Amy's Knickers
As I lay in bed thinking of somebody I should not be thinking about, the bed sheets were still crisp and fresh. I could here Jan down stairs, the sun was shining and she was eager to get the house work done so we could enjoy our rare day off together.

Text number 1 'what you doing'

I replied cool and said not a lot and that I was about to wash the car.
Jan started to nag, sweetly but it was still nagging - she wanted me to get up, she wanted me to take her shopping.

I was determined to wash the car first so I went out to my car which was on the driveway, there I saw some knickers round the aerial of my car.

The next text read 'im round the corner and as you have probably worked out im not wearing my knickers'

At first I text back that I could not meet her but Amy did not understand the word NO.

The phone bleeped, this time it was a picture message, a picture of Amy's fingers rubbing her shaven pussy.

I told Jan I needed to go to the car shop to replace a bulb, Amy's car was parked up by the woods, I got out of my car and told her I wanted to go back to her place or a motel but Amy just pulled me close and kissed me, it was the perfect kiss and as she bit my lip my hand was guided up her short skirt to feel what had temped me.

We dived into the back seat stripping off our clothes, her naked body on top of mine on view for any lucky dog walkers. I grasped her boobs and wrapped my tongue around her nipple and sucked it in. Her body was grinding all over me, my animal had been released and was searching for some attention.

Amy had the tip of my cock between her legs and paused, the car was to cramp, she told me to open the door and fuck her from outside the car, I wanted her so bad that I did as I was told, I held on to the car as I fucked her, Amy was on the back seat pushing bum into me. This was a great position my hips swung back and forth timed perfectly allowing my cock to push deep and come back to tease her pussy lips.

We, well I was totally naked fucking outdoors! And as that thought and the realization that there were actually real people walking around it was game over, I pumped hard and exploded into Amy's pussy. As my cum leaked on the back seat, I quickly got dressed whilst accidentally making eye contact with some old woman.

I gave Amy a long kiss and headed back home.
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