Alls Well that Ends Well
All's Well that ends well

Her hands trembled with nervous energy as she drove toward the bar. A tingle of excitement coursed through her body. She hadn't done the whole dating scene in so long. But the time had come to step back out into the dating world. The unknown beckoned to her as she parked her car in the well lit lot next to the bar. She was meeting a guy that she had met online just a few days earlier. They hadn't had much time to talk, but they had exchanged pictures. His picture was a little fuzzy but she figured it was enough to recognize him with

Taking a deep breath, she pushed open the door to the bar. The standard bar sounds bounced out the door and enveloped her as she walked in.

~Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God~~

She straightened her back and walked in, determined to not let her nervous energy show. Her eyes canned the dimly lit bar, looking for him. The music pounded around her, buffeting her from the tenseness that rippled through her body. She jumped when she felt the light tap on her shoulder. She whirled around her long hair flowing while her sundress swished around her legs.

"HI," he enthusiastically greeted.

"Hi. Bradley?" She asked inquisitively. She chewed her lip nervously while she awaited his answer.

~~oh please don't let it be him, oh please don't let it be him~~

"Yes!" Bradly motioned to a table behind him. "Lets have a seat." She followed meekly behind and sat down in the offered chair.

"You look just like your pictures," Bradley remarked. "Do I look the same?"

~~Hell no you don't look the same. You don't have teeth. Where are you flippin teeth!~~

She thought carefully before commenting, "Well the picture wasn't very clear so I didn't know what to expect."

He smiled at her and the conversation screeched to a halt. She tried to restart it. "Did you have a good day?"

~oh my word he looks like a toothless weasel~

Bradley smiled his toothless grin and responded. "Yup"

~Yup? Yup? Not even a proper yes? And that smile. Why the heck didn't he at least wear dentures. Who shows up for a date without their teeth or at least their false teeth. Well, I'll give him the benefit of the doubt and carry on with this date.~

She rested her hands on the table,, trying not to fidget as the conversation once again fell away. On and on it went. She tried over and over to start the conversation. But he would only give a one word answer and effectively with each passing minute she was more and move convinced.

Finally he spoke, "Can I kiss you?"

~Uhhh no you may not kiss me you toothless wonder! You've barely spoken to me at all~

Putting on an expression of regret she spoke. "You seem like a really nice guy, but it's just not going to work out between us."

"A hug?" he asked hopefully.

She just shook her head and watched him walk out of the bar. She moved toward the bar and plopped down on an empty bar stool. Before she could raise her head, she felt a cold glass pressed into her hands. She raised her eyes to meet the warm gentle expression of the bartender.

~Holy cow, this guy is smokin' hot! Why couldn't Bradley have looked half as good as this. I would have forgiven him his lack of social skills!~

"You look like you could use this," he said motioning to the full glass.

She nodded yes and raised the glass to her lips. His eyes watched with appreciation as her lips curled around the glass. Her long neck stretched enticingly before him. His body responded as she lowered the glass and licked a stray drop of beer off her upper lip.

"Thank you," she said with a nod toward the glass. "That was a disaster," she fluttered her hand toward the table she had shared with Bradley.

The bartender gave a friendly chuckle. "I was keeping an eye on you. Ready to step in if you needed and out. I'm Brian by the way."

She looked at him and smiled. Her brilliant grin took his breath away and he decided to take the leap. "I get off work in a few minutes. Would you be willing to hang out with me a while?"

She looked across the bar and studied his warm smile and took in his body, his strong muscles visible through the soft cotton fabric of his shirt. ~without a doubt you yummy looking male~ Playing it cool, she grinned and nodded yes. He refilled her glass and left to finish up his shift while she sipped her drink.

~oh my god oh my god oh my god. He is so hot. Look at those muscles. And he's so nice!~

The short time until Brian returned to her side went by fast with her daydreams flitting through her mind.

"I rent the apartment upstairs; let's go up there so I can change." She followed him up the stairs and into his large airy living room. She looked around at the modernly decorated room.

"Nice place."

Brian looked at her. He moved forward and reached out to trace a finger down her bare arm. She shivered, touched to the very quick by his simple caress. He ran his hands back up her arm and traced a finger up the lean lines of her neck. With a finger on her chin, he tilted her head up as he leaned down to claim her lips with his own. Their lips met with a longing and desire that only two who are sexually attracted to each other can create. The temperature in the room seemed to rise exponentially.

She placed her hands on his broad chest. She could feel his muscles tighten at her tough. Her lips curled up with pleasure. She deftly pulled his shirt free and slid her hands under the soft fabric. His breath caught in his throat as her fingers flicked over his many nipples. He bent his knees and gathered he r into his embrace. Their bodies pressed tightly together. Brian began to walk her backwards across the room. Her body followed and gave in to his ever demand. When he kissed, she kissed back. When he nibbled, she nibbled back. When he caressed, she caressed.

When the couple finally broke apart they were panting, their chests heaving with passion. Her eyes widened in delight as she realized that Brian had maneuvered her into the tiled bathroom. He quickly twisted the faucets in the shower causing the water to gush from the head. Steam quickly swirled in lazy patterns around the two soon to be lovers. She stood by, her arms at her sides as Brian moved forward. Reverently he began to untie the straps that held her flimsy dress to her body. As each tie was undone, the dress slipped further down her body to reveal her tanned skin. He licked and kissed each inch of her body as it was revealed to him. Her body quivered at the stroke of his tongue. The dress slithered to the floor and Brian fell to his knees. Lifting her one leg over his shoulder he delved his tongue into the creaminess between her thighs. He moaned as her taste exploded on his taste buds. His tongue flicked wildly over her most sensitive flesh until she cried out her release, her legs a quivering mass.

Brian stood and held her steady as he lowered her foot to the floor. She reached up with her lips and thrust her tongue into his mouth, savoring the taste of her juices within his mouth. Before Brian could move, she dropped to her knees on the soft bathroom rug. Without a sound she pressed her lips against his hard manhood. He groaned as her fingers cupped his balls and lightly squeezed. She opened her lips and pressed forward. His cock slowly sank into her hot mouth. Her tongue danced upon him as she worked her magic. In a short time he began to tremble with his impending release.

Suddenly, he gently grasped her beneath the arms and pulled her free of his cock and to a standing position. With gentle hands he pushed her toward the sink and leaned her forward. Knowing his desire, she spread her legs to allow him entrance to her tight hot womanhood.

Without any preamble, Brian thrust forward. In a split second he was buried to the hilt. Reaching around her, he placed his long fingers on her clit, even as she began to rock her pelvis back against him. Delighted with her open and unfettered response, Brian began to thrust into her tight cocoon. He body gripped him as they both came in a symphony of screams.

Slumping over the counter, they both struggled to catch their breath in the steamy bathroom. He was the first to move, slowly rising off of her body. She whimpered with a slight protest as he pulled out of her used body.

Chuckling, he held out a hand to her and invited, "Shower?"


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