Amy's Magical Birthday Party
***NOTICE*** This story is very perverted. Toss reality out the door. It contains lesbian incest, magical powers, dickgirls, and huge cocks. I will be writing it in chunks as long as people like it. If this sounds disgusting to you, please do not read.

***ONE MORE NOTICE*** Your comments/ratings feed this story. If you want it to continue, you have to let me know! ;)

"Thanks for letting us take the taxi, Amy." Denise told her daughter as they walked into her dorm room after going out to dinner together. "That 'thing' you do is still a bit jarring."

"It's just because you don't experience it as much as I do." the lovely blonde girl said as she stepped into her dorm room behind her mother. Amy, the slender blonde with the long legs, full 34D breasts, and shimmering blonde hair, calmly clicked the door locked as she came inside. Amy was a very special girl who had been adopted by Denise and her husband when she was only five. Yet, Denise had gotten far more than she bargained for it wasn't long until Amy showed her adopted mother why she was so special.

"Yes but ..." Denise said, turning back around as she heard the door close behind her. However, her daughter was not there.

"But what?" Denise heard her daughter call out from room across the room. Denise spun back around again, realizing her daughter was now standing close the blinds having performed the 'thing' she could do.

"You haven't told anyone, have you?" Denise asked, worried that society would discover her daughter's secret. Amy did her 'thing' again, vanishing from the window in a blur of light and reappearing face to face with her adoptive mother. Having teleported across the room with ease, Amy gave her mom an honest, polite smile.

"No mom. I only told you about my superpowers because ... well, you're my mom."

"Good." Denise nodded. "Well ... happy birthday, sweetie." Denise gave her magical daughter a soft peck on the cheek before gathering her senses and preparing for her own trip. "Okay, now hurry up and do this before I change my mind. Put me near the bathroom in case it makes me sick again."

"Okay mom." Amy moaned, rolling her eyes at her mom's nervousness. With a twirl of her finger, the magical teenager caused her mother to vanish in a burst of white glitter, sending her body over fifty miles away and safely back in her own home. Amy loved that her adopted mom was not afraid of her powers, yet she didn't like that she didn't seem to approve of them.

"Haven't told anyone?" Amy heard someone say behind her. Amy spun around and realized there was now a beautiful, busty, nearly naked woman sitting comfortably on her desk, a woman who had not been there a second ago. This woman who was about as old as Amy's adopted mother tossed her neon pink hair from her ravishing face, a beautiful, seductive face that dazzled with glitter. With absolutely nothing on her sensationally voluptuous body but pink, satin gloves, matching thigh-high stockings, and a tiny lace garter belt, this enchanting, naked woman bounced up to her pink heels, allowing her giant, bare, 34HHH breasts to bounce freely above her tiny, 23" waist and shaven pussy. The naked woman with pink hair took calm, seductive steps towards the magical blonde, captivating the teenager with her tantalizing curves.

Amy was not startled to see this woman in her room. She actually smiled as she looked over this older woman's naked body, letting this woman's nudity inspire her own imagination. With her mother gone, Amy was free to embrace her true nature as a godly sorceress and not a college student. With a thought, her jeans faded to nothingness along with her cotton panties, exposing her long, firm legs. Her white shirt ripped from her chest as her own 34D breasts grew larger, expanding to full, firm, phenomenal 34JJ balloons in a matter of moments. As her shirt fell to the carpet, long white gloves grew down Amy's arms as a white corset magically appeared along her tiny waist. With her giant breasts now pushed upward towards her chin, a white collar wrapped around Amy's neck as a lace leash fell down between her breasts. The woman in pink moaned in approval as Amy shed her clothes and her average body, embracing her magical powers to give herself a tight, slender, yet obnoxiously busty frame. Now just as naked as the older woman with pink hair, Amy looked up into her purple eyes while wrapping her arms around her naked body and palming her tight ass. Standing taller than the teenager, Ellen pulled at Amy's white leash and collar, tugging the teenager's body tightly against her own.

"Well, besides you, mom." Amy said as she looked up at the older naked woman, the woman who was actually her real birth mother. Like her mom, Amy was actually an omnipotent and highly sexual sorceress.

"Now that 'mom' is gone ..." Ellen began, annoyed by her daughter's non-magical adopted mother. "... Let's get out of this dump."

"Where are we going, mom?" Amy asked, still holding her real mom's bare ass.


Amy's real mother then closed her eyes and unleashed her sorcery. By her command, the entire room around her and her daughter exploded into white light, bursting and cracking as reality was shattered. Within a few moments, the two ladies were standing in a world of white. There was a white sky and white nothingness as far as Amy could see. As Ellen opened her eyes again, she broke away from her daughters's embrace and revealed she was standing in front of a giant, 4-foot-tall pink and white birthday cake. The naked blonde on the white gloves and tiny corset walked up to the cake, unconcerned that she stood on some imaginary plane of existence. As she stood above the cake with her giant, bare breasts bouncing under her lovely face, she ran her finger down along the cake and tasted the pink and white frosting that coated it.

"Happy birthday, sweetie." Amy heard her mom say behind her as she sucked on her frosting-coated finger. Ellen stepped up behind her daughter and pressed her giant breasts up against her daughter's back. She ran her hands through her daughter's soft, silky blonde hair and pushed her body tightly against the young sorceress. As Amy felt the giant breasts of her busty mother rest on her shoulders, she also felt something stiff and hard slip between her thighs. She looked down beyond her own naked body and watched as a giant, thick, very hard and very real penis inched between her thighs and rubbed against her shaven pussy. This cock was so long that it stuck out from between Amy's thighs. Amy quickly realized that her mom was so eager to celebrate her nineteenth birthday that she used her infinite magical powers to give herself a very big and very real penis for there was no better way for their magical kind to celebrate than with hot, kinky, forbidden, incestuous, magical, lesbian sex.

