An Unexpected Visit
An Unexpected Visit

It was late in the day as just as I was closing my office came a knock at the door. It was her, I had been counseling and chatting with her for awhile and knew it must have been important for her to come all the way, I asked her to come in and could tell from her aura she was just lonely and upset. I asked her if she would like some water or something else to drink. She replied "what were you getting ready to have? " I laughed and told her make yourself comfortable and that I'd be right back. I returned with a nice bottle of wine and two glasses. Much to my surprise she has made herself very comfortable. She sat on the couch opposite my desk. I could not believe the corset she was wearing. I must confess she was built like a brick shit house. Her breasts were made for delight and wonder and her ivory skin was only sharp contrast to her vivid red hair. Long flowing yet a hint of curl.
I poured us both a glass of wine and downed my first one much to her surprise and refilled mine. She laughed and smiled. I asked her what brought her all of this way when she could have just as easily called or im'd me. She just smiled and said "I came because I need you not your insights or wisdom just you in the flesh, I want you and need you. Can't you tell from my attire? "
I damn near was hard as a rock in seconds. Being no dummy I asked if she was sure, her reply was just as shocking. She stood up and removed her skirt to show that all she wearing was only the corset, Her alabaster skin glowed from the warmth of her womanhood. Yes the carpet matched the drapes and was just starting to glisten from her warmth.
I immediately went to the door and locked it and was out of my cloths in seconds, she laughed and was a bit surprised. I was so hard I could have driven tent pole spikes. I asked her to just stay still and relax. I walked over and knelt in front of her on the couch and pulled her to me and kissed her deep and long. I than told her to just enjoy.
I pulled one breast than the other from the barley able to contain corset and licked and kissed each in a soft and playful way. I could tell she was enjoying this as she was purring. I than moved to her now moist kitty and proceeded to kiss around her thighs and the top of her clit. As I slipped my tongue inside her she was warm and sweet I savored every minute till she came, she explode like a jet pack and was panting like she had run a marathon. I looked deep in her eyes and could tell she was ready for more. I stood up and low and behold she grabbed my cock a devoured it till she almost gagged. I told her slow down sweetie we have all night.
She knew how to treat a man she played and teased and new just where to suck and where to nibble. I almost exploded in her mouth but knew that, no not this time this time I want us to be together and come as one. I told her to stop and turn around and let's see how much more of him I can fit into you elsewhere. She was still moist but I couldn't help to go down for a few more long licks and a little sucking on her love bud that was even more engorged than before. As I entered her she gave a whimper and wiggled her cute lil ass tight is I would be buried deep. I trusted and stopped and started again. We had a chemistry that was undeniable. We both exploded at the same time. The smell of sex was in the air and we both were grinning like Cheshire cats.
Now every month or so she'll call to set up a special appointment and ya know what. I'll keep that schedule clear even if all hell breaks loose.
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