Alone with Shannon
I woke up early as is normal. My days start much earlier than most. And all I could do is think about Shannon.

I had spent the previous day with her and I could not get her out of my mind. Her beautiful eyes, her curvy body with large full breasts, her plump ass and thick but tight legs. My mind was running wild.

So I went into the bathroom and took off my night clothes. As they dropped to the bathroom floor my already hard cock sprang free. I just had to do something about that.

I stepped into the shower and turned on the water. My hand shot up to shield me from the inevitable first cold spray before the hot worked its way into the line. brrrrr Shivers ran through my body.

As the water heated up, I turned my back to the spray and backed into it. It felt great and my body was warming up nicely. My cock however, had not stopped being hot.

I love the way my cock looks when it is rock hard. It's dark red head, smooth and shiny. It's thick shaft with slightly dark tone and veins clearly seen but not grotesquely prominent. It's slightly over 9" length just always seemed right, not small by any standard, but not a monster that would cause more problems than good. And it being a bit larger around than the tube in side a toilet paper roll made for a very nice stroking size as well as filled up women rather nicely. My medium size balls pulling tight against my body. I kept myself clean shaved so that both myself and my partner could fully enjoy the look and feel of my cock.

Yes, I truly loved my cock. That may be wrong, but I can't help it.

I looked down at it as the water rolled off my shoulders and down my chest, working its way over the base of my cock. I tightened my ass and forced more blood into it. mmmmmm that felt good, and looked great, as the head expanded larger and then retreated back to its normal full size.

My hands began to run over my chest, stopping briefly over my nipples; giving them a bit of a pinch. It sent sparks down my backbone, and I had to catch my breath.

All the time in my mind I saw Shannon.

I grabbed the bar of soap and began to lather up, spreading the slick foamy bubbles over my chest, down my arms, over my crotch, and down my legs. I lingered over my cock, but just lightly running my fingers over and around it. It made my cock jump, and spasm slightly.

Oh it felt so good. I imagined it was Shannon touching me. I then ran my other hand back up my chest... this too was Shannon.

Then both of my hands began working over my cock and balls. Slow movements. Taking my cock in my hand and gently rotating it around the shaft as if it was Shannon's hand twisting and pulling my cock to tease the precum out before placing the head in her mouth.

By this time the water running over my body had removed all the soap. I could see the precum starting to flow out of the tip of my cock. And I reached down and took two fingers to scoop some up. I brought them to my mouth and savored the salty goodness. The clear liquid that was watery but a bit viscous.

I let out an involuntary moan.

I moved that hand back down to my crotch and let it run over my very tight balls... and farther. My fingers grazed my asshole. Oh my God I thought to myself. Shannon, you know how to please me.

I had to cum, Shannon had gotten me so worked up yesterday and she was all I could think about. So my left hand began making longer strokes on my cock while my right hand began to play with my ass.

My fingers first just played with the puckered tight asshole, but then they were pushing into me. My ass was so tight. The tightness felt great around my finger, and the smooth inside of my ass was wonderful. I moaned again, and "Shannon" left my lips. "Oh baby, you make me feel so good."

My cock was so hard and HOT. I had to avoid the head since it had gotten so sensitive. But I both wanted to cum, and wanted to keep the sensation going forever. My eyes were now closed and I could see Shannon between my legs. It was HER who was touching me. It was HER who was coaxing me to cum.

Now my finger was deeper in my ass, almost to the second knuckle. I could feel it leaving the love grip and entering my ass itself. It was gently reaching my prostate. But I pulled it back out halfway. I began to work my finger, Shannon's finger, in my ass at the same pace that my other hand, Shannon's hand, was working my cock. Oh my GOD!

"Shannon!" came out of my mouth again, but this time very loud.

I could not take it any more. My cock was going to explode! I squeezed my cock hard and shoved my finger DEEP into my ass, pressing against my prostate. My eyes opened as my ass tightened around my finger and my biceps flexed. My hips jerked forward and my legs bent a bit and began to shake. The head of my cock swelled and became so dark it was purple. And I began to cum.

OH MY GOD! A deep grunt left my body. My balls actually ached as I shot stream after stream of cum into the air and against the shower wall. The cum hit so hard that it actually made an audible splatter. I must have spasmed and shot at least 8 or 9 streams of pearly white with slight yellow gobs of pure pleasure against the back wall of the shower.

I slowly took the finger out of my ass and rubbed my thighs. I watched my cock slowly get soft and the redness subside. More cum was oozing out of the head. I reached down and took some of it in my fingers, once again bringing it to my mouth. This time it was not only salty, but had a tangyness to it, and made my tongue tingle. mmmmm

I closed my eyes and imagined that it was from me kissing Shannon after she had swallowed my cum. My body shivered. Wow.

I then finished taking my shower, and got dressed. I could not wait to see Shannon again today.
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