All Her Holes
I had arranged for a mid-week rendezvous with my sub, H., at a hotel in the city. I had just finished up my morning meetings and had booked an alibi appointment which allowed me to slip out of the office just before lunch. H. had called in sick and was already checked into the room I had booked. Arriving at the hotel, I parked in the underground garage, walked briskly up the stairs and into the lobby, checking my phone for the room number she had texted me earlier as I did so.

'On my way up,' I messaged her as I stepped into the elevator.
This was the signal for her to unlock the door and be ready for me. I checked myself in the mirrors comprising the elevator walls. I had dressed up for the occasion in a white shirt, dark suit and tie. Brushing back an unruly tuft of hair, and straightening my tie, I made some last minute adjustments before closing my eyes and taking a deep breath. Mentally preparing myself, I felt my vanilla persona slipping away and when the elevator arrived at the floor, I opened my eyes and stepped out into the hallway as my true Self.

Upon arriving at our room, I opened the door and stepped inside and was gratified to see that she was in was in greeting position.
She was kneeling on the floor before the door, naked apart from her Collar. Her hands were stretched out before her so that her forehead rested on the floor. Her ass was raised slightly and she remained still and silent. Her long, brown hair flowed over her head and shoulders to pool on the floor.
And so it began.
"Good girl," I whispered, standing before her and feeling the rush of Dominance surge through me.
"Thank you, my Master," she said softly.

The sensation I feel when topping is almost indescribable but I will try.
When my sub kneels at my feet or wears the outfit and hairstyle I have selected for her, it sends a jolt of power coursing through my mind and body that rejuvenates me and makes my cock diamond hard.
I feel focused and feed off her submission. I spoke before about the dissociation she felt when she entered subspace, where she loses control during an intense scene or play session. This is similar but instead of losing control, I wield it, ensuring that she remains present but that her pleasure is amplified. This feeling of control is what I crave, the intoxicating knowledge she has submitted herself to my service. It is a gift that I honor and cherish even after the dynamic has run its course.

I examined her prone form, drinking in her curves and noting the marks she carried from previous session, all but invisible to others but to me, they glowed under my gaze. My marks where I had previously claimed her. We had not seen each other for sometime and had agreed that we really just wanted to fuck each others brains out so instruments and ropes would be kept for another day. This was about reestablishing the connection. She had been instructed to bring herself to the brink of orgasm twice day for the last week but she had not been allowed to cum. This regime of denial meant that she was on the precipice of exploding with bottled up lust.

"Rise to kneeling."
In a graceful, fluid motion, she lifted herself off the floor so that she was in kneeling posture, her ass resting on her heels. Her full breasts were heaving, her nipples erect, and her gaze remaining downcast.
"Look at me, my sub."
Her green eyes were sparkling as she laid eyes on me, her smile broadening as she saw that I was wearing her favorite outfit, the one she had chosen for me.
She beamed up at me before unbuckling my belt, unzipping my fly and producing my stiff cock for ritual worship. She kissed the tip before slowly working down my shaft, her tongue tracing the veins. Once she reached the base, her tongue washed my balls before she kissed each one and sucked them into her mouth. She then worked her way up my cock again, running her tongue around the helmet before focusing her attention at that delicious V-spot where the head met the shaft. I hissed in pleasure. She tenderly kissed the spot again before taking me between her lips. With just the tip in her mouth, she looked up to me for further instruction.

"Such a good girl," I whispered, looking down at her with a smile across my lips. "You like Master's cock don't you?"
She smiled and nodded, her lips keeping a firm grip on my cock.
"Play with yourself as you suck it."
Her hand went between her thighs, her thumb tracing circles on her clit.
"Pinch your nipples."
Her other hand moved to her breasts where she took each nipple in turn between thumb and forefinger to pull and twist.
"Hmmm," she moaned around my dick, her eyes closing as desire swept over her.
"Look at me," I reminded her. Her eyes popped open.
"Have you been a good girl?"
She nodded vigorously, her tongue wrapping slyly around the head of my dick as she did.
"You haven't cum without permission?"
She shook her head, sending ripples of pleasure through my throbbing cock.
"Do you wish to cum?"
Eager nodding
I grabbed her face in my hands and stooped over to kiss her forehead before fucking her face furiously.
"Then cum for me," I extorted. "Cum with my cock in your mouth."
She was well trained and could usually cum on command. The fact that I had denied her the gift of release for over a week meant that she came almost instantly. Her lips locked around my shaft as I continued to use her throat, saliva frothing on her lips and chin as she squirmed before me.

Once her spasms had died down, I withdrew my cock from her mouth and tapped her lips lightly with it.
"Thank you, Master," she wheezed.
"Show me."
She lifted her hand up from between her legs. Spreading her fingers, she displayed the web like strands of nectar that coated them.
"Your slut came hard for you Master," she said proudly.
"Good girl. Coat my cock with your cum."
Gripping my throbbing dick in a slick fist, she rubbed her juices onto me.
"Now taste yourself."
She licked my cock, lapping up our combined fluids with gusto.
"I crave this cock, Master. Since I've woken up, all I've done is think about it."
"I'm most pleased to hear that because I'm going to fuck you into oblivion, slut. You're going to cum with my cock in each of your holes."
She shuddered with delight and giggled, "One down Master."
I smiled, bending over to kiss her tenderly on the forehead, "Now get on the bed, my sub and show me how wet you are."
"Yes, Master," she replied as she stood up and skipped over to the king sized bed.
She lay on her back, knees up and parted her legs to show me her pussy.
"Slap your clit and pinch your nipples."
She followed my directions, her fingers instantly slick from as she rubbed and slapped her clit. She arced her back as she pulled hard on her nipples.

