All In The Family - Part 1
MOTHER/SON INCEST STORY SO PLEASE DO NOT READ OR VOTE IF THE SUBJECT MATTER DISTURBS YOU. I told a guy here yesterday that this site doesn't seem to like incest stories and he told me people here do. I said I will try putting one more on and see what happens. This is that story.

Angelina logged onto the computer and Yahoo Messenger opened up. Reading the offline message, she couldn't believe what she was reading. Her husband of 24 years was cheating on her.

"Hey Roger its Marcela....just wanted to remind you..tomorrow, noon, the Hilton. This is really going to be something special. Can't wait to see you. Until then, Marcela..."

Angelina began to cry - not believing this was possible. How could he? The bastard!! No wonder he wasn't coming home until the day after next. He was seeing HER.

Sure they hadn't had sex for a while but she thought that happened to all couples. He said he was tired at work and she believed him. She never suspected that he was having an affair.

With tears in her eyes, Angelina opened the patio door. She felt she needed a breath of fresh air. Instead her 20-year-old son, with the cute wavy blond hair and deep blue eyes he inherited from dad, was getting a blowjob from his girlfriend. He lay on the beach chair, which faced the other direction. His face wasn't in view but oh his prick sure was and mom loved it.

Angelina stood there in shock .... Her eyes fixated on his enormous dick. Her son's cock was bigger than his father's .. a lot bigger!

His 8-inch rod was thick, so thick, that she couldn't help imagining what it would feel like in her hungry mouth that ached for a cock. "My God, I'm sick...I'm fantasizing about my son's cock." That thought was banished by her exploding lust.

She watched Kim licking David's shaft and heard his moans. Unlike Roger, David was vocal. His pleasure wasn't kept inside. God, how Angelina wished her husband would moan like that. Hearing him increased the horniness she felt.

She continued looking as Kim's tongue went to David's balls. Kim licked them thoroughly and then took them in her mouth. Kim softly moaned and was clearly enjoying taking care of David's immense assets.

Thoughts of herself substituting for Kim were quickly dismissed. It was unthinkable. This was her SON but her eyes couldn't turn away. Kim's mouth returned to David's prick and she clearly was an expert at deep throating. After his rod went deeper down Kim's throat, David groaned loudly and shot a load of cum into her mouth. After they kissed, Angelina could hear them say their goodbyes. Angelina went back into the house. Kim said bye to Angelina on her way out and left. Angelina went back outside.

David looked up at his mom and saw the redness of her eyes. "Mom, you've been crying. What's wrong?" Angelina said she was fine but David didn't believe her. "Is Dad ok? Did something happen to him?" David stood up to look his mother straight in the eyes. He wanted to know why she was upset.

For this brief time, David was a man with a cock she desired. Nothing else mattered. With feelings of lust for her son and anger at his dad, Angelina stuck her tongue in her son's yielding but bewildered mouth.

To be continued....
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