An Evening On A Lake
It was a few years ago. I was about eighteen or nineteen. My parents took my younger sister and me to a lakeside resort, someplace in the mid-west. We stayed in a fancy hotel on the shores of a gigantic lake. Our plan was to stay for two weeks. The hotel was not isolated from a nearby town, and an occasional trip into town was a good diversion. Although I did have a driver's license, I was not permitted to drive into town, at night, by myself. My night time social life had deteriorated to almost zero. With my sister and I sharing a room, even masturbation became a non-event, although at times I was almost at that point. I liked my sister and would never have done anything to upset or offend her. But, my cock needed a diversion. I tried, from time to time, to get to know a girl staying at the hotel, but it didn't happen. From time to time, I would take an evening walk along the hotel's waterfront. The hotel had a pier for boats to tie-up, steps into the water for swimmers, and benches along a park overlooking the waterfront. During evening hours, lamp posts were lit. Sometimes I would sit at those benches after dinner.

One evening, while walking along the waterfront, I passed one of the benches and noticed a woman sitting. I recognized her. She was a guest of the hotel, probably twice my age. She was very attractive. I had noticed her before, and liked her looks. She had blond hair, tied into a knot. She wore a skirt and a blouse and had high-heel shoes.

Her legs were crossed. Her skirt was above her knees. My uncle once told me that high-heel shoes are called "fuck-me" shoes.

"Hello," I heard the woman say. I stopped walking, looked towards where the greeting came from, thought for a moment, and quietly, almost in a whisper, said, "Hello."
"I've seen you before. I am also a guest here. Sit down, please."

I had no idea what to do next. I could say "hello," the proper thing to do. Or, I could just keep on walking pretending I never heard or saw the woman. In the meantime, I looked her over. I looked at her exposed knees. Then I looked at her low cut blouse, and kept my eyes on it for more than a few seconds. Then I noticed her cleavage! Oh, my God! I could see her tits, just from that cleavage. "Come on," I heard her say, "Sit next to me." I was beginning to perspire. I took a few steps towards her and sat to her left. "Good," she said, "my name is Glenda, what's yours?"
"My name is Eduardo."

Before I could take a deep breath, she padded me on my thigh. Two pats. Then she removed her hand. "Are you staying a long time?" she asked.

"Well, we've been here for a week and we are staying another week." With that enormously long sentence I was becoming more comfortable with the situation. I leaned back, and not knowing what to do with my right arm, I moved it behind her back, resting it on the top of the back of the bench. I notice that she was looking at me, her head turned towards me. I also noticed that her skirt was now a good three inches above her knee. I also felt a hard-on coming. I was starting to become embarrassed. "You are a good-looking young man," she said. "Do you have a girl-friend?"
"No, not really, not here anyway. At home I know a few girls, but there is no one special."

"Well," Glenda said, "You are very handsome and some girl will be lucky to have you." And with that, she resumed touching my thigh. This time she stroked my thigh with her left hand, stopping a few inches from my crotch. She stroked me a few times, and the last stroke stopped as high up on my thigh, without actually in my crotch.

"Do you like that?" Glenda asked?

"What?" I asked her.

"My touching your leg. Do you like it?"
I was now perspiring. "Yes," I said, not being certain that my answer was the right one.

"Want some more?" she asked, "and, Eduardo, please touch my shoulder with your right hand."

"Yes, OK." Glenda returned her hand to my crotch. As I felt her hand close to my cock, I touched her shoulder with the arm I had around her. I pulled her a little closer to me. She did not resist. I felt her hand on my cock. It was hard. I felt her stroking my cock through my pants and jockey-shorts. Any doubts I had regarding this situation has totally disappeared. I pulled more on her shoulder and found her mouth close to mine.
"Kiss me," I heard her say. Her entire hand was pushing on my cock. I was hard. Did she know I was hard? Yes! and she kept stroking and pushing at my cock. My eyes were now closed. I felt her lips on my lips. She put her right around behind my neck and pulled me close to her.

"Are you enjoying yourself?" she asked.
"Yes," I answered in a whisper. I felt her tongue licking my lips. She let go of my crotch and searched for my left arm. When she found it, and led it to her left knee. My hand was now on her knee! Her hand went back to my crotch. She then began searching for my fly zipper. "You like this?" she asked?
"Yessssss" I heard myself say.

My hand slowly crept upwards, under her skirt, on her left thigh. I could feel her knees separating a little. She is making it easier for me, I thought. Easier for what?
Glenda found the top of my zipper. She began pulling on it. She succeeded by opening my fly, followed by opening my belt buckle and pant button at my waist. I could feel her hand holding my naked cock.

My fingers began to move towards Glenda's treasure spot. I felt her inner thigh, half-way up to her crotch. Then I reached a part of her that almost blew my mind! My fingers felt Glenda's panties. Just as I felt it's soft, silky material, Glenda had hold of my cock, in her hand, stroking it very slowly. I am sure that Glenda knew that I could cum at any minute. I am sure she tried to delay it, all the while my fingers under Glenda's panties. I first felt her hair and then clumsily searched for her pussy. Then I found it! I felt a fleshy part of her body, very, very wet. I kept feeling for an opening and found it! I found Glenda's pussy! Yes! I used my middle finger to get into it, little at a time. I did not want to hurt her. I then discovered that my cock was alone. Glenda let go of my cock! Glenda's head was now on my mouth, her tongue fucking my mouth, her hand behind my neck, Glenda's skirt above her knees and her knees spread wide. "Come on, let's move over here," suddenly Glenda said. She stood up, took my hand and guided me to a secluded spot on the lawn, while I was holding up my pants. She pulled me to the ground, lay next to me and began kissing me. Her tongue was wild inside my mouth. Her hand took mine and guided me to her crotch. Somehow she had taken off her panties. Her hand went to my open zipper pants and began pulling them off. I laid there in my jockey shorts. I decided to become a little aggressive. I got on my knees, bare ass, guided Glenda to lie on her back, and pulled off her panties. Her dress was under her ass and I could see Glenda naked from her waist down, legs apart, her pussy starring me in my face, thank goodness for the single lamp post!
I could not believe what I was seeing. Glenda saw my amazement. "Do you want to get in?" she asked.

"Yessss," I answered.

"Go, ahead," she said, "I'll guide you."
I got on my knees as close to Glenda as I could. My cock was as hard as ever! Glenda's legs were apart; I got close to her on my knees; I felt Glenda's hand grip my cock and pull it, slowly and gently. I knew I had to follow her guiding. My cock then felt a fleshy wetness. Glenda let go of my cock. "Push..." she said, "Push."

I pushed. I got into Glenda. I could hear Glenda's "Aggggghhhhhhh, Yes!! Yes!! Oh, my God, Aggggghhhhhh." I felt this hot, wet, wonderful flesh surrounding my cock. We fucked in unison. Up and down, in and out, up and down, in and out. "Glenda," I screamed. "Eduardo," Glenda screamed.
We got dressed, said goodbye. We went each others way.

The next morning, at breakfast, with my sister and parents, I saw Glenda at table, with her husband, I assume. Not a word was spoken. No eye contact was made. There was no follow-up meeting. Only an unforgettable memory remains.
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