An Office Affair Part Two
Sarah stood anxiously in the bathroom doorway, a little unsteady because of the drinks and the high heels. Her nipples were rock hard and rubbed sensually against the teddy as she walked. The G-string revealed all, she had told me she tanned in the nude and the golden flesh above the tops of her stockings got me hard immediately. Her eyes looked me from head to toe and then fixated on my crotch. I could not blame her. I knew her boyfriend was in his mid-forties and out of shape. My hard-on was starting to peak out of my briefs, and by the look in her eyes, it was my most impressive muscle.

I motioned Sarah towards me with my hand. "I am ready Vincent," she said nervously walking towards me. I quickly stopped her. "You will address me as Master from now on, slave." Looking at her with a stern face, "Do you understand slave?" Not knowing what to do, Sarah lowered her head "Yes Master." "Now come to Master," I grinned while patting my lap. Obediently she walked over and straddled my lap. I grabbed her ass firmly with one hand and taking a firm handful of hair with the other. A low moan escaped from her mouth. I pulled in close, kissing her deeply. She wrapped her arms and legs around me and moaned as she melted into the kiss. I played with her for a minute and then pinched her ass hard. She jumped up with a yelp and rubbed her ass. I said sternly, "Get the cuffs from the dresser."

Sarah timidly picked up the cuffs and walked back. She held them in her hands as if they were a snake. I took them from her and showed her how they worked. I slipped one end over her left wrist and adjusted it snugly with a loud "click". "Turn around" I commanded. She hesitated, so I grabbed her other wrist, pulled it behind her back, and fastened the other cuff. I slapped her sharply on the ass. Sarah took a step forward off balance and then turned to face me. I could see her testing the cuffs with her eyes wide and her mouth stuck open.

"Now you are all mine," I whispered as I walked towards her. I grabbed her ass with my left hand and slid my right hand up to her left tit. I massaged it and rolled her nipple between my thumb and finger slow yet firmly. Sarah gasped. I pulled her against me, lifted her up and carried her to the bed. I fell on top of her with my hard cock rubbing against her pussy though the material. After a minute, she was grinding her hips against mine.

I rolled to one side, pining one leg to the bed. I pushed the teddy up and started sucking on a tit. I slid my other hand up her thigh and ran my finger over her pussy through the thin material. It became sopping wet quickly; I eased my hand under the G-string, spreading her cunt lips. Sarah was dripping. She let out a loud moan as I kept running my finger softly between her lips. When she was writhing and panting in rhythm, I stood up. I looked down at her and said; "I want to fuck your brains out right now, but that would spoil the fun" Sarah just kept panting as I went over to my bag and pulled something out.

As I was standing over her, Sarah asked, "What's that?" "It's a clit vibrator," I answered as I unwound the little pink heart shaped device attached to a small box with a 4-foot cord. "Have you ever tried one?" Sarah just shook her head and I laughed. I slid the heart over her clit as I spread her cunt lips and pulled the G-string snuggly over the vibrator. I stepped back and turned the switch to low. Sarah gasped and wriggled her hips. "Is that the right spot?" Sarah moaned a yes and I tucked the switch into the front of her teddy where she could not reach it. I grabbed her ankles and turned her so she was fully on the bed. "I said you would love it," I told her as I went back to my bag. I pulled two lengths of soft nylon out and walked over to the bed. "What are you going to do?" Sarah whispered. "Tie your ankles so you don't move the vibrator," I answered. I loved her little questions, but it was time to get to work.

I wrapped each ankle separately and them then together with the first piece of rope. I rolled her over on her stomach and attached one end of the other rope to her ankle rope and tied the other end to the chain on the handcuffs, pulling her hands and her feet about two feet apart in a loose hog tie. Sarah started to struggle, so I moved her to the middle of the bed. I got another rope from the bag and ran it from the corner of the head of the bed to the opposite corner at the foot of the bed, through the rope attaching her feet to her hands. It was a king size bed.

"Now you can struggle all you want and you won't fall off the bed." She could not see me as I pulled a ball gag from my bag and knelt down by her head on the bed. I gave her a long kiss, which she returned hungrily. "I want peace and quiet while I finish setting up." I held her hair as I placed the ball gag in her mouth and slipped the surgical tubing over her head. Sarah struggled and tried to yell into the gag, but I had a firm grip on her hair. I cupped her face gently with one hand and ran the other one down to massage a nipple her glare gradually left her face as she closed her eyes. I slid my other hand from her face to her other nipple. In few seconds, she was moaning into the gag. "This could be tighter," I said as I brought her hands and ankles together and secured them. Sarah was grunting, and this lifted her chest, so I massaged her tits again.

"And this could be faster "I turned the vibrator up to medium. I massaged her cheek and soon she began a slow rhythmic humping into the vibrator, against the bed. I got up, went into the bathroom, and splashed cold water on my face. I had to cool off. I have wanted to fuck this woman since I first laid eyes on her. I had to calm down, "Stay in control and you can own her, body and soul" I said to myself. After several minutes, I went back out. I brought a glass of water with me. Sarah would need it soon. I spotted the fully stocked fridge and added ice cubes to the water. They would come in handy later.
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