All Work And No Play
I push the front door open at the end of a long day, sighing as I let my purse and briefcase slide to the floor. Dropping my keys onto the small entry table and kicking off my shoes. Stripping from my work clothes as I walk into the bedroom. The phone rings, seeing that it's my best friend, Heather, I answer.

"Hey Girl," she says before I can say hello. "Does he know you want in his pants yet?"

Heather is outspoken in all ways. Whether it be by word, dress, or her art...she makes a statement. Often times to my utter embarrassment in public.

"No, he doesn't," I say a bit irritably. "I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I see him eyeballing every other woman in the place."

The line is briefly, but uncomfortably, silent. Frowning a bit, I wait to hear what she will say.

"Come over to my place at 7:30 p.m. and we'll figure out the next move to make," she says decisively, hanging up.

Looking at the clock, I notice it is 5:30 p.m., and go to my room to get ready. I strip naked and stand in front of my full length mirror twisting and turning to see my body from every possible view.

"I know he likes women by the way he eyes all the secretaries," I mutter to myself.

I cup my breasts, testing their weight and resilience against my hands.

"It's not my breasts," I mumble as I release them. "They still look great, 35-years-old or not."

Twisting to see my backside, I move an appraising glance over the firm shape.

"After thirty-five years you can still bounce a quarter off that butt," I say with pride.

I shake my hair out, confident that's not the problem. Both men and women tell me often they would kill for my brunette curls. I sigh and walk to the bathroom. I get the water just right and step into the tub. I let the water embrace me as I relax and soothe the day away. Getting out and drying off as I look for clothes to wear. Slipping on a plain bra and panties as well as jeans and a T-shirt, I quickly dress and head out to Heather's. When I get to her studio apartment I knock on the door. She answers it with a smile on her face and an outfit on that borders on indecent. Her blouse is open almost to the bottom of her B cup breasts and her skirt is so short you can see she's wearing a G-string. I blush furiously as she grimaces.

"Is that what you're wearing out," she asks with pain in her voice.

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" I ask defensively. She shakes her head and pulls me inside.

"Amy, everything is wrong with what you're wearing," she tells me as the smell of paint hits my nose. "This is going to take longer than I thought."

She looks me over as I close the door. "We'll have to forget dinner tonight, I hope that's okay."

"It can't possibly be as bad as you're implying," I say in exasperation.

She pulls me to the bedroom portion of her apartment and tells me to strip.

"Excuse me," I say in astonishment. "Why on earth do I need to get half naked?"

"So I can see what there is to work with," she tells me as she waits for me. "You're dressed like a frumpy housewife going to the store."

I shake my head as I kick off my shoes and unbutton my pants. "You know you're crazy right," I tell her as I let my pants fall to the floor, stepping from them.

She ignores me and stares in horror at my panties. "Granny panties? Amy, are you serious?" she asks in exasperation. "Please tell me you don't have the matching bra on?"

I blush a deeper shade of red, glaring at her as I take my shirt off. Confirming Heather's suspicions that I do, indeed, have the matching bra on as well.

"Off," she says as she holds her hand out.

à"You have got to be kidding me," I say with indignation. "You want me to get completely naked?"

"Yes Amy, I do," says Heather stubbornly. "And if you want to seduce your co-worker you will listen to me and not wear anything like this tomorrow."

Knowing her as I do, I step out of the panties, holding them in my hands along with the bra as Heather talks to me while looking for an outfit.

"What's so special about this guy Amy?" she asks me as she digs in her underwear drawer. "You wouldn't be standing here naked if you didn't really want him."

"His name is Jack and we're working the Johnson Murder together," I tell her with a smile in my voice. "He's not overly muscular but very attractive, and every time we're together I get turned on and extremely wet."

She walks back to me with a bra and pantie set as well as a blouse and skirt. She sets them all down on the bed and stares at me.

"That's what you've been hiding?" she asks me in amazement. "Your tits are amazing and your ass is to die for. Covering that up should be a crime."

I blush and smile as I take what turns out to be a tiny sky blue thong with a matching half bra that comes just below my nipples.

à"I can't wear this," I say in horror. "I may as well not be wearing anything."

"That's not true," Heather assures me. "You look gorgeous. Any man who gets this far won't be able to control himself."

With a little trepidation, I grab the skirt and slide it up my legs. I can tell immediately that the skirt is much shorter than I'm used too. In fact, I can feel the cold air on the back of my thighs.

"A mini-skirt Heather are you serious?" I ask. "I work in a law office, I can't wear this tomorrow."

