An Incestuous Proposal
oh daughter....

I long to shove my hard cock up your slippery wet cunt again, thrusting and pounding into your sexy teenage body and filling your insides with cum. Then I will pull out, turn you over on your belly, re insert my large cock into your asshole and fuck your tight behind just as hard. Your entire body will quiver and shake as your father crashes and collides into your little body, almost feeling like your are being torn in two, but getting the ride of your life in the bargain. I want to fuck your brains out and make you scream and cry with pleasure as I ravage all your little holes- your pussy, your ass and your mouth. I bet you do too, you little slut- I am sure that you spend long nights playing with yourself,fingering your pussy while you think of your own fathers large cock and how much you want to be impaled on it. Such a sick, twisted nasty little girl must be punished by having her daddy's cock inside her at least once a day, perhaps twice or three times.

Uhhh but I am not satisfied with just this daughter, pleasurable as it is.It was a good thing to introduce mommy into out little secret. Perhaps in future encounters, I would like to see you and mommy make love in front of me before I join in, eating each others pussies, sucking on your mommies nipples like a baby, you sucking and licking mommies asshole and then mommy getting her large strapon to pound her daughters cunt.

And then there is the matter of your little sister. She is younger then you, not as experienced and thus not as self confident and self assured in these matters as you. When she was first introduced to Daddy's big cock, while you watched, she cried and pleaded as my large cock had initial difficulty in penetrating her small pussy. Now, of course, she takes it like a champ. I especially enjoy watching you make out with each other while she bounces her little ass on my dick.

Since mommy is now in on our little secret, what I propose is this- it is high time our family has an orgy. There is no use keeping this under wraps any more, the cat(or pussy to be more precise) is completely out of the bag. So how about this- before me and mommy come home from work, you and your sister get almost completely naked except for high heels and metal studded collars, tying yourself by leashes to the bed posts of mommy and daddy's bedroom. Then, work yourselves up into a sexual frenzy by using mommy's large collection of vibrators and dildos, on yourselves and each other. Licking each other cunts would also be reccomended, as a natural lubriant and also something to get you psychologically excited. When me and mommy come home, we will waste no time, taking off our clothes and offering our dicks and cunts to you, respectively. We will take turns fucking both of you, and will also fuck each other if you too want to play with each other some more. In no time, mommy and daddy's bed will be a writhing mass of flesh, the entire family will be fucking each other and you will enjoy every minute of it.

Does that sound like a plan my lovely, sexy, perverted daughter?


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