An Older Woman

Christina held her breath as I laid my hand on her bare thigh. Feeling the warm softness of her skin, I moaned for the both of us. We had noticed each other in passing at the party that my parents were throwing in celebration for my safe return after spending time overseas in places that I can't mention and doing things that would haunt me to my grave. Christina was about fifteen years my senior with features that time didn't take away but seemed to refine and had made more beautiful. From her glowing caramel skin to her short chocolate brown curls, there was nothing that I didn't like or want but it was her amber colored eyes that held me. They were two jewels in Christina's face accenting that perfect mouth with full luscious lips the kinds that kissing would be a sex act all of its own. Then there seeing those perfect lips wrapped around my cock as I fuck her mouth. I had to glance down to make sure that I hadn't tented my jeans, but that is when I noticed Christina's full-figured wrapped in a brick red sleeveless dress. The damned thing hugged her body to mid-thigh and then flowed out around her legs. It had me wondering what she would like naked. What I wanted to do is bury myself her warmth and softness...if she would let me.

We talked as we stared into each other eyes letting the other see the need that was there until we were separated by others claiming my attention. I had every intention of returning, but it wasn't able to until later that evening at the end of the party. I had heard her tell my mother that she would be ok as she only lived a few blocks away and it was such a lovely time for a walk home. I waited for her to leave noting the directions she took then after some minutes of saying goodbye to parents and relatives who were still there left to find Christina.

She was sitting on her front porch looking at the stars when I drove up, and I sat there for a moment wondering if I was doing the right thing knowing that my time here could be short and I would be gone again. Then she turned and looked at me, and at that moment I knew my decision had been made for me.
Getting out my truck I took the seemingly long but short walk to Christina. I had learned her name the second that we met I had asked her, the first time we were introduced I was in awe. Now away from the party, the demand for my attention and they prying eyes I got a chance to look her, and I wanted it all.

"Sebastian, why are you here?", I asked knowing why because he had been on my mind since being introduced. Margery, his mother, had said that her son, Sebastian who was in the army was coming home from a tour of duty over the sea and they were throwing a welcome home party for him. My son was away staying the summer with family and friend before making his decision college or the military. I told him what I wanted as the military had taken his father away from us, but he decided to make. Now in front of me stood another woman's son looking at me as if I was his last meal, his drink, his peace...

I wanted to talk to you without the crowd. I...
"Would you like to come for some coffee?, I said knowing that I should send him on his way, but it has been so long twelve years. My body was like a parched throat in the desert seeking water. Just a drop was needed to ease it, and now here he was, standing right here in front of me.

"Yes I would," Sebastian said knowing that if he hadn't said anything, they would probably in the morning still staring at each other. Following Christina into the house by the side door Sebastian enters the cool darkness of her home realizing how hot and muggy it had been outside in spite of the lateness of the hour.

"Please, if you like we can sit out said in the garden, or we can stay inside, "Christina said realizing that she should have offered him ice tea instead of the coffee. Not asking, she moves to fix two tall glasses of iced tea as Sebastian opens the sliding doors and walks out to the garden. The place was secluded with 7 feet masonry stone walls, trees, and bushes. Moving further out into the yard, Sebastian turns and looks back at the house then up as the stars and the full moon overhead. Yes, this would be the perfect place. Someone had set this backyard up to take in the natural and arrange hidden spots. Look at Christina as she is walking toward him with drinks in hand he wonders if she lies out in the nude on hot days now that her son was not home.

"Come let's take a seat over here," she said at a large around the table with it umbrella open and tilled to the side to allow viewing the moon and the stars if the moved closer together. For a moment the silence fills the space between them while the tension mounted.

"It has been awhile and I.," Christina whispered
I didn't let her finish the rest, pulling her from her seat into my lap and my lips connected with hers. I knew that I couldn't have stopped now if I wanted to. The kiss was deep and heated, a dance of tongues following a rush of hands that ended with my hand on her thigh, her ankle length dress now pushed up to her waist exposing smooth brown skin and a sexy pair of black silk bikini panties. Christina held her breath as I laid my hand on her bare thigh. Feeling the warm softness of her skin I moaned for the both of us reclaiming her lips as my hand moves up her thighs to rip the silk from her body.

No Christina said breaking the kiss and climbing off my lap to taking the warmth of her with her.
I sat there not knowing what to do and feeling my cock trying to pierce its way through the fabric of my jeans. Then Christina did something that almost took my breath away. Under the light of the moon and stars with shadows of the trees and bushes as a backdrop, Christina removed her dress. Letting it slide down her body gliding over curves to pool at her feet leaving her standing there with a swatch of black silk still in place. Looking up her body from where I was sitting drinking in the sight of her thick thighs the fullness of her hips with the bikini panties acting as decoration. My eyes were moving up across the soft mound of tummy to breasts that large and heavy capped with nipples that were the color of dark chocolate in the moonlight. Her body told its story of motherhood and lost, and I found it all beautiful. But it was when I got to her eyes that I saw what I needed to see and that her arms were open inviting me in. I don't remember walking into her arms only that she was wrapping herself around me and kissing me as if she was trying to drink me.