"Why not?" she asks indignantly. "All the other women in your office dress like this. I've seen most of them."

"You saw secretaries," I point out to her. "They have more leeway in what they wear than the lawyers. Lawyers have to dress very conservative, it's what the clients expect."

"Fuck that," she snorts irritably. "You have a hot body and you should show it off. Besides with those secretaries around what I'll tell you tonight will be the only way you'll get your man."

I don't know why, but I felt myself starting to believe her as I put on the blouse. I don't even notice that it barely covers my breasts and my nipples peek out when I move.

"You look amazing Amy," Heather says with a nod of her head. "Now go put on some PJ's so it doesn't wrinkle, odds are good you'll be staying the night."

I agree and take everything off and hang it up as Heather hands me a pair of sweats and my T-Shirt. I put them on and follow her to the couch.

"There's more to seducing a man than looking hot," she says as we sit down. "What you have to do is make him think, that you think, he's the center of the world."

I nod silently and listen closely as she keeps talking. "Laugh at his jokes, lightly touch his arm as often as possible, and while it's not the only thing, it is important to be sure to show as much skin as possible."

I start to agree when out of nowhere a thought pops into my head.

"I can't do this at work," I say with concern in my voice. "Not only will people think I'm a slut, I will get burned from every law office in the city."

"That's easy," she said immediately. "You can do it here, bring some food and tell him your house sitting. I'll be gone the whole day anyway."

I nod and start to think this craziness might actually work.

"Okay," I tell her with a confidence I don't really feel. "That means I need to go to bed, you know I work early."

She agrees and goes over to the bed as I stretch out on the couch, wondering what have I got myself into. I fall asleep, curious to know if Heather's crazy plan will actually work. I wake up at five in the morning and with a groan, turn off the alarm. As I open my eyes I see the outfit Heather picked out for me to wear today. I get up and grab it as I head to the shower, and take great care with my make up and hair. As I drive to work, I get myself psyched up for my day. Parking, I take a deep breath and walk into the front door of the firm.

"Hey Amy, how was your ni..." the security guard looks up and goes silent as he takes in the outfit I'm wearing.

"Hi Frank," I say a bit self-consciously as he stares at my cleavage. "My night was fine, I spent it with a friend."

"Well go on up, Jack is waiting for you." I nod and thank Frank as I walk to the elevator knowing he was staring at my ass. I get in, taking a deep breath as I get ready to seduce the man I have been wanting for months. Stepping out of the elevator and walking down the short hall to Jack's office. I open the door and smile as Jack looks up. Like any good lawyer, Jack keeps control of his expression as I sit down. Jack slides me a stack of files and I brush his arm with my fingertips as I flash him another big smile.

"The prosecution will be sending their evidence first thing in the morning," he says as his eyes linger on my body.

"Okay, I'll be here early tomorrow as well," I tell him as I boldly put my hand on top of his. The entire morning goes like laughing at the few jokes he makes. Innocently touching him, and showing as much skin as I can get away with, until I notice it's time for lunch.

"Want to break for lunch Jack?" I ask him. "I'm house sitting for a friend and I know she won't mind us relaxing for an hour or two."

He looks at me funny but eventually agrees. "That sounds like a great idea Amy, the last thing I want is to burn out on this case."

We get up and I feel a breeze go up my skirt and hear a sharp intake of breath as Jack becomes aware of the fact that all I have on underneath it is a tiny thong. I smile and put a bit more pop in my hips to keep him interested as he walks behind me.

"My car or yours," I ask him as we step into the elevator. "We can't take both or people will know something is up."

He thinks about it for a second before answering me.

"Let's take mine," he says as the elevator stops in the garage. I let him lead the way to his car.

He unlocks the car and hops into the driver seat. I open my side and slide into the passenger seat feeling my already tiny skirt ride up my thighs. I discreetly glance over and catch Jack staring at my inner thighs as he starts the car.

"Where do you want to go to get lunch?" I ask him as he looks over at my breasts. "There is a Chinese place and an Italian place on the way."

"Let's grab Italian," he says as his eyes slowly move to my face. "I've eaten Chinese every day for two weeks, it would be a nice change." I look at him and while his face shows nothing his tone of voice leads me to believe he isn't just talking about the food. I dial the restaurant and order lunch as he drives, casting glances over my thighs and cleavage.

"It will be done by the time we get there," I tell him as I innocently touch his thigh. "I can go in and grab it real quick."