I disrobed as I watched her, stroking my cock until it stood hard against my stomach, precum dripping from the tip. Wordlessly I strode towards the bed, lifted her behind her knees to pull her towards me and buried my cock in her cunt.
"This is your place understand?" I growled as I slid into her wet pussy, pushing her legs up to her head. "You're a fucktoy to service me."
"I'm your dirty fucking slut Master who loves getting fucked."
I fucked her with hard powerful strokes, going balls deep with every thrust.
"Take my cock. Feel it claiming every inch of your cunt."
"Yes, Master. Oh fuck, it's your cunt, Master. Yours do with as you will."
Her eyes rolled back as I slammed into her, her pussy clenching onto my cock and she bit her lip to stifle the impending orgasm.
"Beg me to cum, slut!"
"Please Sir, oh fuck I'm so close, please can I cum. Please!"
"Not yet!"
I slapped her breasts with my open palm, hard enough to leave a red imprint which caused her to howl with pleasure.
"Oh, yessss, oh please, Master. Please let your slut cum."
I placed a hand around her throat and applied just enough pressure before leaning over to whisper hoarsely, "Cum for your Master, slut."
Her hips bucked against me as she came with a splutter, her hands digging into my ass.
"Thank you, Master," she gasped as I continued to fuck her relentlessly.
She moaned as I pinched her sensitive clit before I withdrew from her sopping pussy and prepared to fuck her ass. I pushed her legs back until they were almost behind her ears so that her asshole gaped inviting up at me.

I was so aroused, precum sprayed in a fine mist onto her ass cheeks as I spread them apart. I rubbed my engorged cock over her rosebud, which made her squeal in anticipation, before I inexorably pushed it into her tight asshole.
"Your ass is mine, slut," I gasped as I fucked her ass with deep, deliberate strokes.
I leant over and kissed her hard, my teeth gnawing at her lips as our tongues twisted and turned.
"You're going to feel this for days. I want you to remember this, the pain and pleasure as I fucked your slut ass."
"The pain is exquisite Master. My whole body is on fire. I want to feel it for days. I can't hold out much longer Master. I'm losing control as you fuck your slut's ass and own it."
I slapped her upturned ass hard with palm, three times on each cheek. The sting echoed through both of us enhancing the pleasure.
:"Fuck, I'm going to fill your ass with cum, slut!"
"Fuck, please Master, cum in your slut's ass. Use me like the slut I am and cum deep in my ass...and may your bitch cum so fucking hard as soon as you cum Master... Please Master I want you to cum in my ass so fucking much."
"Yes, cum with me, cum now"
"Oh Master, I'm going to cum again so fucking hard!"
She threshed as she came, squeezing my cock tightly until, unable to hold back a moment longer, I threw my head back and roared as I shot my load deep into her ass.
"Thank you, Master."
"Holy shit," I gasped, pulling my cock out and watching my creamy load spill from her thoroughly fucked ass.
"Clean me up," I ordered and she complied immediately as she always did. Taking my cock into her mouth and sucking it clean, swallowing every drop of cum she could get her tongue on.
I fell onto the bed beside her, "That was fucking fantastic."
"It was, Master," she agreed. "And you did as you intended, I came with your cock in each of my holes. Thank you for my gifts, they were intense."
She crawled up into my arms and we cuddled in the glow of gentle aftercare.
Once we had recovered, we ordered room service and chatted for a few hours. She sucked my cock as we talked and came on my fingers before I bound her hands behind her back with my tie which I held onto as fucked her doggystyle, spanking her ass with my belt until we climaxed simultaneously with loud yells. We collapsed in a heap on the bed, breathing heavily. Once I'd untied her, she rolled over to kiss me.
"I'm afraid I need to get going Master, may I be excused?"
"Of course my sub," I said. She, like me, had her vanilla life and responsibilities and we had long since established that our bond was not to interfere with this.
I kissed my thumb and pressed it to her lips. With closed eyes, she suckled on it gently before standing up and getting dressed. She would shower later as she knew that I wanted her to feel me on and in her for as long as possible. I watched her, stroking my erection lazily.
She stood before me in a tight, short black dress (no panties), and twirled around for my perusal.
"Hair in a ponytail?" she asked rhetorically. A tight ponytail was how she always wore her hair after a session.
I nodded and increased my jerking off pace as she pulled her hair back and tied it back.
"Thank you my sub."
"My pleasure my Dom," she smiled, bending over to lick my cock and kiss the tip.
I slid my fingers under her Collar and tugged on it gently.
"Thank you for your service my sub. It is an honor to be your Dom."
"It is an honor to be yours, Master.'
"I'm so very proud of you."
"Thank you, my Master."
We kissed passionately before she excused herself. She stopped by the door and lifted her dress to display the red welts my belt had left on her ass. She wriggled it teasingly as she stepped out.
"Good girl," I murmured.
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