An Office Affair Part Four
"What are you going to do with those?" Sarah asked.

I grabbed the cloth pins from my bag and laid them on her stomach. I just smiled and clipped three to each breast in a semicircle on the underside. She gasped as I applied each one. I sucked her nipples rock hard again and clipped one more to each nipple.

"No! No!" she cried and started fighting the ropes.

I slipped the ball gag in and she just stared wide eyed at me. Next, I held up a huge prick shaped 10" vibrator and turned it on. She gasped at the hum and froze on the bed. I reached down and rubbed it against the soles of her feet Sarah started yelling into the gag and struggled furiously. I kept it up for a few minutes and then moved up to her face. I stroked her neck and she closed her eyes and tried to catch her breath. I slipped the mask back over eyes to heighten the sensations and slowly played the vibrator over the rest of her body, avoiding her pussy. By the time I got to the inside of her thighs, she was humping against the bed. I turned it off and asked her if she liked it. Sarah nodded her head and said something into the gag.

I turned the vibrator back on and nuzzled it against her cunt lips. She strained against her bonds to get some of it in, and I slid it up across her clit. For the next twenty minutes, I teased her with the dildo, rubbing her clit and asshole and sliding slightly between her outer lips. Every time she got close to coming, I would stop and rub her face with it. At times, she was wriggling fiercely and thrashing her head back and forth, as she tried to make more contact with the vibrator as she moaned into the gag. At other moments, she seemed to sob and try to avoid the contact. Finally I stopped and watched her lay there gasping with what sounded like whimpers coming from the gag. Her hair was soaked with sweat and she was gasping to catch her breathe.

"Do you want to fuck the vibrator?" I asked.

Sarah shook her head wildly so I laid it on her stomach still running. She wriggled in anticipation, but I did not do anything yet.

"You'll have to do it yourself," I said as I untied her left arm.

She shook her head no several times and just left her arm up near her head. I waited a minute, and then I started rubbing her pussy with the head of the vibrator. I turned it on high and soon she was bucking her hips wildly, trying to get it in. I laid it between her cunt lips and she could feel my weight leave the bed. She wriggled her ass, trying to make more contact, but all she succeeded in doing was pushing it away. I could sense the internal struggle as she was still for a few moments, hoping I would continue. She was still too shy to fuck herself in front of me, but I was going to cure her of that. Finally, with a moan, her horniness overtook her inhibitions and she grabbed the humming cock and ran it across her clit. Soon she was humping and moaning as she tried to get the big cock into her cunt.

I spread her outer lips and stepped back. It took a few minutes but she forced that big rubber dick into her pussy. She had about three inches into her trying to work it in and out. I could tell she had never had anything that big in her pussy. Suddenly she stiffened and started jerking hard against the fake cock and screamed into the gag. I knew she was starting a good orgasm. I let this happen for a minute and then I grabbed her hand and retied it while she fought hard to keep it on the dildo. I left the dildo in as she continued jerking. I untied each ankle and refastened them to the posts above her arms. I then stuck a pillow under ass. She was still wriggling with her ass fully exposed as her juices ran out of past the dildo, down over asshole. I removed the gag and blindfold. Her eyes were wild and she did not say anything, just moaned and gasped. I quickly shoved my cock into her mouth, pumping in and out slowly as I became stiff as iron. I pulled the dildo from her pussy and my cock from her mouth. I brought the dildo up to her lips and turned it off. Sarah sucked it hungrily as I slid my finger into her pussy.

Sarah humped against my hand as she cried, "Please make me cum!"

I pulled my finger out of her pussy and rubbed it against her asshole. As I started forcing it in against the incredibly tight hole, she kept moaning "No! No!"

Eventually I got two of them in as far as I could go. She struggled, but soon she was humping my hand as I rubbed her clit with my thumb. Leaving my fingers in her asshole, I rubbed my cock against her pussy, sliding a couple of inches in as she gasped. Her pussy was wet but still very tight and hot. I lost t control as I pulled my fingers from her ass and holding her shoulders, I rammed my cock in as far as it would go. Sarah screamed as she felt the full length push in, and I could feel the head rubbing against her cervix.

I pulled the clothes pins from her nipples, sucked, and bit her nipples hard as I started pounding into her. I sensed her orgasm as I was pulling her hair and grunting with every stroke. I could feel the sensation in my balls building as I kept pounding away at her. I could not seem to cum as the pressure built in me and I fucked Sarah harder than I had ever fucked anyone in my life. Finally, I exploded my whole body stiffening as it felt like a pushed a couple of more inches into her poor cunt. Sarah yelled and I crushed her body to me as I kept spurting into her.

Eventually I stopped jerking, and I untied Sarah while remaining in her. I removed the remaining clothespins and I noticed Sarah was sobbing quietly. I pulled her head back and kissed her. She then wrapped her arms and legs around me and buried her head in my shoulder, still sobbing. Soon she was asleep. As I lay there, I knew there would be a next time, and my thoughts were already turning to the surprises I had in store for Sarah.
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