He nods and keeps glancing at my hand as he drives. As we drive, I alternate between gentle squeezes and soft rubs and I see a bulge grow in his slacks. It's then I take my hand off his thigh and put it in my lap as I smile to myself.

"I have to remember to tell Heather about that little bit of improv," I think to myself. "I know she'll be proud of me."

Then the car stops and I notice we're at the Italian place. I get out, being sure to show a bit of my ass, and quickly go grab the food. I get back and as I buckle up I notice he still has an erection. I smile and give him directions to Heather's apartment. As he drives, I feel myself getting wetter as I stare at his bulge. A small smile plays at my lips as he drives the mile to Heather's place. He parks in her spot and we both get out of the car. I go unlock her front door, stepping inside, immediately noticing that Heather turned up the heat higher then normal. I put the food on the table and catch Jack looking around while stealing glances at me.

"My friend is an artist so this is all she can really afford," I tell him as I set the table. "It's a nice place even though it's all one big room."

"It is nice," Jack agrees. "I was just admiring the decorations." Again I get the impression that his words have a double meaning and I almost drop a cup as I finish setting the table.

"Lunch is ready," I say as I set the last cup down. "This place has great food, so I'm sure you'll enjoy it."

He sits down silently and starts eating. As we eat I feel a drop of sweat drip down into my cleavage due to the heat and without thinking I unbutton a few buttons. I pay it no attention as we eat and when we get done I clear the table and start to clean the dishes. I am concentrating on the dishes, and I don't hear Jack come up behind me. When he grabs my hips, I drop the fork I'm holding and give a small yelp.

"I don't know what's gotten into you today Amy," he breaths in my ear. "But I can't stand it anymore."

With that he spins me around and I gasp as I see him naked for the first time. He pulls me close and kisses me, and I rake my nails across his tight chest and down his flat stomach. At that point he puts his hands on my shoulders and pushes me to my knees.

"Suck my cock Amy," he tells me in a firm voice. "It's your fault I'm this hard with all the teasing you've put me through."

As I fall to my knees, I see what's been causing the delicious bulge in his pants all day. I gently wrap my hand around it and guess the size to be about seven inches long and two around. I stroke it and lick the head which makes him moan. After a few minutes of licking the head and shaft, I suck the head into my mouth and swirl my tongue around it as I bob up and down. Taking him deeper, I cup his balls and gently massage them. I feel him about to cum when he picks me up off my knees.

"I don't want to cum just yet," he says as he picks me up and takes what little clothes I have on my body, off, before laying me on the table. "What's going to happen is I am going to eat your pussy until you cum and then fuck you until we both cum."

I moan slightly as my nipples harden and feel my panties dampen as he talks. I spread my legs in anticipation and silently giggle as he pulls up a chair like he is sitting down to a steak dinner. He starts by teasing my inner thighs as he works his way up, causing me to squirm. I start to moan as he slowly catches the drops of dew that have collected on my outer lips. He parts my lips with his tongue and dips it into my honey pot. He fucks me with his tongue, before licking up my slit and flicking my hardening clit with the tip of his tongue. As his tongue concentrates on my clit his fingers come up and tease my hole.

"Jack if you keep that up I am going to cum," I moan. Hoping he'll push his fingers into my aching depths.

"Good," he growls as he slowly sinks two fingers inside me. My hips buck slightly as he thrusts his fingers in and out. Feeling my orgasm approaching, I twist and pinch my nipples which causes me to cum hard after only a few seconds of play. Jack takes his fingers out and slowly licks up my juices. When he 's done, he slides up my body and kisses me, letting me taste myself on his lips. As we kiss, he guides his cock into me and I moan into his mouth. He spreads my legs and starts fucking me as I keep playing with my breasts and nipples.

"Oh God Jack," I moan loudly. "You have no idea how long I have been waiting for this."

He grunts his acknowledgment as he picks up speed starting to pound into my pussy. I close my eyes and bask in the glow of being fucked by the man I've fantasized about for so long.

"I'm about to cum," Jack pants as he thrusts into me. "Are you on any birth control?"

I nod my head as he puts my legs on his shoulders and thrusts hard one last time and we cum together. I feel my pussy contracting around his cock, milking all the warm cum out of him. He collapses on my chest when he is done and sighs happily.

"Like I said earlier, I don't know what got into you today but I love it," he manages to get out. "I hope that won't be the last time we get together."

"It won't be Jack," I tell him. "I waited too long and enjoyed myself too much to give you up any time soon."

With a smile he picks me up and carriers me to the bed where we fall asleep in each others arms.
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