All Grown Up
It was the start to a very warm summer in Phoenix. It was only June and we had already seen more days over 100 degrees than I ever remembered having. I lived in an upscale neighborhood and had been there for over a decade. My house was at the end of the cul'de sac and was the largest on in the neighborhood. I worked in the real estate investment field, purchasing real estate and packaging it all together and sold shares to private investors and had made a very comfortable living off of it.

I met my wife when I was looking for a personal secretary. She was the first to apply and the last I interviewed. She was a looker and thats all I needed in a wife. I knew she was not into the relationship only because she loved me. I knew she was okay with all the money I brought in. It was a marriage of convenience. I needed someone to attend all my work functions with me, and she needed a stable lifestyle.

I can't say that I didn't enjoy the sex though. Man she was a cougar in the sack. She would do pretty much anything I asked her to do. If I needed a blow job, she would gladly drop what she was doing and come over to suck my cock. In fact, I had used her a few times to blow some of my biggest investors. I knew that she was messing around with guys anyway, so why not use it to my advantage.

Years after we got married, my wife and I moved into our current house. It was huge. There was the biggest swimming pool you have ever seen, along with a view to die for. We enjoyed the neighbors, but it seemed they would come and go and we wouldn't exactly get to know them. With the exception of the Potter family. They moved in right before my wife and I did. They had two kids. The two girls were Brooke, 8, and Amber 3.

The mother, Stacey, was very nice. She was modest person. She always wore a one piece bathing suite anytime they came over to swim. I always had the feeling that she wasn't confident in her figure. I had seen pictures of her before kids and she looked phenomenal.

The father, Brad, was a huge asshole. He treated Stacey and the kids like his own assistant. It was irritating at times and provided a lot of awkward moments with us. I also knew that he was never faithful to Stacey. There were many tell tale signs of his infidelity.

One was that I saw my wife and Brad fucking in our pool. I was supposed to be out to dinner with an investor, but he ended up going to a ball game. So I headed back home and pulled into the garage, walked upstairs to change. When I glanced out the window into the pool, I saw my wife standing at the edge of the pool with her tits bouncing back and forth while Brad was behind her slamming his tiny dick in and out of her. I watched for a few minutes, how could I not? My wife in the throes of passion is enough to turn any queer straight.

Anyway, the second sign that told me Brad was a cheater was I was up late one night, and was sitting on my front porch when I saw a large, big breasted woman sprint half naked out of the Potters house and jump into a car zooming away as fast as possible when just a few seconds later Stacey pulls into view. It was easy to figure out what had happened there.

Throughout the years of living next to the Potters, we eventually got to know their kids very well. They would help us do yard work around the house or help me with small business projects such as stuffing envelopes. Both my wife and I grew very fond of the two girls. When Brooke got older, she began to blossom into a very stunning young lady. It seemed almost every weekend she would have a new guy at her house taking her on dates.

Brad never seemed to care about what was happening with his daughter. Eventually, Brooke would come over to our house and vent to us about her life. Whether it be her parents, school, boys or any other type of events, she always knew we would listen.

After Brooke graduated from high school, she chose to go to the University of Colorado. We spent a little time with her before she left, throwing her going away party in our backyard. She had all of her friends over and it made for a very interesting night. Having half naked 18 year olds running around was a sight for me to see. I also noticed how many of the young men were checking out my wife. I wondered if any would be lucky enough to see what little she left up to their imagination.

Brooke headed to college and we hardly heard from her with the occasional email letting us know of her most recent accomplishments. When she was able to come back home for the holidays, I always seemed to be out of town or unavailable.

One May morning, I was up watching the news and heard a knocking at the door. It was Brooke. But it was not the Brooke I remembered. I had always thought of her as the kid next door. But now, she was a fox. Her breasts must have grown two full cups while she was away. And their was no sign of the freshman 15! She looked great!

I answered the door and she ran in and gave me a hug. I told her to sit down and tell me all about her experiences at CU. She went on and on for about an hour, which gave me plenty of time to check every inch of her out. Finally, once she had finished, she got up, gave me another hug and took off. I didn't think I was going to be seeing much more of her because she had to catch up with all her other old friends. Boy was I wrong!

