An Office Affair Part Three
Sarah had increased her humping I heard an occasional moan escape from the gag. I pulled four more pieces of nylon rope from my bag fastening one end of each to a post on the bed. When I was about halfway through, Sarah must have climaxed. She increased her pace and started fighting against her restraints. I heard low steady moans coming from her gag. I listened for a few minutes until her moans slowed down. I watched as her body began twitching every few seconds.

"Good, a sensitive clit," I thought as I switched off the vibrator.

As Sarah stopped twitching, I started caressing her body, her face, with my fingertips being careful not to touch any erogenous zones. After a few minutes, I got up and finished attaching the ropes. As I looked down on her, bound, gagged, blindfolded, and coming down from a good orgasm, my cock grew even harder I needed some release. I loosened the ropes to give her about two feet between hands and ankles. I picked her up, placing her on the carpet as I knelt beside her. The rope kept her back arched, her breasts thrust out. I began to knead them, pulling, and twisting her nipples gently until she moaned into the gag. I turned the vibrator on to high.

Sarah stiffened, moaned and started rubbing her tits against my leg and her head into my thigh. I slid back bit as I grabbed a full handful of her hair, pulling it. I pulled down my briefs, looking down at her; my hand began to stroke my cock. The head was a deep purple close to nine inches long. I had never exceeded eight inches before. I wanted this woman. I leaned forward pulling her head back by her hair; I rubbed my cock over the soft skin of her neck then across cheeks as she moaned. I removed the gag and asked her if she wanted my cock, all of it.

"Yes....Please!" was all she could say as I pulled her head into my balls.

Sarah started sucking and licking my balls and I almost lost it. I removed her blind fold and she saw my cock for the first time. I think she liked what she saw. Sarah moaned as I rubbed it over eyes. She kept twisting her head to get me in her mouth, but I had a firm grip on her hair. I dangled my cock in front of her and she leaned forward with her mouth open to suck me in. I let her fall forward and then grabbed her before she hit the floor.

"Not yet! Who's in charge here?" I growled.

"You are" Sarah moaned as I held her by the hair.

I noticed she was writhing and remembered that the vibrator was on high. I slid my cock between her lips and she sucked hungrily. I reached down and massaged a tit while pumping three or four inches of cock into her hungry mouth. Sarah was moaning continuously now. I held her hair and started pumping as much of my cock into her face as I could. She took about six inches before she started gagging, but continued sucking and started shaking. I could not hold back. The pressure building in my balls was too much. I jammed my cock down her throat and pulled her nipple as hard as I exploded into her mouth. I left my cock in until Sarah milked me dry. I laid her on the floor and turned off the buzz box.

I knelt over her face and she licked me clean. I picked her up and laid her on the bed, released the rope between her ankles and wrists and let her stretch out. Her eyes remained closed and gradually her breathing subsided. I removed the vibrator and propped up Sarah's head as she slowly drank the glass of water, leaving only the cubes in the bottom. I laid down next to her and kissed her gently on the lips.

"Thank you" she whispered, "are you going to untie me now?"

"No, not yet...well not entirely. I have another position in mind," I grinned.

I pulled her head to my shoulder and we lay quietly together as I caressed her body. I was gaining more control I thought and my cock started to harden. I caressed her breasts and apologized for pulling her nipple so hard.

"Don't worry, it hurt, but it felt good at the time, I think it helped me come," she whispered as she nuzzled into my shoulder.

"What a treasure I have here I thought ...if I just push the right buttons."

I slid my hand down her stomach and then spread her pussy slips, sliding a finger in. Sarah moaned and started rubbing against my now erect cock, which was brushing her stomach. She was ready for the next lesson in submission. I kept finger fucking her until she begged me.

"Untie me! I want to make love to you."

I removed my finger and rolled her onto her stomach.

"Didn't I already tell you no" I told her harshly.

"Yes. But..." and she yelped as I slapped her ass.

"I'm not finished yet." I slapped her ass again, a little harder.

Sarah yelped and started squirming. I quickly put the gag and blindfold back on.

"I will keep it up until you stop screaming and squirming."

I then began a series of measured strokes on her ass, firm but not too hard, I did not want to lose her, just get her attention. After about ten strokes, Sarah managed to stay still and quiet for five in a row. I rolled her over and wiped the tears from her face. She was sobbing gently and I stroked her face until she stopped.

"Are you ready to continue?" I asked.

Sarah nodded, that being the only communication she was capable of showing. I tied one ankle to one post and released the rope between them. I then tied the other ankle to the next post, removing the G-string. I sat her up, undid the cuffs, removed her teddy and quickly tied her wrists to the remaining posts. Using the king size bed to advantage, I adjusted her ropes as tight as I could. When I was finished, she was spread-eagled as tight as possible with her pussy fully exposed and her tits moving up and down with her breathing. Boy did she look good. It was my first view of her pussy. The light brown hair appeared recently trimmed and it glistened with left over juices. My cock was fully erect and beginning to throb. I pulled off the blindfold and gag. I straddled her shoulders and rubbed my cock all over her face, letting her suck a couple of inches. I ran my finger down her crack and slowly rubbed her clit. Sarah started humping against me and let my cock slide out of her mouth as she moaned. I got up, went to my bag, and grabbed several items.

I knelt over Sarah, sucked, and played with her nipples until they were as hard as I could get them. I then grabbed an ice cube out of her empty glass and rubbed it against her face neck, slowly moving down to her body. She kept her eyes closed and wriggled against the ropes as I circled each nipple with the cube. She shivered as I ran it down along each thigh and then across her clit.

"That feels different," she said and then she gasped as I slipped it in her pussy and left it there.
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