"Mmm ... is this my present?" Amy sighed, sliding her wet pussy along her mom's gigantic girly-cock.

"Past ... present ... and future." Ellen whispered as she reached around her magical daughter and grabbed hold of her large, firm, playful breasts. "Now give me those milky tits of yours, honey."

"I made them just for you, mommy." Amy smiled, watching as her mom's hands began to roll her giant breasts about. "Please fuck me, mom."

Amy tossed her hand back along her mom's neck while her giant cock moved back and forth along her daughter's teenage slit. Amy pushed down against her mom's mighty cock while Ellen rolled her nipples between her fingers. The two naked ladies moved together in their own reality, rubbing their bodies together in unison as if they were dancing. Finally, as Ellen gave the teenage girl's nipples a pinch, she unleashed her own magic within her fingertips, giving her daughter quite a shock. With a wicked grin on her face, Ellen's magic flowed into her daughter's bouncy breasts, causing them to explode with milk as she pinched her nipples.

"Oh yes!" Amy screamed as she sprayed milk from her nipples and on to her birthday cake.

"More?" Ellen asked, watching the spray blast from her daughter's breasts.

"God yes! So hot, mommy!"

Ellen aimed her daughter's nipples up into the air as they sprayed milk like two leaks in a massive dam. Amy pushed her pussy down on the thick cock between her thighs, begging for the giant cock to move inside her. Milk flowed down her breasts, her abs, and along her bare thighs as she lactated all over herself and her cake. Ellen just laughed playfully as she started to trust her girly-dick up into her daughter's body, pushing the tip of her magical, 14" cock between her daughter's horny lips and finally diving into the horny blonde's tender pussy. With a powerful trust, Ellen filled her daughter up with her cock, causing the blonde's toes to lift off of the ground for a moment as she took all of her magical mother's cock inside her.

"Oh god yes!" Amy screamed as bounced off of the ground. "Fuck me, mommy. Fuck me good."

Ellen let go of her daughter's milky breasts and grabbed onto the white lace that was attached to her collar, choking her playfully as she drilled her from behind. As she pulled at the lace leash, Ellen continued to drive her mighty cock into the tiny teenager with the giant breasts. Amy fought back, reaching forward so she could take two massive handfuls of her cake, filling her hands with white frosting. Lost in lust, Amy rubbed the cake all over her giant, wet breasts, bouncing her own milky breasts in her hands while Ellen fucked her from behind with her magic dick. Ellen's massive, magical testicles bounced back and forth as she fucked her daughter, pulling her tiny body back with her might strength. Amy painted herself with frosting as her mom ripped at her thighs, and filled her up with her gigantic cock. As Amy bounced atop her magical mom's shaft, she ran her hands down her body and smeared her naked skin with pink and white frosting. She licked the cake and frosting from her palms as her milky breasts bounced frantically, still dripping with cream and turning her soft skin into a sweet mess.

"You're cock is big today, mommy." Amy cried back as her mom fucked her with her own dick, letting her blonde hair dance as she sucked the frosting from her fingers.

"Big for your tight pussy, sweetie." Ellen smiled, easing her giant cock in and out of her daughter.

"Make me cum. mom." Amy moaned while licking the frosting off of her finger and looking back at her magical mom. "I need your sperm so bad. Fill me up."

Ellen nodded down at the cake-covered face of the young teenager. She pulled her cock all the way out from the sexy teen's lips before driving it back inside again. She watched as her daughter's body bounced all about, her milky breasts still leaking sweet cream over her cake-covered body. Amy fell back against her mom's naked body as her mom tried to rip her body in two with her cock, fucking the kinky, magical, teenager. It was with each thrust that Amy cried out for more, and it was each cry that drove Ellen crazy with desire for her daughter's cum. Finally, as Ellen grabbed her daughter's inner-knees and lifted her right off of the ground, she gave her the greatest fantastic birthday present she could.

"Fuck yes! I can't take it! I'm cumming!" Amy screamed.

"Me too!" Ellen cried. "Yes!"

As Ellen held her daughter's body off of the ground and drove her massive, thick, wet, girly-cock up inside her teenage daughter, Amy erupted on the giant shaft inside her, screaming wildly for their private reality to hear. Ellen exploded as well, blasting sticky, warm cum from her dick up into her daughter's tiny body. Their cum poured down Amy's thighs as Ellen held her daughter up in the air. Amy's breasts exploded with milk and sprayed like two fire hoses, turning the cake in front of her into a pile of pink and white mush in a matter of seconds. Finally, as Amy's magical powers took over, Amy's entire body exploded as well. Her naked body burst into white milk, coating her mom, her cock, and everything around her. Like a water balloon that had been poked with a needle, Amy burst into milk, leaving nothing but her corset, her gloves and her collar to fall into the puddle she had left behind.

Covered in milk and with her giant cock still firm and dripping with cum and milk, Ellen laughed down at her soaked body. She had given her daughter the fucking of her lifetime and now she was nothing more than a puddle. But the birthday party was not over yet for a hand grew from this puddle of milk, a hand made of milk which motioned for her mom to join her. Knowing that her own daughter was the puddle, Ellen smiled and let her entire body melt. As her stockings and garter fell to the ground, Ellen's entire body burst into pink milk and splashed on the ground beside her daughter. The two milky puddles, one white and one pink, merged together and swirled about on the floor. Safe and alone in their private reality, the two magical women mixed together and continued the birthday party in their own magical way.


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