Oh my God, the thirst! The need for Sebastian was almost more than I could bear, but the idea of not having him was worse. Letting him seem me as I am, a woman who is fifteen years his senior with a grown son. Forcing myself out of the kiss and putting space between us I did the only thing that was left for me to do. Watching Sebastian actions from where he was sitting told me everything that I need to know at that moment. He wanted me a much as wanted him and if tonight or what left of it was all that we would have I was going to make the best of it. Opening my arms to him, at the same time I let Sebastian see the welcoming in my eyes. He rose and stepped to me crossing the space in a flash and pulling me to him. The very action had me moaning with pleasure and my pussy ached to feel his cock in me. With tremble hands, I helped him remove his clothes and shoes until he was as naked as I was. My black silk bikini panties had vanished as into a bush or the piles of clothes that were thrown at our feet. Now it was my turn to look and admire.

His body was muscular, sculptured by years of yard work and sacrifices, but as I look closer, I could see scars. The size and location indicated that death had laid a hand on him but Sebastian had fought his way back. Walking around him, I touched every scar with my lips and lick of my tongue as if to taste his pain with one and kiss it away with the other. Reaching his back I gasped and then leaning to his back pressing my breasts against him as I rubbed, licked and kiss the mass of scars that covered the left side of his back. Then going almost to my knees to massage his sculpture muscular ass I continued my journey around his body, licking, and kissing my way down to his feet. From there I moved to kneel in front of him with my face turned up taking his erection. His cock was long and thick with a bulbous circumcised head, from which a white pearl drop of pre-cum hung waiting.Looking into his face which was now in shadows I was unable to see his eyes, but Sebastian understood nodded his head in approval. I went to receive the pearl drop enclosing it and the head of his cock in the warm wetness of my mouth. The taste of him shattered the rest of my control and I went at Sebastian like his cum was food and I was starving. Gripping his hips, I tried to suck more of his cock into my mouth, wanting more of the sweet-salty goodness that was him. Unable to get more of his cock down my throat I concentrated on the head and using my hands to prime the staff, alternating between that and his balls. Swirling my tongue around the head first one way then the other and then sliding it back and fore into the slit until I was rewarded a sound that was between a growl and a moan for over my head and tastes of goodness to come. At one point I just buried my face in his crotch and rubbing it around and breathing deeply in his scent. Before moving up his to stomach and sandwiching his cock between my massive breasts then moving and down kissing bite or licking his abs as I did so.

By now Sebastian was breathing hard and a thin shine of sweat was on his skin. Moving up I went to his nipple first sucking into my mouth and teasing it with my tongue, swirling it and then lightly biting it with my teeth while my right hand twisted, pinched and pulled at the other. Leasing that nipple from my mouth with a pop I move to the other and reversing the process.

God Damn, she was driving me... and I loved it! I was letting Christina have her way, and then it was going to be mine until she all but dissolved in my arms. Reaching my lips, she leaned her body against mine and looked up at with those eyes of hers that look like honey in the moonlight. So many questions and only a few answers some will have to wait for later.

"I'm thirty, no dependencies and I am a career soldier," I said against her lips breathing my need and meaning into her soul.

"I'm forty- five, one son, nineteen and I am scared," she whispers her lips trembling against my own as we now share a breath.

"Oh baby don't be, but know this, I going to take you softly then hard and all the ways in between and before I am finished you, will not remember where you begin, and I end," I said with a kiss that leaves her breathless. Grabbing Christina by her head sinking my fingers into her hair I growling from between clenched teeth, I let her know the rest of my intentions." I am going to fuck you like you have never been fucked before... I am going to fuck the shit out of you! Then when I finish, we will talk some more. Now it's time for you to give me your ass. I proceeded to take what was now mine. Deciding that a bed was needed for what I had in mind, picking her up carrying Christina back in the house slung over my shoulder leaving our clothes where we dropped them. With directions between bouts of nervous giggles, Christina directs me to the master bedroom. The bedroom was spacious with a king size four poster bed dominating the space. The sight of it gave me all kinds of ideas and glancing at the digital clock I was glad that I had the day off as this was going to take a while.

