An Office Affair Part One
It was a warm summer's day. As I turned the corner, I saw Sarah standing there waving. I stopped my car in front of her Sarah leaned over and gave me a small sexy smile. As Sarah climbed inside, her black miniskirt rose up to the top of her tanned thighs. Sarah leaned over to give me a kiss, her tank top was loose enough to allow me a view of her small but firm tits as her hard nipples brushed my arm. I smiled at her and gave her a wink. "Are you ready for this?" I asked. "I think so..." she hesitated. "Are you nervous Sarah or perhaps scared maybe"? , I chuckled. She nodded. "Good!" I replied as I put the car in gear, sliding my hand up her thigh as we left.

Sarah is a secretary in the law office that I work in downtown. A gorgeous pair of legs, which she loves to show off at work, supported Sarah's 5' 4", 110-pound body. She is in her mid-thirties, divorced, with a teenage daughter and has been in a steady relationship for the past seven years. I have had several steady girl friends since we have known each other, but it does not stop us from flirting at work and we have become good friends.

Sarah had borrowed a slide projector from me, on her way out to lunch the next day, she grabbed my car keys to move the projector from her trunk to mine. When she returned my keys, she commented on a strange looking one on the ring. I told her the key was for my handcuffs and she blushed, so I told her to look at my rear view mirror the next time she went by my car. A few months passed since then she has been asking me many questions about the handcuffs and bondage since then. She reluctantly admitted she had never tried it and asked me various questions about how I bound women and what I did to them. Because we were friends, I answered her questions. I had always had the hots for Sarah, and the thought of her bound, gagged, and at my mercy finally outweighed the concern for our friendship.

The next day Sarah came into my office. She stood at the side of my desk, looked at me with a sly smile as she sat on the edge. I watched as her dress slid up her legs, exposing little thigh to me. Sarah knew I was looking at her; she leaned in and asked another question. I told her I was not going to answer any more questions, she would have to experience it herself. Sarah giggled nervously, "You would not do that you me?" I looked at her with an evil grin, "I would love to and it would be the best experience of your life Sarah". She flashed me a sexy little smile as she slid off my desk and walked out of my office.

Sarah avoided the subject for several weeks and then one day while having lunch together I asked her when she wanted to be tied up. Sarah laughed and said, "Whenever you're ready!" I let the remark slide for a couple of days making her think it would not happen. Then on Friday I walked up to her desk, leaned over, circling a Saturday two weeks away on her calendar. I pointed to the date and said, "We'll need all afternoon" and left. As I walked away, I quickly looked over my shoulder and saw a huge smile on her blushing face. I went away on business for a week. When I returned, I noticed Sarah standing by an isolated fax machine alone with her hands on her hips. She had on a short, white skirt that hugged her in all that right places, her legs encased in thin black stockings. Her blouse was sheer enough that I could see a lacy black bra pushed her tits up and out, enhanced by her stance. I decided to go for it.

I gently grabbed her wrists and held them behind her back. She started to pull away, then noticed it was me, and just wriggled a little without trying to break away. "Are you ready for Saturday? " I asked and released her hands. She grabbed my arm as she turned and looked up at me. "I made arrangements to go "shopping '"with a friend... what are you going to do to me?" I laughed and said, "Whatever I want. Anything goes, you do whatever I say, no turning back, and I need to make hotel reservations." We were both in relationships, so a neutral site was needed, and I knew just the place with four-poster beds and other furniture that would be useful. I knew I had to be careful the first time. I wanted her to get maximum pleasure and get comfortable so there would be a second time... and a third. I wanted to make her mine; step by step.

Sarah asked, "No hitting?" in a quiet voice. "I'll try not to spank that beautiful ass too much" and covered her hand on my arm and grinned. "Okay" she whispered breathlessly, turned, and left quickly. We did not speak about it the rest of the week, but I left a note on her desk, "Noon time at the mall, south end. We'll leave your car." I found a note on my desk later that read "I am all yours" As we drove Sarah pour two martinis from a thermos I brought. She was working on her second one when we arrived at the hotel and finished it as I checked us in. I carried a small travel bag that I put just inside the hotel room door. "What's in there?" Sarah asked. "Toys" I smiled as I grabbed her ass through her short skirt and started kissing her passionately, running my tongue as deep into her throat as I could. Sarah melted into me, rubbing her tits against my chest. Just as she was really getting into it, I pulled away and said, "It's time for the first lesson." I walked over to my travel bag and pulled out a smaller bag. "This is what you get to wear today. Go in the bathroom and put it on. Then we'll get started." Sarah smiled, took the bag and headed off.

After a few minutes, I heard water running and knew she was trying to freshen up. She must have been sopping wet by now. I pulled a pair of handcuffs out of the bag placing them on the dresser on the other side of the room. I stripped down to my briefs and took a seat in a chair next to the bed. Sarah must have been bracing herself for the entrance because ten minutes passed before she came out of the bathroom. It was worth the wait. My bag had contained a sheer red Teddy, a tiny red G-string, sheer red stockings and a pair of red spike heels. Sarah looked amazingly hot.
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