Later that night, my wife was out doing some shopping and I was reading the news paper, I got another knock on the door. I went to get it and it was Brooke again. I asked her what was up, she looked a littler nervous. She asked to come in, so I of course let her in and told her to go sit on the couch. I followed her in, reluctantly checking out her fine ass swaying right in front of me. I sat down in my favorite spot on the couch. Expecting Brooke to sit across from me, I was a little surprised when she sat down right next to me. I could feel the heat from her toned legs just an inch from mine.

I told her that she was making me nervous and to let me know what was going on.

"My friends and I are having a party tonight. There are going to be a lot of my old friends there."

I said, "That's great, do you need a ride or something?"

"Well, in away, yes. You see, we have no one that is 21. We are all 19 and can not buy any alcohol"

I finally understood why she was nervous. She wanted me to go buy her friends the alcohol they needed for the party. I however, was a little skeptical about the situation. I did not want to get in trouble for buying alcohol for minors, especially in my line of work.

I told her "Brooke, I am really sorry. If I did this for you and you got caught, it would all fall back on me. And I can't have that trouble."

"Well I promise that no one other than me will ever find out it was you that got us the alcohol. I have all the money right here for everything we need."

I thought about it for a minute. "How do I know that if you get caught, you wouldn't rat me out?"

She reached over to me, and put her hand on my leg. She looked me in the eyes and slowly began moving her way up towards my now throbbing dick.

She said "If I fuck you, will you buy us the booze?"

I really had no idea what to say. Here I had this 19 year old smokin hot girl wanting to fuck me, just so I would buy her and her friends booze...

She pulled off my pants and said, "I take this as a yes"

She got down on her knees in front of me as she finished pulling my pants off. At the time I didn't have any underwear on, so my dick sprang free. She licked her lips as she used both of her hands to jerk me off. I was in heaven. She was great at working my cock with her hands, but I made a mental note to have my wife show her how it is really done.

She then leaned down, opening her mouth bringing my dick into her mouth. I could tell she had done this before. She would go all the way down to the base of my dick, and come back up real slow, the whole time playing with my balls with one hand. She licked and sucked my cock for 10 or more minutes until I pulled her up.

I began undressing her, eager to see what the clothes had hidden beneath them. First I worked her shirt over her head revealing the perfect set of tits. I couldn't help but to stuff one in my mouth right away. While I was sucking, I pulled her pants down and off of her legs, the whole way feeling her now naked body against my hands. Her legs were so firm and had recently been shaved.

I got her pants off, and worked my hands back up towards her pussy. Once I got there, I was not disappointed in what I found. She had shaved all her hair off and was completely bare. Feeling that almost put me over the edge. I finally took my mouth off of her breast, and she grabbed hold of my dick and guided it to the opening of her pussy. I could hardly stand it anymore. I tried so hard to push up into her, but she was strong enough to hold me down only putting an inch of my dick inside of her.

I said "If you don't give me your fucking pussy right now, the deal is off!"

And I don't think she wanted to risk finding out if I was telling the truth. She dropped herself on top of me slamming my whole cock into her in one rough motion. That set the tone for the rest of the session. She fucked me like there was no tomorrow. She rocked back and forth on me while I was still sitting on the couch and then would raise up and down as hard and as fast as she could to get my dick as far inside of her as possible. Eventually, I wanted the control, so I pushed her up and laid her on her hands and knees on the couch and began fucking her from behind.

I enjoyed fucking Brooke for awhile and just watching her young ass slap against my dick. In and out, in and out. Finally, I couldn't hold it anymore, and I pulled out. As soon as I pulled out, Brooke had turned around and wrapped her beautiful young mouth around my dick and sucked me clean.

She asked "Well, are you going to follow through on your side of the deal?"

I smiled at her and told her of course I would. She gave me a list of all the items she needed and I left her sitting on my couch. I went to the nearest liquor store, got all the items I needed and had a few extra bucks left, so I bought myself a six pack from the craft beer section and headed back home.

When I got there, I left everything but my six pack in the garage for Brooke to retrieve whenever she needed it. I walked into the house and found my wife sitting on the couch next to Brooke just chatting away. My wife looked at my like she knew something had happened and had been trying to get it out of Brooke but wasn't having any success.

Brooke jumped up, said her goodbyes to us and left through the garage. My wife looked like she wanted to say something but didn't. Later that night, before I headed to bed, I checked the garage and sure enough, all the liquor was gone. I hoped that Brooke would keep her word.
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