Putting her down on her feet, Christina swayed in my arms either from the light headiness of being upside or want. In a second I found out which one as she sat down on the bed and put my cock back into her mouth. I started to fuck her mouth as she grabbed my ass with both hands force more my cock into her mouth. Knowing that this was going to make me cum I had to put a stop to it. Pushing my ass out of her hand with my cock following I shove her back onto the bed which spreading her legs wide presenting her pussy to me which was now slick and wet from drooling. Christina was not shaved but what hair she had was baby fine sparse. Looking down at her as she laid on the bed waiting for me to make my next move, couldn't believe how beautiful she was especially naked.

"Keep your legs spread wide, I said watching her face and see what I had hoped to see, Christina, doing as she was told and then waited for further instructions. Smiling to myself as I go to my knees between her legs in acknowledgment of being proven right.

The scent of her, her essence rose in the air and I inhaled deeply of it and my mouth watered. Without a second thought, I dived in and licking sucking at the tender flesh inside the folds of Christina's pussy. Leaving love bites up and down her silky smooth thighs as she moaned and screamed my name and I was just getting started. Putting one finger inside of Christina I was amazed at how tight and wet she was. Leaving my finger there I put my thumb into her asshole and Christina arched herself into my touch. I proceed to fuck her orally and with my fingers until she came squirting and crying my name repeatedly as if it was a chant or maybe for her a prayer? As she shook and convulsed in her orgasm, I did some quick recon and found what I needed in the bathroom an oil that can be used as a lubricate. Placing the bottle on the floor near the bed, looking down at the woman slowly coming back to herself. Grabbing her legs I pulled Christina to the edge of the bed and then taking my cock in hand I slide into her tight, hot, and wet hole, and this time she was not moaning alone.

Shoving my cock into her as far as I could go and almost cumming with the combination of heat wetness her pussy massaging embrace. Lord, I want to ram my balls to follow my cock! I wanted to be so deep in her that I could feel her thoughts. I wasn't brutal, but I wasn't gentle either, and there would be bruises. Pounding and grinding my way into her body and mind leaving no room for doubts later when I made my demands. Christina clung to my body with her legs wrapped around me and her mouth on mine as I breathe for us both at that moment. Breaking the kiss, I looked into her eyes and saw all that I need to know so open and so...then my orgasm hits me, and Christina's joins me in coming. We came hard, deep, and long among the sweat, release, and blood. Christina got my shoulders with her nails. Regaining control of my body, I pulled my semi-hard cock out a place that was fast coming to think of as home. With the oil, I coated cock with my eyes still on the woman on the bed who was slowly becoming aware of what I was doing.

"Come to the edge of the bed," I said following the vision I had in my head of how I was going to do this. Grabbing pillows that had fallen or had been thrown on to the floor putting under Christina's stomach so that she would have some support with her ass up in the air. Standing behind Christina's prostrated body, I took time to admire it all, dragging a finger from her a pussy to her asshole to watch her shake in anticipation of what was to come. Smacking her ass one on the cheek then the other I got her attention.

"Baby, you know what I want and what I am going to do, don't you? Just shake your ass for me if understand me...(which she did). Good now get ready," I said as put a generous amount of oil on Christina's asshole following it up with my fingers to lubricate the area. Placing the head of my cock into the opening of her asshole and began to push. By the time I had stopped pushing, I was up to my balls in her ass. Christina was standing half bend over from the waist as I holding her by her neck with a hand on each side of it. Damn if she didn't start fucking me! For a while I let her drive then I took over, and it became mutual fucking. Her pussy was tight, but this was a dance between pain and pleasure. Christina was moving faster now her large heavy breasts were moving in time, and she starts to finger her pussy. When we came, I saw stars and Christina was crying my name as we both shook apart and fell on to the bed in a heap.

Sometime later when I awoke the sun was setting as I could tell by the shadows on the walls. I got up and went downstairs and out to the backyard and retrieved our clothes. I took Christina's dress up to the bedroom and left it on the chair close to the bed. The black silk bikini panties I kept. Checking on her, I arranged Christina on the bed mumbling my name but never woke up. I went and took a shower after placing a few phone calls and hearing a ring from Christina's phone on the dining room table. Locking up the house, I then went back upstairs and put my dog tags on a still sleeping like angel Christina. Giving Christina a lingering kiss on the forehead and whispering words that were for her ears only, before leaving the house to drive back to the base.

The sun and gone down by the time I had woke up, my body hurt in ways that it hadn't in a long time, and I loved it. As I sat up felt the cool touch of metal against my skin. Turn on the lamp next to the bed I pulled the chain around my neck to see that they were dog tags and whose name was on them. I sat there for a moment or two and thought it all over. Then slowly and somewhat painfully I made my way downstairs to get my phone. Something told me answers would be there. Checking my message I sat there for a few minutes reading my truths and then I made the call... he answered on the first ring.


Yes, Master...

And So it began...

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