An Entirely New Perspective

I think there will be a tendency for anyone reading this story to dismiss it out of hand as not being true. But, I assure you it is true and quite frankly, I find it difficult to believe and I was there! It was only a few months ago but I still question my memory as to whether it actually happened or not. But, it was the single most sensuous experience of my fifty years on this earth so I thought you, gentle reader, might find it of interest. Or at least some of you might. This adventure was my first cuckold experience.

First a bit of background. I was married to K for twenty-nine years. two years ago, she left me for a garage mechanic who did not graduate from high school, and they moved to Costa Rica to operate a bed and breakfast (made possible because of a portion of my 401k). No hard feelings on my part, everyone must seek his or her own brand and version of happiness. I hope they are happy <wink>

The one thing I do resent is not having a sex life for nearly three decades. The most exciting thing we ever did was have a shot of bourbon before having sex. She was an analyst with a stock brokerage firm and her turn on was numbers. My resentment stems from the fact that she often made me feel weird and dirty when I mentioned my sexual fantasies and suggestions for experimentation. (No flavored oil, no vibrator, no, no, no).

After the split, I had my law practice to keep me busy so I didn't date much for a long time. One day, I met a woman at the gourmet market down the street from my house. There's a scene in one of the Godfather movies when Michael is in Sicily and he sees a woman and is "thunderstruck" by her. This is what happened to me at the store that day.

My ex worked out like a fiend and went into deep depression if she gained more than an ounce in a year so she was bone thin. The woman I saw was what I would call voluptuous—meaning she had a lot of curves. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans, a curve-hugging red cashmere sweater and a pair of red high heels.

Her frosted hair was cut and colored perfectly for the shape of her face, and though her make up was minimal she looked like a movie star. I was stopped in my tracks. She was quite a few years younger than me so I didn't say anything much less do anything. I did not think she would be attracted to an old guy. So, I went around the aisle again and when I passed her I told her she was a stunning woman. Sorry, I know it's lame, but it's all I could come up with under the circumstances.

Then I went about my shopping. When I exited the store she was standing outside with her bags waiting for me.

"Thank you very much for the kind compliment," she said. I used an old Cary Grant line and told her I was sure she got tired of all the constant compliments. She laughed aloud and asked if she could buy me a beer. I didn't have to think too long. I put my groceries in the car and we walked across the parking lot to a small tavern. We talked for several hours and put away several appetizers along with a lot of Heineken's. I don't know that I have ever enjoyed a conversation as much in my entire life. I walked her to the car and she clasped her hands around my arm. It was corny but I loved it.

We started seeing one another and it has been a wonderful relationship. Unlike my ex-wife I am not bone thin and, to be honest, haven't felt extremely sexy with my over-sized beer belly. We've been walking in the evening and she doesn't let me eat sweets or bread any more, so I have lost about nineteen pounds in a short period of time. Our discussions often focus on sex and we have talked a great deal about fantasies and role-play and things like that.

It was a long time before I told her about my role-play ideas because I did not want to scare her off if she had sexual proclivities like my ex-wife. Eventually, however, we acted out a few of my scenarios, and she seemed to like what we did. She introduced me to the concept of D/s. I had never heard of this. Being an attorney, I have always had a dominant personality. If I had not been so dominant and strong, I would be been eaten alive in the courtroom and in negotiations. But, I have fantasized about a woman being in control often—I just didn't know there was a name for it!

A year into the relationship, we took a weekend trip to Atlanta. We stayed at a luxurious hotel. I had a deposition all day on Thursday so it was her day to shop and go to the spa. I met her in the bar in the late afternoon. She immediately untied my tie and pulled it off. She looked amazing, I might add. She wore a tight fitting knit dress that hung off her shoulders. She wore a large leather belt around the middle of her hourglass figure. The dress was a little shorter than I would have expected. She also wore a pair of strappy platform shoes. I felt like I was in a porn film she looked so overtly sexy.

The Maître d' came over to say that our table was ready and he escorted us to the lavish dining room. We slid into a curved banquette and I ordered some wine. I felt her moving next to me and then she took my hand, kissed me on the side of my face and whispered in my ear, "touch my pussy, please." She had gathered her dress up around her waist. She guided my hand up her firm warm thigh and pushed my finger into her pussy. Then she moaned so loudly people turned to look. "Finger fuck it," she whispered. I began moving my finger slowly. She was so wet, I could hear the noise my finger was making. Then the waiter appeared at the table to bring the wine. He went about his task and I went about mine.

When he left she slid my finger out. "Lick it," she instructed. "Taste me." I felt like I was in a fantasy. I have always loved talking dirty. And, she knew I liked it. We had a magnificent meal and a bottle of exquisite cabernet. We talked about everything. We talked about nothing. I was truly enjoying this moment. After the table was cleared, I ordered us a snifter of brandy. She turned toward me and gave me one of the best kisses of my entire fifty years.

She took my arm and put it around her shoulders and laid her head on my shoulder. We stayed like that for a long time and sipped our brandy in silence.
Then she began kissing the side of my face and I could feel her tongue on my ear. I could feel her breath hot on my neck. "I want to dominate you tonight." She cooed. I have to admit my heart began to beat a little faster because I had no idea what that might entail, but, of course, I agreed. She told me to have another brandy and she was going upstairs to "get ready."

I pulled the table out for her and kissed her on the cheek as she left. My mind was racing wildly. The possible scenes for this adventure were flashing across my mind like it was a multiplex. I relaxed while I sipped on the brandy. After twenty minutes or so went by my phone vibrated. "I'm ready for my sub," she whispered, and then phone went dead.

I went to the elevator with my mind spinning with excitement. I could feel myself physically reacting to the possibilities ahead of me also. I walked down the quiet, elegant hallway and then knocked on the door.

To Be Continued...
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