me quickly and stills. The sharp stab of pain makes tears go down my face. He fills me with his thick hot beautiful cock and it swells with anticipation.

The pain fades and I start rocking into him, my eyes roll back from the pleasure. He shifts his hips up and forward. He strokes in and rolls up in concentration and smiles when he realizes his goal has been met. His stroke speeds up with his confidence and I feel the spot he is stroking within me soften and swell. All at once I tense.

"Look at me, Mandy." He pounds into me and I scream and shatter to pieces. My pussy grips his cock and spasms around him over and over. He chuckles at my intensity and drives into me, coaxing me with filthy words.

He surges up and hard into me pulling another shallow release from me as he shouts my name with a growl. "Ahhh...Mandy!" He presses into me and holds.

He kisses me softly and stays buried inside me.
I pull back and look up into his eyes. "We used no protection, David."

He kisses my eyes, nose, then my lips. He smiles down into my face. "And I never will."

He stands up and grabs his robe. "Rest up, baby, our wedding is today."

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