We arranged to meet at the Brasil coffee house across the street from Mark's Restaurant.

She arrived early and was sitting at a small table on the lush, shaded patio as I stood watching her from the doorway.
She hadn't yet seen me.

Chestnut. The color of her hair.
How often did the word "chestnut" enter my mind at all, much less when noticing a woman's hair? But that was the color.

Rich, wavy, full of body, and down almost to the middle of her back. Not overdone. On the contrary, very becoming. Her appearance was striking.

Short, tight, black sleeveless dress studded with those sparkly things, whatever the hell they're called.

A wide plunging neckline revealed stunningly beautiful breasts.
Shapely, full, creamy. Perfect.

Her demeanor was essentially intelligence and fun, with good looks enough to live for.
The greatest smile I have seen in my life.

We enjoyed a quiet leisurely dinner at Mark's.
It was a perfect evening.

We walked to her car where she very easily and with a measure of modesty expressed how she had enjoyed herself. Some classy chick.

There was no hesitation or awkwardness in our kiss.
We were communicating, and we each knew what the other was saying.

Busy work schedules and business travel, though, were something we had in common, and we didn't know when we would see each other again.

Twelve days later, on a Saturday afternoon, I pulled my vibrating cell phone from my side coat pocket and saw her name listed as the caller.
Smiled to myself, opened the line and cheerfully said, "Well hello."

The sun was bright and the autumn air was crisp as I continued down the sidewalk toward my chirping car.

"Get your ass over here and help me cheer on these fucking Longhorns. I'm not kidding, they need serious help, get your butt over here so they don't lose."

I laughed loudly and began explaining that I was working, on my way to a coat-and-tie meeting with some people who had a lot of money I wanted to spend, but maybe I could get free later.

She hung up on me.

I stood in the sun next to my shiny car, nonplussed. Drawing a total blank.
For the life of me I couldn't figure out what had just happened.

Feisty. Lively. Aggressive.
She was all these.
Knew what she wanted and usually got it.

I pounded hard on the door with the butt-end of my fist.

"What the hell took you so long, Zorro? I figured you must have taken the goddam bus," as her arms encircled my neck, pulling my face down to hers.

Here we were communicating through our lips again, only this time her message to me was scented with tequila. Patron Silver, a personal favorite---something else in common.

I kicked the door closed behind me as she began yanking and nearly tearing my suit coat off my arms.

"Easy, baby, that's an expensive...."

"Oh don't be such a pussy."

The jacket was on the floor and she was undoing, not gently, my $128 silk tie.

Three minutes later we were half naked and walking---actually, I was walking, she had her arms around my neck and her bare legs wrapped tightly around my waist.

Walked through her living room and down the hallway, entered her bedroom.
Through her kissing mouth and tongue came, " room."
Turning, I nearly stumbled, she giggled as we tilted toward the door and into the hallway once again.

Our kissing was erotic, smooth, extremely wet and breathy. And notably aggressive, I thought, as she bit into my lower lip. I groaned in pain, she squealed and laughed.

On her king-size bed, nearly naked---she was wearing her panties and my tie---we smiled, slowed, and began to indulge ourselves in each other's knowledge and experience.

Hands, arms, legs, cock, breasts, pussy, mouths moved in smooth warm wet synchronization. I spoke in a half-whisper, "What do you like?" feeling her breasts, lifting, squeezing, pressing her creamy tits in circles against her chest.
"What is it you think you want from me?"

She smiled that gorgeous smile as her eyes relaxed and took on an incredibly sensual look, staring deeply into me.

"A woman like you," as I planted slow wet kisses all around her ear, "you know what you want....what is it you always want? What are you and I going to do in this big bed?"

We kissed deeply, mouths opening wide.
My hand was on the waistband of her sexy little things panties. She pushed her pelvis toward me, the sexy little panties went down.

"What do you like, baby?" breathy, as our erotic kissing continued.

Her nails in my chest, legs opening for me, "Mmmm I love cumming hard with a cock deep in me. And I love making a man cum hard too."

She extended her arms above her head, turned at the waist, and stretched herself from toes to fingertips.

"And the feel of warm cum on me is sooo wonderful."

Oh god, I was a dead man.

We fell into passionate lovemaking, fucking and sucking on every square inch of her king-size bed.
The 69 was unbelievably hot---she was mouthing the head of my cock and pounding my steel shaft with one hand when suddenly her legs began to shake and she arched her back, moaning long and loud. I felt her wet pussy tighten down on my tongue as she turned her face to look back over her shoulder. Her eyes were closed tight, though, and she held her breath while I fucked her tight pussy fast and deep with my tongue. Her body tensed up and she let out a huge gasp, cumming and squirting into my mouth and all over my face, her wetness streaming down her thighs.

* * * * * * * * *

We were lying together, resting, talking quietly, and gently stroking one another, when she took my hand and guided my finger to her butt and into her hole. She squirmed and wiggled against my hand, obviously getting off on the feeling of having my finger up her beautiful ass.

Quietly, urgently, "Ooo baby, I wish I could have your cock in both my holes at the same time.....It would feel so amazing! Mmm yeah, cum fuck me again. I wanna' fuck some more, baby, cum fuck me now."

On her knees and forearms, her fabulous ass in the air, I straddled her and leaned forward to lock my hands on her shoulders.

"Fuck me, baby," rocking herself side to side. "Fuck me deep and hard."

She reached back, found my thick hard cock, and guided me into her streaming wet pussy.
We were in rhythm immediately, pounding, slamming, groaning and urging each other on.

"Shit yeah, fuck me so deep! Oh god, yes, fuck my wet pussy. Oh god, oh god yes, fuck yeah."

"Oh baby, your goddam ass is so hot, Jesus Christ I can't fuck you deep enough.....feel my fucking cock in your hot pussy....oh shit...shit...shit!!"

The more we talked the louder and more desperate we sounded, fucking the hell out of each other.

Rocking, pushing her ass back against me again and again, "Mmmm I want to feel you cum on me....pull it out and spray me.....jerk your cock for me, babe."

Hearing her say those things drove me wild and I slammed into her butt as hard and fast as I could, grunting and groaning.

Then I felt it starting, felt myself start twitching and jerking. Felt my ass start clenching and releasing.

I slid out and grabbed my slimy wet cock while I grabbed her with my other hand and flipped her over.

She laid back, but propped herself up on her elbows. Her eyes were glued on my cock, and she whined real loud watching for it, wanting to see it cum.

"Do it on me....shoot your cum all over me!"

I growled, teeth clenched, and jerked my hard cock like a wild man till the first shot flew out and landed on her breasts. She studied it for maybe two seconds, then looked back at my cock again just in time to see me blow the rest of my load all over her stomach.

She let her head fall back and exhaled deeply and loudly, "FUCK yeah."

I was on my knees between her legs, breathing hard, shaking the last of my cum onto her.

"Rub it on me, babe. I wanna watch you smear your cum on me."

Damn, she sounded like a little girl or something.

I leaned forward, placed my hands palms down on her stomach, and slid them around her belly and up onto her breasts, covering her in cum, just like she wanted.

Our eyes met. I lowered my head to hers, and our mouths and tongues met once again in a kiss.
When she moaned, I lay on top of her and we pressed our bodies together till we both had cum all over us. We wrapped our arms around each other, rolling over on our sides and onto a cool part of the sheets.

Sighing, moaning, talking quietly again, gently touching one another. And finally she smiled that beautiful smile and giggled about something I said.

Amazing woman. Amazing.
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