Amanda's Invitation ( Finale )
I slowly circled Amanda like an animal circling it's prey, she was looking totally helpless and so inviting sitting there on displsy with her breast jutting out defiantly and the nipples topping them like little volcanoes ready to blow of steam any time soon,her shaved pussy dripping deliciously.

I crept up to her and started to circle her aureolas around her nipples just ever so lightly, she flinched and let out a sigh as I did so, moving on down her body a side at a time, she giggled a couple of times when I hit a couple of spots on her ribcage.

I smiled to myself.She was lapping this up. I then went behind her and stated kissing her neck gentlymoving towards the lobe of her left ear and started nibbling it. I could see her breats heaving in time to my breathing as I was whipering down her ear.

"You like this baby..don't you?"

"Mmmmmmmm.......keep it are driving me crazy for you."

I went to her left side and atarted on the other nipple, by this time my cock was ready to explode. I decided to walk away for a little and grabbed a drink of water......and gave some to Amanada from my mouth as I french kissed her, sticking my tongue deep in her mouth,savouring her sweet lips and tongue.

I went and put the water down and I seem to have settled a bit so carried on with the ministrations to her left side taking the feather over her milky white body again.

I then started from her left foot and worked my way up, as I passed her knee I found another tickly spot and ahe jumped not expecting it and just about tipped the chair over, but it settled again. As I got to her thighs I circled her precious velvet cunt and she moaned with pleasure as I kissed her sweet pussy on the way past and licked some of her juices as she was dripping even more now.

After I fed on most of her juices I started back on the other side and worked my way up again, same tickly spot on the other knee joint, made her shift in her chair but the way she shifted opend her cunt even more to the open air and I could see her clit had swollen quite a bit now and as I reached the top of her other thigh again I threw the feather down as I couldn't take much more.

I started licking her out like a lustful demon,which by that time I was to be sure. I felt like a dog with a bone and that I had two tails that were both wagging happily. I just wanted to fuck her and fuck her till we both dropped in a heap.

Amanda was starting to orgasm and let out the loudest scream I had heard in a long time.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm...........oh God deeper....I want your tongue right in there.......tongue fuck me as hard as you can."

At that I couldn't let her down so I opened her cunt lips even further till my nose was rubbing on her clit and my tongue disappeared somewhere inside the soft fleshy parts of her vulva. She writhed in the chair like a madwoman.

I eventually stopped as she came to orgasm again and I started nibbling on her clit.

"Oh!!....................God..........oh.......fuck.......fuck.......mmmmmmmmmmm........I am gonna gush!"

And that she did, all over my face. I managed to lick it of from around my lips and some had gone over my face. I went to kiss her but she slid her lips away and started to lick her own juices of my face.

This was a new diversion for me but so arousing, my cock was ready again and I stepped back and placed each foot on the chair hoping it would hold both our weights and I stuck my throbbing cock to her lips rubbing the head under her nose.

She opend her lips and took th whole shaft inside her mouth, sliding her lips ever so magically up and down then licked the shaft on both sides from tip to balls, having a light chew on my balls as she passed. I was in a fit of ecstacy as he slid her tongue back up and stated sucking on the head of my cock like a lollypop.

I was getting ready to cum and she knew it as she grabbed the base of my cock to stop me and we had a breather. I got off the chair then and went to untie her hands and legs.

"Right young lady....take my hand and come with me."

I led her to the table and popped her down with her ass facing me, so gorgeous she was from behind too with her buttocks up in the air as I tied her wrists to the legs of the table. I then splayed her legs wide enough to see the target of her soaking cunt.

I started to lick her ass again. I seen her tighten a bit.

"Trust's ok.......I am not going to do anal........maybe sometime later...if you want to ever try it...but not just now honey."

At that she relaxed again and I started licking her again and using two hands I shoved two fingers in her sopping cunt and my thumb in her ass and wroked them up and down till she was ready again to start to orgasm. This time I got it dead right and I shoved my cock deep into her hole and she let out a sqeal, them moaned in ecstacy, writhing as I plunged deeper and we both started grinding side to side in time, then she spasmed and let out this scream again, at that we both cum her so forcefully that as she cum she gushed and it went flying down my inner thighs.

I couldn't stop pounding away at her pussy as I must have cum buckets more than usual and when I felt most of it was done I flopped on top of her feeling her tighten her pussy on my cock as I throbbed into her in small spasms.

"Can you take this blindfold of now baby please?"

"Ok.......I think I still have the energy left."

I untied her and took the blindfold off. When I sat up I saw Jenny was standing at the door. She had her panties in her hands and she had her fingers stuffed in her cunt as she started to cum. She must have been watching us the whole time and that was the first of me noticing. She came to her senses then when she noticed I had spied her.

"Ahem........can I get you two a drink look as if you need it."

At that we both went into a fit of laughter.

"Yes please Jenny...........and you better get youself a drink too....I think you need one after all that."

"Oh.......and Jenny.........would you set the table for us to eat dinner......but first we need to go shower and change I think."

"Yes Amanda...................I think we better." Laughing again

And we looked at each other and fell into a kiss that lasted for ages.


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